Tuesday, August 02, 2011

College Diaries: 31st August, 2011

31st August, 2011

With loads of dreams and apprehensions, I forced myself to sleep. Tomorrow was the big day. It was a day when I would finally keep one step forward to my dreams.

Really, it all seems like a dream itself. Who knew that I would listen to my heart and do something I really like. Writing is my biggest passion. No, it’s my obsession.

Well, tomorrow, I would be able to take one step ahead. Just another three years. God! I just can’t wait for my college to begin with.

But, what about my seniors? I mean, would they be nice or…. Okay… I just don’t want to go into that point. Heck! I am nervous. What if they, you know, ask me to do something I am incapable of?

Well, the only thing I am incapable of is to answer confidently. No! I have to change. I won’t be shy and an introvert ever. Not again. Wasn’t wasting my school life enough? I am going to enjoy my college. Do everything I am capable of.

I am not going to hide in my shell. No! Not at all. I mean, why should I?

I have been suffering in my school days. It sucked when I knew all those answers all along, yet couldn’t find it in me to answer. It sucked when I had to give my notes to my friends and be accused of cheating.

It sucked when I wrote those debate speeches for my friends and saw them getting certificates for it. It completely sucked when I had the capability to debate on everything, on the spot, yet I never spoke up.

In short, my entire life sucked. I have built such a shell around me that I hardly ever come out of that shell. I always keep things to myself, never talk, never argue, listen to everyone without complain, never bothered to fight back for myself.

In short, I lacked a backbone. Yeah-yeah, say what you think, but I was like that. And no, I am not like that anymore. I have to start living. Otherwise, I would suffer. Besides, college is the only way I am going to improve my skills and show it to everyone that…I am someone.

So, with loads and loads of questions, answers, puzzles, determination, nervousness and anxiety, I forced myself to sleep....waiting for yet another dream to engulf me.

- Mahi


  1. Hey,I just read this one out. Although you publish 99.9% of your works on india-forums and even get loads of comments there, today was the first time you published something here only. Why haven't you published this on I-F?

    P.S. - I just LOVE this story. Can't wait to know the girl better. She is very nice.

  2. Hey. I read this today only. It's really nice. I love this girl. Wanna know her better.

  3. Hii there. Um...i have read this and really loved it. Please continue it soon. I wanna know more about the girl.

  4. @Anonymous- Hey there. You are right. I haven't published this one on I-F, and I am not looking forward to do so too. Reason being, time shortage. Although, I thought that no one reads my blog, i am happy that you check it out.

    Hm...thanks for liking 'this' girl. And thanks for loving this story too. Although, it's not a love story, it's a journey of a girl in her college days.

  5. @Shweta - Hey there. Thanks for liking this piece. I really can't call it something else... Yeah, this series is her life...it's from her only. You would surely get to know her better.

  6. @Varsha- Hey there. Thanks for loving this piece. I am going to publish it everyday...most probably. This series is her life...it's from her only. You would surely get to know her better.

  7. hey loved dis update!! waiting to read more of it!!

  8. Hey Mahak,

    Well, You brought out the dreams and apprehensions of "this girl" really well... I could actually imagine her feeling all these things..! :)

    A very nice piece of writing...! Keep updating..! :D


  9. @Daniella - Thanks yaar...you do? Sure...then i am surely updating it as frequently as i can :)

  10. @Pooja- Ahhhaaa....so you understand 'this girl' well? Must be one your friend type. :P

    Hmm....she is like that...but not anymore.

    I would keep udpating. Aaj bhi kuch na kuch update zaroor karongi :)