Monday, May 28, 2012

Lakme & The Makeover...

L.A.K.M.E. & The Makeover

“Alyssa, you must realize that by dreaming about him, you are going to achieve nothing. Just snap out of your dreams already!” Kyra, Alyssa’s best friend told her.

Alyssa snapped out of it and realized that it had been a mistake. Even since she had told Kyra about her crush on Aaron, Kyra made sure to point out her flaws. Was it her fault that she looked like a tom-boy? And even though she was tom-boyish, she was a girl at heart. And seemingly, Aaron had stolen hers. And what could be better? He had asked her out on a lunch date. And ofcourse, she had agreed.

“Ally, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so dull? I mean, you should be happy. He has asked you out!” Kyra said.

Alyssa shrugged and said, “Kyra, that’s the only problem! He has asked me out. What am I going to do? I don’t have a dress! And I badly need a make-over.”

Kyra smiled at her best friend and said, “Ally, you have to be mad to think about such petty issues! What am I here for? Why do you think that I have dragged your lazy-ass at my house?”

Alyssa threw the pillow at her. Kyra got up from her bed and took out her vanity case. She spilled the contents on the bed. Alyssa’s eyes widened at the diverse range of Lakme cosmetics, lying before her eyes. There was everything she could dream of.

Before Alyssa could say a word, Kyra said, “Come-on Ally girl, let’s get you all dolled up.”

Alyssa said, “But, Kyra, you know that I hate make up. It feels disgusting to cake up your face. And what’s the use of it anyway? It never stays long.”

Kyra said, “I am not here to argue. It’s not some cheap cosmetic, baby. It’s Lakme. And trust me, you won’t feel heavy. It’s make-up, which doesn’t look made-up. You will love it. Try it. And if you don’t feel good, I will remove it. Happy? Now, no arguments!”

The next thing she knew, she was squeezing some Lakme whitening capsules on her face and rubbing it. She felt good. She felt as if something was happening to her face. She felt the coolness of the granules of the capsule. After washing it off, she was shocked. How could her face look so serene? Surely, no product can work its charm in a single time!

Still shocked, she applied the Lakme sun expert skin lightening cream which even detoxifies tan. ‘Yeah right,’ and she rolled her eyes. No sun protection product actually protected from sun. When she would step out in the sun, her fairness will go away. She wondered the use of all this drama, when nothing is going to last.

When she re-entered the room, Kyra was busy arranging stuff. Kyra grinned when she saw Alyssa. She gave Ally a beautiful sundress, and made her to go and change into it. It was a beautiful yellow sundress with blue floral print. It was sleeveless, and reached to Alyssa’s knees, making her legs feel longer. Paired with a golden watch, peacock blue bracelet and golden killer heels, Alyssa looked beautiful.

Kyra grinned and said, “Just a little bit of make-up Ally, and Aaron would find it hard to keep his hands off you.”

Alyssa blushed. Kyra guided her to the desk. She made her sit down on the chair. As Alyssa closed her eyes, she had a vague idea that she was going to have a make-over.

Kyra applied many Lakme products on her face like the natural marble shade of the Lakme’s face magic daily wear soufflé, solar dust fairy dust eye shadow, iridescent blue glide-on eye color, day sheer shade of absolute cheek chromatic baked blush, and pacific sunset shade of Lakme day perfect lip color.

When Ally opened her eyes, she couldn’t believe herself. She couldn’t believe her own reflection. How was it possible? Was the girl really her? It was wrong to praise yourself on your own, but even Ally had to admit that she looked gorgeous. She immediately hugged Kyra.

Breaking the hug, Kyra asked, “So, like what you see?”

Alyssa grinned and said, “I love it. But you know there is sun’s scorching heat outside. I can’t go sleeveless.”

Kyra laughed and said, “Babes, I have a LAKME solution for everything.”

Kyra took out Lakme sun expert fairness and UV lotion and handed it to Alyssa. She asked her to apply in on her hands properly. Then they chatted for a while. After half an hour or so, Alyssa went on for her date.


When Aaron saw Alyssa, he couldn’t believe his eyes. His tom-boyish date had magically disappeared and in place of her, there was this stunning beauty moving towards him. Aaron noticed that she was having a flawless skin which was enhanced by the makeup.

The gold dust on her eyelids enhanced her eyes and caught his attention to her. The blue eyeliner brought out her blue eyes. Her lipstick shade made her lips to look pouty. He thought that she looked absolutely ravishing.

Apparently, every other male thought this too. Groaning a little, Aaron made his way towards his date that was capturing every male attention in the room.

When Aaron reached her, he simply smiled and said, “Whoa. You look amazing!”

Alyssa blushed and muttered thanks.

They had lunch together. They talked and enjoyed a lot. They didn’t even realize how the lunch turned into dinner. They felt at peace. Alyssa loved the way Aaron was looking at her. She had grabbed his sole attention. What else could she want from the say?

They both dreaded the time when it was time for her to go away. But that time came too. They silently sat in the car as he drove. Well, this date was a date to remember. Amazing lunch, candle-light dinner, loads of chatting… what else could anyone else want?

When Alyssa’s house came, he turned off his car to see her off to her door. They both held hands and walked together to the door. They had an amazing date tonight. They wanted to make it last.

When she reached her door, Alyssa said, “So…”

Aaron smiled wickedly and said, “I guess, this is it. But, you honestly look stunning tonight.”

And then he leaned closer towards her. This was it. This was the moment she had been waiting for. All the perfect dates in every movie, ended with an ever-lasting kiss. He felt the adrenaline rush through his veins.

As his lips touched her soft ones, he couldn’t resist lingering longer than usual. Her lips tasted of strawberries. He softly kissed her until her insides melted and she kissed him back with equal passion. The kiss had everything that they could want.

Having a silly grin on his face, he said, “This was the best date in my entire life. Well, see you tomorrow.”

He went away in his car, after making sure of another date and kissing her for the second time…or third. As he drove away, she realized that today she had played the part of a Cinderella. Kyra was her fairy god-mother who had magically transformed her into a princess. And hence, she got her ‘true-love’ kiss.

The last thought of the day that occupied her mind as she slid in her blankets, was the fact that how this day had turned out to be so magical.

She softly said, “I guess, this is why the cosmetics are named as Lakme. It’s totally worth it. Lakme, as in, Love And Kiss Me Everyday.”


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- Mahak

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