Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I don't know [Novel] *Still going on*

Hey guys! Ohk, before you throw sandals at me, let me tell you that i am not taking any responsibility now. 

You already know the fact that i never leave my ffs as pending. I may be late to update them, but i would surely update them. Cause otherwise, like you only, i won't be able to move on. The updates of this ff can be small, but would be regular.

In this ff, i may not be able to reply back to your beautiful comments, but yeah, i would be reading them and storing them in my heart. And also, through this story, i want to share something worthwhile with you.

It's not only a journey of understanding and knowing all the feelings, its about realizing how to live with them. Feelings might be difficult but they speak what your heart wants to hear. You really can't control your heart and instruct it. Feelings do not develop with age, but with age, they grow up too. This story is all about discovering your feelings and learning how to live with the essence of it.

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I don't the name suggests, is the story which is just uncovered. This deals with the dilemma of two people namely Mayank and Nupur who are in a confused state of mind. They don't know whether they love each or not. And even if they love each other, they are subjected to a question, whether their love would be successful or not.

Nupur is a girl, who has so many dreams, but irrespective of her own morals, she finds herself falling for the handsome Mayank. She always dreamt of arrange marriage, and dreamt about making her family, proud of herself. But irrespective of all the shells she makes, just one play makes her world fall into clash. She is subjected to feelings unknown to her. She just doesn't knows what is wrong and what is right. But then, in love, you can never predict anything.

Mayank is a handsome boy, having no bad habits. He just is unknown to the feelings Nupur bears for him. He doesn't know that how his small actions are making someone fall in love with him. He loves someone else, who obviously didn't returned his love. He isn't heart broken, but moves on, unknown to the fact, that his friendliness is making someone fall for him. He just doesn't knows how someone is falling for his smile.

Unknown to this fact, he finds himself in a dilemma when he gets to know about Nupur's feelings. He is shocked to see that someone is falling for him. But would he open his heart for her? What is right? Should boys only confess their feelings first? Should girls stay back and wait for the boys to respond? Or should she say out what's in her heart?

What to do? To marry someone who loves you or to marry someone whom you love? What would you do if you were given a choice between right and heart? For sure, heart cannot always be right, but who knows? "I don't know" deals with such conditions.

This story may subject you to a pool of emotions.
[my strong point] It might even bring tears to your eyes. You won't be able to see her in such a dilemma. You can know that yeah, she is in love, but its her life. She doesn't know anything at all. She is just trying to discover if her feelings are just a crush or a pure bond of love.

This story may also take you to a ride of questions, whether her love is right or not. What should he do? I am not gonna decide about its end this time. It would be you who would be telling what you want. At a certain level, i am gonna ask you, what would you have done if you were at their position.

Do tell me how much you liked it or not.




  1. Beautiful idea Mahi!
    This concept called love is truly can be both enchanting & elusive at the same time...& the heart vs. mind battles are common in love...
    Wonder how this story will shape up...u better continue this okay?[yeah, i mean it!] :)

  2. @Bhavana- Thanks bhavs, my sweets. Yeah, i wud continue this one for sure yaar. Coz of two reasons:
    1. Becoz i started it and this idea is pestering me a lot.
    2. Becoz i am really wanting to write this one. and u too want it.

    P.S.- Happy Birthday Yaar.