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Can We Be Together? [Short Story] *Still Going On*

This is a really very important short story for me. This story almost deals with breaking of the shell and love beyond the boundaries....Its about that soul-mates aren't life-partners necessarily. It's about realizing the true importance of yourself and realizing your worth.

This tale is all about how Nupur realizes her worth and stands up for herself. She eventually learns how to fight for herself.

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what happens to u if u find out that the girl whom u love is.......already married?????

what will u do?????

and what will u do if u find out that she is not happy with her husband????

will u fight back???

will u try to make her urs?

will u try giving her happiness she deserves?

what will u do?

Character Sketch-

he is mayank.....mayank sharma the cool dude...he is very smart....his eyes portray his emotions....he has a dashing personality....his colour is very fair...he is a software engineer....he works in infoysys.....he is a good natured one....he lives all alone....because all that is left with him is his own life....he had lost his parents when he was 12 years old...since then he has struggled to make his life better....he helps everyone....he is a gem at the era of man rule...he respects all women...infact he thinks all every woman has the authority to live her life....the way she wants...his only negative point is his anger...yes....he can't control his anger.....not when anyone tortures anyone....he is in love with nupur...nupur thakur..who works in his office and is his friend.....but he has not confessed yet....

she is nupur...nupur thakur....she is very beautiful....her colour is like a milk chocolate...she has a flawless skin....she is a software engineer....she is a girl with high moral values...her smile portrays her emotions but only some people know the pain behind her smile...she works in an office where mayank also works....she is married to ranvijay...people don't know that she Is married....its because she never wears any signs of being married....she hates her life....her life is a hell due to ranvijay...she is scared of ranvijay....she has only ranvijay in her life....her parents have no business with her...ranvijay does not let her meet her her parents...and she would never go against ranvijay...cause that will cause her pain....she is another yet another lady suffering man rule...

he is ranvijay....ranvijay thakur...he is an actor...he is evil by nature....he thinks that man rules....
he is married to nupur bhushan who after marrying him turned into nupur thakur...he is smart as per looks...but his eyes...his eyes are not at all good...he looks every other girl with bad intentions........but he can do anything for his own self...he wouldn't let his wife nupur breathe...he is the pain in the neck....he treats her with anger...he thinks that if he doesn't treat her harshly...and has a control over her by force...then se will run away with another she is very beautiful...and her beauty is the reason for his insecurity...he thinks he has the right over anyhow...he thinks he owns her...he thinks that by marrying one can even touch her....he can do anything with her....she is just a playtoy for him...


well i am mayank sharma and she is nupur takhur.....
that's what i heard her say.....
well she is my friend.....but not a very close one....
oh she is so beautiful.....
each day she looks refreshing.....
she looks so happy.....
her colour is like the milk.....her skin flawless......
her height is maybe 5.5 but the traditional salwar suits she wears.....makes me go crazy.....
she is so different from the other girls.....
she is so unique.....
but i wonder how long will it take me to go and confess my feelings to her????
tell her that i love her??

i am nupur.....nupur thakur,....
wife of mr. ranvijay thakur.....the famous movie star....
why do my parents had to marry me to him?
all i can say is i hate my life......
why do i have to suffer??????
why me?????
i portray that i am a very happy person.....
but.....but i am not.....
i am sooooooo unhappy.......
oh i wish all this could stop.......
i wish someone could love me......
and give me some happiness.......which i need......

i am ranvijay.....ranvijay thakur......
all i can say is that i love my wife.......
but i can't see her damn face.....
because i hate her to an extent......
if i don't show my anger on her then she might run away with another boy...
why is she so beautiful????
well who cares???????
she is just mine.....

Part 1 -

nupur's pov-

aaj bhi wahi hua jo mujhe lag raha tha....aaj bhi meri zindagi mein kuch bhi nahi badla hai...meri zindagi nark se bhi battar hai...main shaadi shuda hone ke baad bhi...sindoor nahi laga sakti hoon...kyun? kyun meri zindagi mein koi khushiyan nahi hain???

Flashback about two hours before-

"ji apko kuch chaiye?" nupur asked her husband ranvijay maintaining a big distance between them as she feared him....

"nahi.." rv told her uninterested...

She was intending to go...just then she froze at her place.....rv was holding her hand....

She was shivering....not due to his touch....but because she was terribly scared of him....god knows when he would scold her or punishes her for the things she hadn't done...or when he would come closer to her to make her tremble...

"kahan jaa rahi ho? Aaj toh tumhara janamdin hai na?"

"ji.....lekin aaj bhi office hai......" nupur replied to him.....

she wanted to get away from his grip......she was a completely shocked when she came to know that he remembered her birthday.....but she desperately wanted to go to her office.....because only her office time was the time when she could breathe in without any fear.....when she could enjoy being herself.....where she didn't had to regret any thing in her life....the time when she was nupur.....a free person.....

"acha...theek hai.....lekin ek kaam karo....tum aaj mat jao...." rv told her.....

He was in a good mood he was behaving nicely with nupur.....perhaps because it was her birthday today.....

Nupur feared this only.....she wanted to go to her office.....and stay away from him.....but she could never tell him so....she was scared.....

" ji woh baat yeh hai ki.....woh......woh....woh aaj office mein bahut zarrori meeting hai....aur... aur....aur mera jaana zaroori hai...." nupur kept on stammering.....but she told him....

"acha.....koi baat nahi....hum log aaj shaam ko kahin par ghumne jaayenge...." he came closer to her to make her blush....but this blush didn't meant that she was enjoying this closeness....but it meant that she was petrified of this closeness.

he came closer.....closer......closer.....until she was backed up by a wall......then he put his hand on her waist...and then said "aur tum apna birthday gift to maang lo..."

Nupur was feeling happy in his arms.....after a long time...ranvijay ever talk to her with love....she was feeling good....first time he came so closer to her with love....otherwise he used to make love to her even against her will....she was shivering....fearing that what had happened to him......he was asking her??

"ji...mujhe kuch nahi chahiye." Nupur told him...

"aise to nahi chalega jaan.....aaj to tumhe kuch maangna hi padega..." rv told her lovingly....." I insist."

"ji toh phir....toh phir.....please aap mujhe mere sindoor lagane ka hak de dijiye....woh main bhi aur shaadi shuda ladkiyon ki tarah sindoor lagana chahti hoon...." nupur told him....

She always wanted to wear her mangalsootra and apply sindoor......but she could not.....she had always been told that this will spoil rv's career as an today she wanted to ask for her rights....

ranvijay's face turned red......he was now angry..... "tumhari immat kaise huyi yeh sochne ki? Tum jaanti ho na ki main ek actor hoon......aur koi bhi mujhe kaam nahi dega agar unhe pata chal gaya ki main shaadi shuda hoon......aur meri saari publicity mit jaayegi.....maine tumse shaadi ki thi kyunki tum kuch samajhdar ladki thi....par tumhe to itni bhi samajh nahi hai...aur isisliye.....chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye....mera jawaab na hi hai...."

"ji....par....aur actors jo shaadi shuda hain.....unki to kabhi bhi koi publicity problem nahi hoti hai..." nupur told she wanted to know the actual reason behind this....

ranvijay thought that he could never tell her the fact that his being married....will only reduce his female fans.....which he would never instead of giving her an explanation.....he only picked up is hunter.....

Now nupur slowly backed up.....she wanted to run.....because she knew what was coming next.....and she was right......

"kya kaha tumne? Phir se kehna...." rv moved towards her with his hunter.....

"ji k..u....c...h..... n.....a.......h.....i...." nupur said trembling with fear.....

But did he listen? No! he mercilessly.....beated nupur.......she was crying......but he beat her up five hunters...

Then he went away.....leaving her crying in pain on the floor.......

Flashback ends

aakhir kyun mere saath hi yeh sab hota hai? Kyun meri khushiyan kabhi bhi zyada der tak nahi reh sakti hain? Mujhe aaj tak nahi samajh mein aaya hai ki aakhir mera kasoor hai kya? Kyun main bhugat rahi hoon? Kya mujhe khush rehne ka koi hak nahi hai? Kya koi bhi kabhi bhi mujhse pyaar nahi kar sakta hai? Aaj mujhe laga ki woh mujhe pyaar se kuch kahenge.....lekin aaj bhi har hafte ki tarah unhone mujh par hunter uthaya.....akhir kyun? Kya hai meri galti? Yahi ki main ek aurat hoon aur woh mard? Aakhir kyun woh mujhse itni nafrat karte hain? Main koi khilauna hoon kya jise woh jab chahe bed par khel sakte hain ya phir jab chahe maar sakte hain? Aakhir kya hai meri galti? Itni koshishon ke baad bhi kyun woh mujhse pyaar nahi kar sakte hain? Kyun woh mujhe sindoor bhi nahi lagane de sakte hain? Agar itni hi takleef thi unhe hamari shaadi se, toh kyun ki unhone mujhse zabardasti shaadi?

 RV's pov-
I can never explain to her the reason of my rude behaviour.....woh ek aurat hai....aur ha aurat sirf ek hi kaam aati hain....bed pe. Is ladki mein itni bhi akal nahi hai....aakhir maine isse shaadi kari hi kyun? Haan! Kyunki yeh had se zyada sundar hai...aur main bhi jaanta hoon ki itni sundar cheez sirf ranvijay ke paas honi chahiye....

Part 2 -

Nupur's pov-

Only I know how I try to hide the rashes of my body from others. Kyun aakhir har baar ek aurat sehti hai? Mann karta hai ki main unhe ek baar samjha doon, phir ma ki seekh yaad aati hai ki pati parmeshwar hota hai. Par agar parmeshwar aisa ho, toh kya use poojna chaiye? Ham aurton ke paas wahi hak kyun nahi hain joh ek aadmi ke paas hain? Who kuch bhi karein, who sahi. Par ham kuch bhi karein, who galat kyunki ham aurat hain aur who mard? Yeh kahan ki duniya hai? Iske kanoon kisne banaye hain?

Mera dil har baar mujhse sawaal poochta hai…kya mujhe khushiyon ka hak nahi hai? Par mera dimaag use taal deta hai.

After gathering all my clothes, I started to get ready. She had to change her clothes and wear a full sleeves kurti even in summers because she doesn't wants anyone to see her wounds. Kyun dard sehkar bhi ek aurat apne zakmon ko chupaati hai?

Her skin was bleeding yet she never complained. Not because she was afraid, somewhere she had the potential to fight with everything; she needed just a spark to rekindle her fire. But because she was captured in the man made customs which said that a wedded girl should respect and love her husband like a God. But was RV her God? Nope!

Mujhe pata hai ki mujhe ladna chahiye…par main nahi lad sakti hoon. Mere parents hi mere saath nahi hain….toh phir main kiske liye ladoon? Kis kisse ladoon? Aur kis had tak ladoon?

She had the will to fight…but not the reason to fight. She was one of those girls who suffered and only suffered. She was Nupur.

I got ready and went downstairs. I saw RV sitting crossed legged on the chair. I just remembered what happened two hours before! I held my hand which was completely bruised and I went downstairs.

He saw me and smiled. What is the matter? He and smile? This is so unusual.

I wanted to go unnoticed by him but maybe God, if He exists, didn't want that. Rv looked at me and held my hand. I shrieked out. My hand was terribly bleeding and he had a strong hold on it.

He pulled me towards himself and said, "aaj jaldi aa jaana. Raat mein bahut plans hain."

His eyes were full of lust. I hated when he used me as a toy on his bed. I am living for God sake! But did I ever told him? It was not that I didn't had the tongue…it was because I didn't knew how to use it.

"par" I tried to say something.

His eyes darkened. He said, "tumne kuch kaha?" he got hold of my hand and his grip was very strong on it…he pulled me closer and touched my back. The mark of hunters on my back pained me like anything. He was purposely giving me pain.

I had to say, "ji…nahin toh."

And at last, I went out. I was free and I could breathe. I too a bus to my office. Many men tried to push me and touch me. I hate this. Is there a place in society where ladies are safe? Any place?  Is beauty a curse or a boon? No answer! Because we haven't been given the space even. I hate this world.

I reached my office and paid the fare. As soon as I reached inside, my friends encircled me and wished me happy birthday. This is the place I love. Here, people love me for what I am.

Mayank's pov-

She entered the office and looked at everyone with a smile. She is very beautiful. I am not talking about her physical beauty but her golden heart. She takes care of everyone even in the office. She is the one girl with whom I know I can spend my entire life with. She is mature and nave at the same time. She is very helpful to everyone. I think she deserves the entire world's happiness. And I am going to make sure that she cherishes her birthday throughout her life.

Well, I don't know how I fell in love with her. I just know that when I got to know her through her then I fell in love with her. I love her innocence and untouched golden heart. It's said that eyes are the mirror to one's soul, and if this is true then she is the most perfect girl I have ever seen. She is too polite and she hardly speaks. But I can feel that due to something or someone, she prefers to be quiet. I know that there is something that is giving her pain but she is quiet. She needs to overcome that but she never shares.

She was right now wearing a black kurti with white stone work and a black and white striped pyjama. She looked elegant and divine yet very simple. She wore only a bracelet in her hands and she was not looking happy. Something was wrong. I could sense that she was hurt because I could feel pain.

I saw her smiling at everyone who wished her but something was amiss. It wasn't her usual smile. Something was lacking and I wanted to figure it out. I need to do so! And I want to make this birthday the best one in her life.

I went close to her and said, "Happy birthday Nupur."

She smiled a returned a thanks. Then I went away from there.

Nupur's pov-

I was happy at all the arrangements made for my birthday. Atleast I was someone in their life. They meant a lot to me and I meant a lot to them. This was the place where I truly belonged.
Thanks God RV isn't here. I can breathe for sometime atleast.

I was told to cut the cake and I did that with much pleasure. I fed everyone out there. Somehow when I fed Mayank, I felt something different. Like there was some sort of a connection between us.

But then I had to go….or rather return to hell. I went away quietly after receiving many gifts. My hands were overloaded with gifts but I put them in a bag in order to hide them from RV. He wouldn't like it if I take the gifts in my hands. I returned to my house not knowing what surprise life had kept it for me…

Part 3 - 

Grey- past
Pink- Present

Nupur's pov-

But then I had to go….or rather return to hell. I went away quietly after receiving many gifts. My hands were overloaded with gifts but I put them in a bag in order to hide them from RV. He wouldn't like it if I take the gifts in my hands. I returned to my house not knowing what surprise life had kept it for me…

When I reached my home, I was shocked to see the scene. Everything in my house was ruined.

Everything had fallen apart. Was there some kind of mishap? I could see alcohol bottles lying. I rushed to my room; sorry our room to see if anything further had happened.

But the scene I saw in our bedroom was enough to break me into pieces. Tears just fell from my eyes. How could he? But then, was it new? I never expected him to bring me gifts or anything, those fancy things happen in fairytales. I don't believe n fairytales. I used to. But then, dreams were snatched away from my eyes, the day I started dreaming.

I never expected him to do anything. But then, don't I owe the right to do have a little happiness or faith or loyalty atleast? My whole world came to a stop, the moment I saw RV sleeping with some random girl on our bed.

Was I nothing? How could he cheat me like this? But can I complain? Nope. He knows my weak nerve. I can't let him do anything wrong with her. Nope, I can't. But right now, my heart is completely shattered. Why do I even bother loving him? Do I love him? NO. Then why am I staying with him? It's because of her.

I went down and lied down in the guestroom. But before sleeping, I recalled my life's moments which led me into this state today. But then, was I ever happy? Why god has never given me any happiness apart from my mother's love?


"Papa. I want this doll na." A bubbly six year old girl ran to her father's lap and demanded for toys.

"Nahi. Tumhe pata nahi hai kya ki yeh kitni zyada mehengi hai? Mere paas faltu paise nahi hain tumhare liye." Her father just refused her to sit on his lap and passed her to her mother.

Her mother consoled her. She wiped the girl's tears and said "Nupur, meri pyari beti. Rote nahi hain beta. Yeh doll tumhare aage toh kuch bhi nahi hai. Yeh itni achi bhi nahi hai."

Nupur stopped crying, but her innocent heart asked a very innocent question. She asked, "par ma, papa ke paas bhaiya ke liye paise kahan se aa jaate hain? Bhaiya ko toh papa ne aeroplane bhi dilaya tha."

Her mother used to be quiet after that. She hugged her until she was all happy again.

What to answer? How to explain that there is a difference between a girl and a boy? How to explain that in India, girl birth is not considered that good as compared to a boy's girl. Such an irony!

Ek aisi country mein, jahan par ek aurat ko Ma Durga, Ma Saraswati, Ma Lakshmi, Ma Parvati etc ke roop mein pooja jaata hai, wahin par ek ladki ke janam ko ashubh maana jaata hai? Kyun? Ek ladki ho hak nahi hai jeene ka? Kyun female infanticide aaj bhi maana jaata hai?

Har baar ek ladki ko bojh kyun samjha jaata hai? Main yeh nahi kehti hoon ki ladke bure hote hain, kyunki main shravan kumar ki kahani bhi suni hai, par yeh kahan ka nyaay hai ki ladki ko ashubh samjha jaaye?

India ko independent huye itne saal ho gaye hain, par aaj bhi woh usi jagah par hai. Aaj bhi ladkiyon ka apmaan hota hai. Kyun? Kisi ke paas jawaab hai?


A twelve year old girl entered her house. She waved a bye to her friend. Unfortunately, her father saw that the friend who had come to drop her was a boy.

He was very angry. He slapped her without any reason and said, "Sharam nahi aati tumhe meri izzat ke saath khelte huye? Kaun lagta hai woh ladka? Kitne saalon se chal raha hai yeh sab?"

She gathered up courage and said, "Papa woh sirf mujhe mam ke kehne par chodne aaya tha. Woh sirf ek dost hai. Meri cycle kharaab ho gayi thi, toh mam ne mujhe uske papa ke saath uski car mein ghar tak drop karne ke liye keh diya. Papa maine kuch nahi kiya."

He said, "tumhe sirf ek ladka hi mila tha? Main toh pehle hi mana kar raha tha ki tumhe school mein padhaane se koi fayda nahi hai. Ab yeh din bhi dekhne ko bacha tha. Kal se tumhara school jaana band. Jitni padhai karni hai, sab ghar mein karna."

She was all teary eyed and ran away to her mother.

She said, "Ma, mere saath hi aisa kyun hota hai? Maine toh kuch bhi nahi kiya tha. Aadi toh sirf mera dost tha. Mere bhai jaisa. Aur bhaiya? Bhaiya ki toh ek girlfriend bhi hai. Par papa unhe kuch kyun nahi kehte hain? Ma, main hi kyun? Aur ma kya papa mera school chudva denge?"

Her mother removed her hairs from her face and wiped off all the tears.

Mother said, "Nupur beta, aisa kuch nahi hoga. Gudiya, papa gusse mein the na. Aur tum rona band karo. Tum school jaaogi beta. Main hoon na."

She stopped crying but her mind couldn't be diverted. She was immature but she was facing the biggest truth of today's world.


Kya ek ladka aur ladki sirf dost nahi ho sakte hain? Jab ek ladka kisi ladki ke saath ghoomta hai, toh wahi usi shaan ho jaati hain. Par wahi cheez ek ladki ke liye badnaami laati hain. Kyun ek hi pehlu ke do sire hain?

Yeh kaisi desh ki azaadi hai jismein is azaadi ko jeene ka hak sirf ek ladke ke paas hain? Ek ladki kyun dabi hui hain? Kyun?


Nupur returned to her home. She was 16 year old. She was very beautiful. Everyone used to praise her for her beauty. Her white face, creamy skin, jet black eyes with long flowing hairs made her the most beautiful girl in her city.

Every boy used to dream about her and every girl was envious of her. But she never cared. She used to wear suits, cover up as much as possible and walk with yes casted down.

She never used to mess up with anyone nor would she ever speak a thing. She was terrified of the world. Her entire childhood was spent in learning that girls should be quiet and not speak up against their elders, especially if they are men.

When she returned, she saw someone sitting in her room. She just bowed down and moved ahead. But soon her mother called her.

And the news she gave, changed Nupur's entire life. Her life was now torn apart. The dreams, she had just started to see, were broken. She fell on the floor and just sobbed.


Har baar zindagi ne mujhe woh diya, joh mujhe nahi chahiye tha. Us din meri zindagi badal gayi. Meri saari khushiyan tabaah ho gayin. Us din meri duniya bikhar gayi.

Kya khoobsurat hone ki yahi saza hai? Kya ek ladki hone ki yahi saza hai? Kyun? Aakhir main hi kyun?Kyun badal gayi meri zindagi us din?

Kyun mere dil ko itni thes lagi? Kyun us din mera masoom dil toot gaya? Kyun us din, main achanak hi ek immature girl se mature ban gayi? Kyun?

Part 4 -

Grey- past
Pink- Present

She came to know that the person whom she saw was none other than RV. He had come there to ask for Nupur's hand in marriage. She was horrified and afraid.

She said, "Par ma, abhi toh main eligible bhi nahi hoon. Main shaadi kaise kar sakti hoon? Mujhe apni life mein kuch banna hai. Mujhe is duniya ko apne kadmon par laana hai. Main abhi shaadi nahi kar sakti hoon."

Her mother consoled her and said, "abhi main tujhe shaadi karne ke liye nahi kahoongi. Tum Ranvijay se mil lo, phir tum sochna."

She knew that she had to marry him, even if she declines. She said, "Ma, abhi main shaadi nahi karma chahti hoon. Abhi abhi toh meri menstrutation cycle shuru hui hai, aur main abhi se kisi ki nahi hona chahti hoon."

Circumstances had made her say everything. She had never imagined herself to say such things, but she had to be bold, atleast to save her life.

Her ma said, "Aura b tu is kabil hai ki tu ek nai duniya basa sake."

There was a teenage childishness in her life. She knew that she can't decline and so had to agree. And she met ranvijay outside in the garden.


She was walking while we was busy staring at her. She felt a little nervous and she played with the hem of her dupatta. Then she heard him.

Ranvijay said, "Nupur, wait. We need to talk. We are going to get married within a week, and I want you to be comfortable with me. Because I love you a lot."

She could see love for her in his eyes. It was the teenage era when she wanted someone to love her. To fill her life with the love, for which she always craved. Someone said it right; the year 16 of your age can give you illusions.

Nupur said, "Ji, woh main theek hoon. Main is shaadi ke liye tyaar hoon. Aur shaadi se pehle agar aapko mujhse kuch poochna hai, toh aap pooch sakte hain."

Ranvijay took a small packet from his pocket and gave it to her. Before she could ask a thing, Ranvijay said, "Ismein tumhare liye ek phone hai. Main chahta hoon ki ham log har roz phone par baatein karein. Main tumhe apna banane se pehle tumhe poori tarah se jaan lena chahta hoon."

Nupur blushed a little, which made Ranvijay look at her more cutely. He held her hand and said, "Nupur, main is haath ko hamesha thaame rakhna chahta hoon. Tum meri zindagi ho, aur maine tumse sundar ladki aaj tak nahi dekhi. You stole my heart right away. Tum bas ek baar meri zindagi mein shaamil hokar ise aur rangeen bana do."

She was touched by him and his replies. She just took the phone, smiled and him and went away.


Kash us waqt main badi hoti, kash main jhooth aur dikhave ko sach na samajhti. Meri zindagi ne mujhe sirf dhoke ke, aur kuch bhi nahi diya hai. Har bar maine thodi si khushi hi toh maangi, par phir kyun mujhe sirf dhoka mila?

Kyun mere apno ne hi mujhe ek anjaan insaan ke saath baandh diya? Mera bhi toh mann karta hai ki koi toh ho joh mujhse pyaar kare, meri parwaah kare. But do I deserve someone in my life? Am I not wedded?

Kyun shaadi ka bandhan sirf ek ladki ke liye uski zindagi, aur ek ladke ke liye sirf timepass hota hai? Main koi khilauna hoon kya? Mujhe nafrat hai mohobbat se and nafrat hai apne pati se. Kash main bhi maryada tod sakti. Aakhir kab tak rahengi mere pairon mein, yeh bediyan.


She picked up the phone, knowing that it was his phone. She picked it up and heard "Hey jaan" on the other end. She smiled and said, "Aap?"

Ranvijay said, "Nupur, jaan, tum kabhi toh mujhe mere naam se bulaya karo. Atleast give me some love name. When would you ever love me?"

Nupur said, "Aap bhi jaante hain that I have started loving you. And by the way, yeh toh koi reason hoga nahi jiske liye you called me up. What's the reason?"

Ranvijay replied, "I don't need a reason to call the love of my life. And by the way, did I ever tell you that I love your eyes? And I think you must be really tired cause you were busy roaming in my mind throughout the day."

Nupur smiled and put down the phone. She and RV chatted a lot. She had started loving him. And she felt shy whenever he used to flirt with her. Within a week, they got married.


Kitni bevkoof this main, joh maine is insaan se pyaar kiya. Jis insaan ko maine apna bhagwaan maana, woh kisi haivaan se kam nahi tha. Use mujhse pyaar toh kabhi tha hi nahi. Use pyaar tha, toh sirf meri khoobsurati se, mere shareer se. Aur main, usse pyar kar baithi, jise shayad pyaar shabd ka matlab bhi nahi pata hoga.

Woh raat, jab hum ek huye, pehle kitni khushi deta tha mujhe, par ab lagta hai ki sab chalava hai. Sab ek saazish thi. I hate him.


Nupur was sitting on her bed; her head was covered with the veil. She was anticipating about her future. She was nervous, shy and excited. She was blushing due to the intoxicating effect of THE night. She waited for him to come.

But the she saw him coming towards her. She clasped her hands and hugged herself around her legs. He slowly lifted her veil and started drifting towards her. All the actions seemed perfectly intoxicated under the effect of moon and the roses, clinging to the bed.

Ranvijay said, "Nupur, aakhir aaj woh raat aa hi gai jab hum dono ek honge. Aaj se tum sirf meri hogi. Sirf meri."

Nupur was just 16 and she didn't want to take steps which further complicate the matter. She said, "Kya aap mujhe thoda samay de sakte hain? Main abhi thodi uncomfortable hoon. Even sharing a bed seems pretty difficult. And uske liye toh…"

Ranvijay wasn't happy and said, "Nupur maine pehle bhi bahut intezaar kiya hai. Kya tum nahi chahti ki aaj se tum sirf meri ho? Main tumhe paana chahta hoon Nupur. Tum sirf meri hogi. Aur, phir mujhse tum itna kyun sharma rahi ho? Hame poori life ek saath bitani hai. And we have to share a same room, bed, and bathroom."

She felt really shy but had nothing to argue with. She submitted herself to the person she loved.


Kyun us din zindagi ne mujhse cheen liya mera sab kuch? Aakhir maine RV par vishwaas kiya hi kyun? Aur agar kiya bhi, toh woh badal kyun gaye? Pyaar naam ke shabd se bhi nafrat hai mujhe. Kaash main bhi itni bebas na hoti.

Unhone meri zindagi ki sabse badi khushi ko dukh mein badal diya. Mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai woh jab maine pehli baar unka asli chehra dekha. Us din main unh eek bahut badi khushi ki baat batane waali thi, aur usi din unhone zindagi ka sabse bada dard de diya mujhe.



As he came near me, I could feel myself shivering. He must be so sad! I thought that he was coming to hug me for comforting me, but what he did, just shocked me to no ends. He slapped me. My cheeks were stinging with that effect. When did RV changed into this?

I muttered, "RV…aapne?"

He grabbed my hands and pulled me to his chest by a strong force. He forcefully kissed me on my lips. I could taste alcohol in his mouth. I was so shock that I couldn't even kiss him back. Before I could protest, he threw me back on the bed. And he started to remove his shirt.

I gathered all my courage and asked, "RV yeh aap kya kar rahe hain?"

I tried to get up from the bed, but he tied me down with my hands. He said, "Tumhe kya lag raha hai? Tumhe samajh mein nahi aa raha hai ki main kya kar raha hoon? I want you right now."

What? Here, I was devastated, and he wanted to do that with me? As I felt him tugging on my clothes, I said, "RV please, aaj nahi. Main is condition mein nahi hoon. Please RV. Chod dijiye mujhe. Please."

He looked at me with fire in his eyes. He said, "Nupur, I don't care what you want or what you don't. You are my wife and I can have you whenever and wherever I want. You have to comply with my wishes."

I tried saying, "Please Rv. Aaj nahi. Please chod dijiye mujhe." But my please felt deaf to his ears. Each time I tried to get off the bed, he tied me down more fiercely. There was so much roughness that I could feel myself getting bruises.

Although we had done this many times, being married and all, but for the first time, this was happening against my wish. I felt like I was being raped. Was my protector, my husband, seriously violating me? Had my protector become my predator?


Part 5 -

               To be continued...

Hope you like this part....




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  7. This is sucha touching portrayal of a women's plight in the society, and it is worse when even the husband is like this !

    Nice character sketch of the characters Mahak..especially how the eyes and smile reflect each one's heart/soul

    Ranvijay pe itni gussa aati hai when he beats the B'Day girl !I think he should not have married if he was not ready to give her the right to wear the symbols of their marriage...

    See, after going through so much pain everyday could Nupur value the fresh breath/ freedom outside in the office...

    That is so nice of Mayank to say that she is beautiful not because of her looks but because of her Golden Heart :))

    RV sleeping with a random girl is really pathetic...shameless !

    And you know? Now Papa's love their daughter's more :D ...they are not anymore like Nupur's dad !
    And yes, wonderful description of the state of girl in the country and the comparison with the Goddess tradition.

    You're right Mahak, 16 years is an age of illusion ! Did she ever think that RV would turn out to be a devil ? Neva !

    Nice writing Mahak...waiting for more :)

  8. @Harsh Sir- Hmm….it is indeed sad…but what about her?

    And I completely agree with you on the comment…

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    Apni real life mein, ma ne hamesha mujhe in sab stories ko sunne se bhi dur rakha hai…you know about my diversion to news and all…and I don’t even read newspaper. All I know about this world, comes from what my parents choose to tell me.

    Par na jaane kyun…is kahani ko maine apne sapne mein dekha hai…ma ko toh pata bhi nahi hai that I know about all these things happening…she thinks that I am oblivious to it. While, I certainly am not.

    I-F par bhi, I had no replies to the comments given on this story. :)

    But thank you…for liking this story…and commenting on it.

  9. @Mahak- Ek baat kahoon...bandhan mann me hota hai. Kyunki hum sochte hain ki hum kisi ki daya ya madad pe kaam kar rahe hain tabhi hume usse bahar nikalne me darr lagta hai. Jab andar hum free mehsoos karte hain tab hum koi bhi life ka step confidence se le sakte hain.

    Hume lagta hai ki agar maine aisa kiya to kya hoga? hum khud hi itne confused nahi hain.

    Agar Nupur chahe to Ranvijay ko chod sakti hai hamesha ke liye !

    Sapne me kahani dekhi? ho sakta hai. We never know.

  10. @Harsh Sir- Ek ladki ke liye....use bachpan se yahi sikhaya jaata uske bandhanon mein hi uski azaadi hai :)

    This story is abt how nupur transforms herself and fights for herself.