Friday, September 10, 2010

Setting Free.... [Poem]

My own written poem. I wrote it as i was feeling a little low.
I wrote this on 10th September, 2010 when i am 17 yrs old.
Also published here-

I was walking alone in the park,
The atmosphere was dull and dark.
Although the sun was blazing in the sky,
I was blinded by the tears in my eyes.

I was trying to stop my tears,
Was there anyone for my care?
Even the flowers couldn’t soothe me down,
They couldn’t erase the overstretched frown.

The sun hid behind the clouds,
I could hear my heart’s howl.
Everything seemed so dumb,
As I was feeling totally numb.

The winds tried to caress my soul,
But it couldn’t stitch my heart’s hole.
It tried to embrace me in their arms,
But it couldn’t erase the lines from my palm.

Life snatches all my happiness,
And in return gives me sadness.
It fills my heart with utter pain,
My soul was dirty with stains.

Everyone I met, just used me,
Then after use, abandoned me.
I was just a call girl for them,
Meant to provide pleasure to men.

My life is hell and I hate it to the core,
There are waves but none reaches the shore.
No one knows what I have been through,
I hate the thing I have to do.

Don’t I possess any feelings?
Can time do all the healings?
Didn’t I deserve a normal life?
To have kids and be someone’s wife?

Why am I treated as dirt,
Why does everyone just hurts?
I just desperately want to die,
And free myself from every lie.

Female infanticide is better than this,
Where every night you are kissed.
Why can’t someone seriously love me?
From this hell, set me free?

My entire life is a big question mark,
Where there is no light and only dark.
I always desperately strive,
To be able to lead a normal life.

Yesterday night was too much for me,
Now I want to set myself free.
Everyday I have cried,
Every night has given me fright.

Today I am going to set my soul free,
I know that it won’t pain me.
I just have to jump down the cliff,
Death is better than the life I live.

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  1. It's really a very beautiful poem've captured the emotions of a girl whoz dying silently and full filling men's desires...and the excruciating pain she goes through...I'm rendered speechless... expressed and written beautifully !!

    loved it dear :) do write more !!
    I've commented on IF too :)

  2. Splendid work Mahak! The intensity with which the protagonist's grief & desire to break free has been depicted is heart-striking! Would love to read more from u...

    P.S: Extremely sorry for the delayed comment...

  3. @fatima- Thanks a lot fatima. I am so glad that u commented on this. I am happy that u liked this poem as much as i do. I have always felt a place in my heart for them, and i wanted to convey that only. Thanks a lot for loving it. I would surely write more. Thanks a ton!

  4. @bhavana- What's up with you? Why this name? But, thanks yaar for loving this poem. You made me wait for long, but then, i can wait. Thanks a lot for using such "bhari bharkam" english words. Great to know that you know these :P Yaar, i miss ya loads. And thanks a lot for liking this poem. Thanks a ton!

  5. aww! i miss ya too Mahi...i'm presently in the initial stage of my 'sainthood'! lol [like Kankshita says]...too busy with colg 2 even think of browsing the net...[not that i hadn't expected it]...but i haven't lost hope of being back sometime...
    abt the name...hehehe! :D seems like i didn't get any other...& itz not like it doesn't suit me...coz 4 most of time, i find myself usually confused abt the silliest things u can imagine! i'm thinking of writing something too, now that i get loads n loads of lonely time during travel...maybe i'll put my sleeping brain 2 action...
    & lastly, 4 the comment, ur welcome! :)
    loads of love! <3

    P.S: i've simplified my language! :P [itni mehnat bhi nahi karti hoon main...thesaurus hai na! :)]

  6. @bhavana- and being away from net is like anything...even i am confused about the siliest things one can even imagine!
    Wow...i l\would love to read when you write...loads of love never touch my thesaurus! its so heavy! :P

  7. @Aditya- Thanks. I am glad that it touched you.