Friday, April 03, 2015

Hey Friends, long time!

This is my blog where I share and collect the pieces of work where feelings are involved. Basically fiction. But owing to the demands of my course (Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication), I need to polish my skills at non-fiction genre of writing too. In order to achieve that and not crowd my personal blog, I have made a new blog.

This is the link to my new blog, where I would be posting the professional articles. Basically, some pieces about the world through my eyes.

Kindly give me the same love that you have given me here :)

- Mahak :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Book Bucket Challenge

Rules: Don't think too hard. Just name any books that have affected you and made you sit back and take notice. They don't have to be the 'right' books or great works of literature. Then tag ten friends more to do this if you wish to. And of course, tag me too!

Okay, this is something that makes sense. Thanks to my friends for nominating me. It's very difficult for me to cut down top 10 novels from my list of over 2000 novels that I have cherished. But, I am gonna try and pen down the ones that affected me in some major sort of way.

1. Grimm's Fairytales
How can anyone not be affected by them? I grew up reading them, making it highly impossible for me not to believe in magic and the possibility of finding magic at unusual places. I still happen to believe in magic and fairytales, and I am proud of this fact 

2. All storybooks by Enid Blyton
I am sorry, I can't narrow it down. When I was a kid, I worshiped the books of Enid Blyton like any Holy Book. I used to love library classes and I made sure that my friends issued more of these books for me. Whether it was 'Secret Seven' which made me indulge and solve mysteries or whether it was 'The Magical Faraway Tree' which made me wish to visit places, I loved each and every book. I had read all of these from my library shelf.

3. Harry Potter Series- J.K. Rowling
Okay, I grew up with these. When I was 11, they were 11. I kept waiting for my Hogwarts letter, but unfortunately, I guess my letter was taken away by some cruel owl. I loved the minute lessons of life taught by this book about friendship, love, magic. power and everything else.

4. Barbara Cartland (The ones with Blue covers)
I adore her novels! Even though some of them are silly, I happen to love them. Historical Romances are my favourites and I happen to the feel of them by her novels. So yeah, I love those novels.

5. Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen
I have to yet meet a girl who loves literature and hasn't fallen for the brooding yet amazing Mr. Darcy and the strong willed Ms. Elizabeth Bennet.

6. The Choice- Nicholas Sparks
Even though nearly all novels by Nicholas Sparks are full of medical problems, I happen to thoroughly love this one. It was a refreshingly beautiful read.

7. P.S.- I love you - Cecelia Ahern
OMG. I don't remember the amount of times I have cried while reading this book. This book is my ultimate favourite, albeit a bit lengthy, but motivational nonetheless. It's very inspiring and teaches us how to move on!

8. The Doll's House- Henrik Ibsen
I loved that even back then, the woman had the strength to put her views forward. She didn't bow down. Being a strong willed girl myself, I loved when Nora finally took a step for herself and banged that door close. I adore this novel!

9. Sweet Valley High Series- Francine Pascal
Reading this novel was a sheer pleasure! I loved the library classes and I loved reading these series. I don't think that I have missed any book from this series.

10. Pushing The Limits series- Katie McGarry
I really loved reading this novel and how love overcame all the scars on the mind and body.

Phew! It was a very hard job to do. I have missed a majority of my favourite novels but then, random top ten it is!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

23rd June, 2014

Dear Diary,

Things shouldn't hurt this much... But they do.
Tears shouldn't come this much... But they do.
Pain should be lessen... But it wouldn't.
I shouldn't miss you this much...  But I do.
You shouldn't have died... But you did.
I should be strong... But I am not.
I should be able to handle myself... But I can't.

I am trying to cope up... Trying not to be weak... But I guess I underestimated the amount of attachment I had with you. I miss you so damn much. 

People are coming and talking about you so much... How you were in pain... How it is good for you that you got Mukti... How proud you were in your life... How strong you used to be... How damn happy you have always made others to be... How giving you have been... And etc. But all I can thing of is... You are gone. You are not going to come back. I lost you. I wasn't a good grand daughter to you. Because I couldn't see you in pain, I stayed away from you in your last days. I should have stayed. I should have narrated bhajans to you. I should have told you how much I love you. I did nothing. I let you go...

I am sorry... I am so damn sorry. I pray for you to forgive me. I didn't realise how much I love you. Now, I do. I should be strong but I am not okay, I can't pretend that things are okay. Our family is incomplete without you. The "Hum Paanch" became four. 

How am I going to cope up? How am I going to control myself? With whom am I going to talk and share my heart out? Who is going to fight for me? Who is going to love me unconditionally? Who is going to fight for my cause? Who is going to love me like hell? Whom am I going to show my new clothes to listen to the praise? Hell! Who is going to give me blessings before every exam or new phase in life?

People say that you are there... Just not in human body form. I guess I am still a kid because I don't understand all these nonsense stuff. You aren't there. You may be present in soul, but I can't ask you for small things anymore... I can't be stubborn with you anymore... I can't call out to you and you reply back to me... No one would call me "Mahak" the way you said. No one would cry when I don't eat. It simply wouldn't matter to anyone else. No one would care for my wishes more than anyone else's. No one would be there who would love me more than anyone else. (Except mummy papa, of course. But it just isn't the same.)

Whom am I supposed to lean on to? Whom am I supposed to ask stupid questions to? Who is going to brush the loving fingers through my hair and lull me to sleep? Did I ever tell you how much I loved your loving touch? It made me forget everything else for a minute. Now who would touch me with so much of love? Who would brush off my tears and pamper me crazy? Who would put me above everyone else? With whom would I share my success? Who would bless me like you?

Losing you means losing a part of my heart. I will always love you. Time may heal... But I will never forget you. I love you so much. I have, I do and will always love you forever. I promise to you... I will always fulfill your wishes... I will make you proud.

I miss you... 

- Mahak

Note: Just a piece from my diary, written a day after my grandmother passed away. Needless to say, I was extremely close to her. I have my parents to love me but it isn't the same. This entry is not written to have advice's, suggestions or sympathy, I posted this to move on in life. Somehow.. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

So, Today is the day when I get to show my appreciation to you. I know, there are people who criticize people celebrating these days, claiming that one should love their parents everyday. Well, in my opinion, it's not about the love you have for your parents. Ofcourse you love them everyday. The day is special because everyday can't be special. This day, atleast we can make an effort to thank and show our gratitude towards our parents, which we don't do every day. Anyways, back to the thing.

Dear Papa,

Wish you a very Happy Father's Day. You have always been there to support me and my dreams. You have been my personal Santa. I have been spoiled rotten by you, for you tend to give me everything I want. 

During Christmas Eve, you used to stuff my socks with candies and chocolates so that I can live my fairytale of 'Santa giving me candies'. Well, I have always loved candies more than any gifts. I love you for letting me maintain my faith in magic.

You have fulfilled every desire and dream of mine. You have given me more than I ever wanted or deserved. I fight with you when you don't give me what I want, but that's because you have always given me whatever I ever wanted. (I still want my car, asap.)

I remember the Mr. Monkey which you gave me after I walked, exactly 1000 steps, like you promised. But then, you always fulfill your promises, don't you? The best part is, we are too alike. I am exactly like you. I am your carbon copy, says everyone. We have same likes, same dislikes, same favourite colour, same way of completing work, same methods about stuff, etc and yeah, (unfortunately) same nose.
I remember trying to put on your shoes and my legs being too short to take a single step in them. I remember you laughing at my antics and loving me. I have reached your shoulder length today. And still nothing has changed. I will always be your little girl. I still never go to give any exam before having a forehead kiss from you. It was, it is, and it always will be my lucky charm.
Thank you for everything you have done. Thank you for being there.

Thanks for being the best father in the world. 

I love you Papa. 

I don't need to say more, for you know how much I love you.

 Your Princess.

I am not sharing my picture here due to obvious reasons.

- Mahak


Recording my own written lines :P

Sometimes its not about acting mature or immature, its about tuning out the rest of the stuff to live in the world of innocence.