Friday, September 10, 2010

The Nature [Poem]

A poem written by me.
I wrote it for My friend Mahima and i am 17 yrs old.
published here too-

The wind was blowing softly against my curls,
Each drop of water looked like pearls.
The rain was pouring softly on the ground,
Heavenly was the black coloured clouds.

I was standing near my window,
I could see the beautiful meadow.
Enjoying the full breeze of the wind,
I could feel the sky wink.

The beautiful rainbow made its way out,
All the winds carried away the cloud.
The enchanting and heavenly rain,
Everything else looked lame.

I was enjoying the entire feel,
This scene was without any fees.
I could feel the rhythm of the atmosphere,
There was serenity in hemisphere.

I loved the essence of this rain,
It took away all the pains.
I was lost in this weather,
I felt light as a feather.

Definitely, I love the nature,
And admire all the creatures.
I love to get wet in rain,
I love the way I act insane.

Others may consider me as mad,
But I am just a carefree lad.
Let me live for a while,
Let me walk alone for miles.

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  1. hmm....dunno if I'm right or wrong mahi but I sense some kind of loneliness in all your poem and your poems reflect you as a person somewhere down the line ! kind of see every poem has this line "walk alone" ....

    anyways again the emotions are expressed beautifully and the way you've captured the beauty of nature is again beautiful!!

  2. @fatima- I don't know what to reply to this yaar. Yup, there is some kind of loneliness in all my poems. Because i write them when i feel lonely or sad. Maybe that gives them a tuned-out effect.

    I agree that they do reflect me as a person somewhere. I love this line and ya, i have almost used it in all my poems.

    Thanks a lot. I am glad that you like this poem also. Thanks a ton!

  3. @Aditya- Thanks a lot. I am glad that i was able to describe it beautifully.

  4. @ Mahak- Sucha beautiful poem. Description of the whole scene is very touching. and yes when we are one with its rhythm, the nature takes away all our pains :)

  5. @Harsh Sir- Thank you. :)

    I am glad that I could describe decently. Glad you found it touching. I wanted to go on writing it. But, I had to stop. Mahima wanted a shorter poem.

    Nature surely does :) Nature is magical...