Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Wierd Dream [OneShot]

Ohk, i won't be talking about this one much. Cause i feel like bursting with laughter, everytime, i read it. So wierd dreams i used to have! By God!

Link to where it was published :

[actually yeh ek dream nahi tha, main to padh rahi thi kuch boring subject, aur so gayi]

i saw i was in a pink frock style suit (my fav colour) with mayank....urf arjun.

he was wearing black clothes.......

he was looking simply awesome

and pata hai

we were on a dinner table

it was a candle light dinner. Embarrassed

he took my hand... Embarrassed

and then said "i love u mahak"

by waqt meri saansen tham gayi.......

lekin i told him that "i want u to marry rati"

he was shocked......

i told him that i love "arti" so u have to marry and love rati if u love me......

and then he kissed my hand Embarrassed

and then agreed.........

but he had tears in his eyes......

[gosh kya woh main thi????? main aur arjun ka propose mana kar doon? meri akal kahan gayi thi? woh kitni romantically baat keh raha tha aur maine usi ko rul diya?]

and then i saw myself one yr later on their baby's birthday

and then he came near me

and said-

"tumne jo kaha tha maine kar diya......maine shaadi kar li rati se......aur use pyaar bhi diya......

par mere dil mein tumhari jagah koi bhi nahi bana sakta hai....i still love u.

'but this time i hugged him... Embarrassed

and said - "kya hua jo hum na mile? rati ko tum mil gaye..

[am i mad in this dream???]

and then i continue saying - "tumhari khushi sirf rati ke saath thi.....log tum dono ko ek saath pyaar karte hain......aur main kisi ka bhi dil nahi tod sakti....mujhe maaf kar do.......par kabhi kabhi life mein doosron ki khushiyon ke liye sacrifices karne padte hain....aur sab log tum dono se bahut pyaar karte hain....aur happy marriage life...aur rati bhi tumse bahut pyar karti hai.." 

and he hugged me again......

[gosh! then i woke up!!!! right when i had tears in my eyes.....and i wondered- what a wierd dream it was.....but i know in reality too i wud have done the same thing.....cause-

Now you know why i found it really wierd?



  1. @Harsh Sir- God! I forgot I had this on my blog!

    This officially has to be the most embarrassing one-shot of my life!

    I was mad that time...written 2 years back, I was such a stupid fool that I can't possibly convey.

  2. @ Mahak- Are it is ok...dunt be embarrassed :D

    But it was really funny !