Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Digging up the past...

Some Random Lines:

Every time you talk about that topic, I really wish to tell you about my past. But every time you start criticizing it, I realize that I will lose you, once I tell you about it. But keeping a secret in my heart, having nightmares about it... is so damn difficult for me to bear. I am going into depression while all the while, I am smiling like nothing happened. This pretense is killing me inside. And I have no remedy for this pain. For the past will only bring pain. Only pain.

- Written by Mahak


  1. kuchh to tha ... kuchh aisa jo bot bura hai may be .. maybe tum kisi aur character me ghuske ye bol rahi ho ... but jo bhi hai ... its very bad ... am i right ?

    1. Yes, as usual, you are right. You really should take up psychology.