Friday, September 10, 2010

Introduction To Myself

Hii Friends,
                This is Mahak or Mahi for you. I always wanted a place where i can store all my creations, hence i created this blog. Well, there is nothing interesting in my life. I am a normal Indian girl who just loves to write. People often say that i have created a shell around myself, but that is for strangers and not my friends. Well, i have a habit of writing stories, poems and then loosing them. So i made this blog. 
               I love to sing, write, paint, cook and do everything possible. I just want to prove myself in front of myself. I am a little shy and reserved kind of girl, but i open up easily. I can't start a conversation, but i love to end one! I can be very happy and very sad at the same time. Ok, for other details about me, you have to wait and talk to me. I would publish all my work here.
                 I hope that you would give comments on my work. I always look forward to that.
                                                                                           Yours lovingly,


  1. Hi Mahak! I'm so glad that I visited your blog. Honestly, you are awesome poet. It seems as if you wrote all poems from your heart and can feel it. Ah, every lines of your poems are beautiful. I like it how you rhymed all the words but still didn't try too hard to rhyme them.
    love, Kirti aka cornelia in IF ;)

  2. @ Kirti- Even i am glad that you have visited my blog. Thanks for taking out your time for that. Yup, i wrote them from my heart and somehow rhyming came automatically. Thanks a lot dear for taking your time and commenting here. I appreciate it completely. Thanks a lot.


  3. I'm glad I visited your blog Mahek and must say it's good ! loved the way you've written the poems and yeah I like your stories too, they touch my heart !!
    and I'm too on IF by the name shabnoor :)


  4. @fatima- Even i am grateful to you for taking out your time and visiting my blog. You have not only visited it, but also commented on all the entries. I don't know how can i ever thank you enough. Thanks for loving my work and i would try my level best to stand unto your hopes. Thanks.

  5. Your poems are totally beautiful Mahak. Jus like the way u write fresh and romantic! good job :)

  6. @Mansi- Thanks a ton mansi. I am so glad that you love my stories. I am glad that you feel that my stories are fresh and romantic. Thanks a bunch!

  7. hey mahak... its good to be here and read ur work... u truly write beautifully!...
    keep up the work meri jaan...
    and write more soon.

  8. @Deepika- Thanks deepika. I am glad that a great writer is saying that she liked my work. I would keep up yaar. I am gonna write more and more for sure.

  9. ^ gr8 writer ??? &%^%#^^&^%$^&^%*%.... no way yr. don't embarrass me. i started writing after u and am still learning from u experienced guys....

  10. @Deepika- Yaar aisa tujhe lagta hai. I always find a part of me in your oneshots minus the Mayank effect. And no way am i experienced! But thanks for the love and support.