Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ignorance Is Bliss...

They say ignorance is bliss. 

Hmm... right. 

When your loved ones hurt you, you ignore them. 


What if the ignorance kills you every second from inside?

What if you ignoring them... hurts YOU more than it affects them?

What if being hurt is the only outcome?

What if they don't even care about your feelings?

What about they don't even notice that you are 'ignoring' them? 

How to ignore this fact? How can you go on... being ignored?

How much can you take it, before you snap?

How long can you tolerate the 'indifference' of the other one?

How long and far can you go... in the hope of love?

How much can you bear in hope of love?

If you just realize...

That ignorance is not bliss... but it's a curse.

A curse that weakens the relationship... and leaves a sour taste behind.

But still... it is needed sometimes.

The question is... Why?

Why do we run away from our problems and not face them bravely?

Why do we even 'ignore' someone when it hurts us more and more?

And why do we learn to adjust to that person, instead of moving on?

And why the hell can't we actually IGNORE the person and live at peace?

Why does our heart pains... when we try this ''ignorance is bliss'' formula on our loved ones?

Why do we ignore a person... when it hurts us so much in the process?

Why give the pain to ourselves?


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 Deep in Thoughts...

Mahak :)


  1. A little scratch on thy heart ,
    made it bleed those letters i guess ...
    ignorance is obvious at the start ..
    but in the end its better to confess ...

    :D ( i hope it helps )

    1. Yeah riiight :P If you noticed, I don't put myself into the character too much. :P But, this was me.

      It was me when I had a HUGE fight with my sister. *I-bet-you-didn't-guess-THAT face*

  2. awwww !! sorry but i guessed it :p !! that's why i said that ! u see ... your sissies comments r publicly visible so after reading them i got the idea of situation ... and fights are normal .. you know that famous kabir's doha "rahiman dhaga prem ka ,mat diyo chatkay , tute se fir na jude , jude gaath pad jaye " I SAY - knots make those threads stronger to break again ... :D and agar fights make a relationship gud ... to fights achhe hain :D

    PS - ab iska matlab ye nahi ki kal se fight club start kar dena . :D :p

    1. Oh. *thinks what to say now* Fights are never good. Especially when the other person breaks your heart every time. Chod, you won't get it.

      lol... fight club ki baat toh tab aayegi when we wud have a decent convo.

    2. are mere kehna ka ye matlab nahi hai ki one should fight !! one should avoid fights ... of course it shatters the victim's heart . but see ... nothing is in control of us ... situations go worse of there own ... and the root is misunderstandings and conflict of personal point of views ... that's why fights happen ... one should avoid them .. but if it happens then one should see the positive side of it as i made u see and try to forget it. ek mahaan aadmi ne kaha hai - hearts r made to hurt , that's why both words sounds similar ... :)

      PS- wo mahan admi main hi hu :D

    3. Lol... nice advice. And thanks for the gyaan :P But what you said is right. :) Though.. I am the last person you wanna have a word-war with :D *writer-thingy* :D

    4. always welcome ! i know u must be thinking - JIS school me ye sab padha hai tumne wahaan ka headmaster aaj bi mujse tution leta hai ( wanted ka dialogue hai ) but ... when it comes to debate ... i cant stop my fingers ! :D *reviewer-thingy*

    5. Aaaha... then debate ho jaaye? but on what topic?

    6. nahh ... i dont debate with girls ! B-)

      Reason - once upon a time meri elder sister se kisi baat pe debate hone lagi !! let me show u how it was -
      Me- nahi di ! ajay devgun zaada achha hai ranbir se ..
      Didi- Shut up ! ranbir is more awesome !infact he is the best !
      Me- ranbir is aweful !
      Didi- ekk dungi na !
      Me - Haha :D main darta thodi na hun !
      *my sis opened up her claws in wolverine style ... showing her sharp long nails *
      Di- abhi bhi nahi darte ?? :}
      Me- @_@ uhhh.. thoda thoda .. lekin zaada nahi ..
      *she scratched my hand *
      Me- oww ! bas itna hi ! :D ranbir is aweful !
      *she tried to scratch my face but i dodged *
      Me- di face nahi ! :O aur kahin bhi but face nahi !
      Di- ^_^ tu to gaya !
      Me- are main kya keh raha tha wo apna ranbir .. kitna awesome hai na ..
      Di- nice boy !

      now u know why -_-

    7. ROFL. :D :D :D

      P.S.- Aww... you are damn cute! Poor you! :P

      P.P.S.- Your sister rocks. Though even I don't like Ranbir that much :D

      P.P.P.S.- Not that it concerns you, but I have pretty sharp nails too :P

    8. thnx ! :]

      P.S. - yeah she rocks but scissors too with her nails .
      P.P.S. - Oh u hav nails too !! let me add u to my blacklist then ! :D *and u girls say that YOU need a man to protect u !!*

    9. Who said about me ever saying that I need a man to protect me? You won't catch me dead saying that. I hate those 'damsels in distress'. I am an independent and confident girl when it comes to this. I don't need a guy to protect me, when I can do it myself.

      Don't ever get me started on this. Oh but then.. that's another issue :P

    10. *GOD , i hate misunderstandings* are i was not pointing at you .. but most of the girls when asked about their future husband they generally say about the one who can love and protect them ... :D tum to faltu me senti ho gai :D and wo damsels in distress !! wat is this ? *let me google * ..... OH ! tum to sahi me hollywood ki diwani nikli :D and by the way you need a guy to protect you , infact everybody does ... and he is ur father , nai ?

    11. and yaar wo dead wed words.pls dont use em. abhi to ive to catch u alive :p u and one more friend of mine whom ive never met but had chatted on fb since 3 years i think. he is in delhi .will meet him as soon as i get a chance to go to delhi

    12. Future husband? Yes. Most girls would say that. You know why? Becoz girls grow tired of looking after themselves. When they look after their husbands, they expect the same from him :)

      Hhahahaa :D :D Yeah.. damsels-in-distress means a girl in trouble; basically, a bechaari type of girl. :P and no, it's not related to hollywood. I just happen to read a LOT of novels :P

      Papa... yeah! He does protect me. But it isn't something I chose. Or want badly.

      Hmm.. fikar not. Even i dont plan on dying soon :P :P

    13. who plans to die my friend ?! :D

    14. well damsels in distress is a hollywood muvi too ... (for ur kind information :p)

    15. Who plans to die? Sam Swine... for you abt his cancer :P

      Lol.. seriously? I had no ideas abt this!

    16. thats why i said those words ... and i also commented ..- "AND U R SAYING THAT (LAUGHING AS IF NVR LAUGHED)" remember ? coz u said the same words i said ... and then it goes same and opposite to on the other side :D

    17. hehe !! annd comedy of errors happened there ..

    18. Hahaha :D :D Yeah riiight!