Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Miss Her [ArTi OneShot]

 Written on : [ 27/7/2010]

Arjun’s pov-

Since few days, I am feeling incomplete. Somehow the scenes do not encourage me any more. Somehow, even after being side lined, I don’t feel anything. How does it matter? To whom does it matter? The one, who mattered to me, is gone. I don’t know how to say this, but yes, I do miss her.

I miss how we used to occupy a seat at the corner on the sets and chat. I miss how we used to chat so much about our respective lives. I miss the innocent pouting. I miss how I used to twirl her around and she used to exactly fit in my arms. I loved how she made excuses for her lost balance. She had spondylitis but she never complained. She worked as hard as she could to gain what we have together done.

To say that I don’t miss her would be so wrong. We had spent more than two years with each other! How could I not miss her? I miss her smile and her calling me “Jun.” it might sound foolish, but whenever she called me that, I felt lovely. I missed the intimacy we had to share due to the roles. Somehow, whenever she shied away in the scenes, I forgot that she was playing Nupur’s role. I used to mingle up my feelings for her with Nupur.

I miss how we used to occupy the same place. We used to give SBB interviews and talk many a things in that. We used to eat ice creams and have fun in that. She never minded whenever I took her inside my arms. She never objected to any of my side hugs. Infact, sometimes she even gave me some hugs.

People think that I was the reason for her exit from the show. How could they even think that? I mean, why would I make her exit? She was my best friend and my partner! She was the only one with whom I used to fool around. She is kind of reserve in nature, but she was all bubbly for me.

Somehow it did hurt me when she was made to exit. Two years of our hard work had gone into gutter. Together, we had created history! We created the magic on the screen which was unexplainable. Whenever we did any intimate scene, we made sure that it doesn’t make us feel awkward.

“Pehli baar” dance sequence had made us too close to each other. Our lips were barely inches apart. I had the sudden urge to kiss her but I knew that was not how it was meant to be. People think that I wanted Rati to exit from the show. How could I? I was hurt beyond words. I miss her a lot. I miss her songs.

I miss how she used to get teased by me. I miss how she used to smile at me. My dimples were just because of her. Now the mjht set lacks the emotions. It has become dull and empty like Mayank’s life. Sometimes, I don’t need to use glycerine to shed tears for Nupur’s death. I can do it, remembering the moments I and Rati shared together.

I too had given interviews after her exit. I made sure that everyone got the message that I do miss Rati. But still people accused me. I don’t know why, but when they paired me up with my friends, I didn’t felt that bad. But when they said that I was the reason for her exit, I was completely shattered. I like Rati a lot.

I loved our intimate scenes most. Those scenes always made me get close to her. I used to give interviews with her, but now I am giving interviews without her. With her, she took away my dimples. Now no one has seen me smiling with dimples.

Mjht has lost its meaning for me. Although I am very happy for my friends, Mohit and Sanaya, but I miss Rati. Nothing has changed except the fact that she is not there. I don’t think that I will leave the show because this show gave me memories of a lifetime, but I think I am not going to do the show if they paired me up with someone else.

Mayank was only meant for Nupur. Mayank was waiting for his Nupur to come back in his life. No one can take Nupur’s place in Mayank’s life; neither can anyone take Rati’s place in my life. I miss her and I hope that Nupur returns in mjht and Rati in my life.

Hope you all like this one.


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