Sunday, October 31, 2010

Life In A Movie [Novel] *Still going on*

This was my first novel to be published. I have got thousands of replies for this one on I-F, i just hope to publish it here also.

Video Link  For This Novel:

"Life In A Movie" is a story which revolves around two people namely -Mayank and Nupur. Its a story about their love, betrayal, marriage, fault, suspense, twists, turns, misunderstandings, criminals, tears, joy, truth, lies, friendship, guilt and other emotions. but most strongly, its about their love....a love which is veiled by many hidden truths......

This story shows how Mayank and Nupur meet after 5 years of their breakup in marriage and sustain themselves. Mayank wants to have Nupur back in his life while Nupur hates Mayank due to a hidden truth. Little does she knows that the person whom she hates thoroughly is the one who did everything for someone. She doesn't knows the truth of that night which separated them.

But when she comes to know about the real truth, will Mayank forgive him for the treatment she gave him? Would she come to know about the real truth? If yes, then will time give her another chance to prove her love? What had Mayank done? Would it be too late to run back in time and ask for forgiveness?

What was the truth due to which Nupur hates the person whom she loves like anything? Who are Samrat and Gunjan? Why is Mayank marrying Gunjan? Why is Nupur marrying Samrat? Who is Dia? What game is destiny playing with them?

What is the secret behind their separation? Who actually is responsible for their separation? What happened in their past life? How can one night change their bond? Why did they didn't did anything? Would Nupur be able to find out the truth. For whom is Mayank quiet?

Why isn't Mayank telling her the real truth? Why is he letting her assume that he was at fault? Why? Whom is he trying to protect? What is the secret which when Mayank comes to know, would hate Nupur?

Would this movie bring them together and unveil every secrets? What is written in their destinies? Are they meant to be or not? Will they be together before its too late?

To unveil all these answers, keep reading my story "Life In A Movie."
 be continued.....



  1. plsss update soon.........!!!

  2. @Valiyah- Thanks...I am having my exams currently....i wud update it as soon as they are over.