Saturday, October 30, 2010

Save Wildlife [Article]

well, this isn't a story but a shear truth of life.....i mean today no one really cares for humanity....all they care for is money.....why? i mean hum log pehle insaan ko bhagwaan kehte the.....phir shaitan...but these days the humans have even crossed that limit....

my heart laments when i saw that some humans....i mean some devil humans had captured some innocent animals.....and u know what they did? they pierced their nose, cut their nails, burned their tongues so that they couldn't attack them.....and then they were trying to sell them to other countries.....

is this humanity?

i mean are u sure that u want to be one of the person who is like this? aren't we responsible? we buy animal things.....and that's why they kill animals.....but if we don't buy any animal stuff, then i don't think that there would be a need to kill animals.....

we often pluck flowers for its beauty.....but we don't think that it wud look more beautiful on the plants? but NO!!!!! we have to pluck it for ur sake....just for our two minute pleasure...

we kill animals.....NOT ME! but don't u think that they too have the right to live? they too wanna exist of our Earth? don't u think that if we don't protect them then they would become extinct? how many of us wud want to see a mammoth? Many! but we can't as they are extinct! but u know why? becoz we never took care of them! our ancestors killed them for their tusks and skin.....but if they didn't had done that then we would have been able to see them......

and if we don't take a step ahead then i am sure that our future generation would think the same way.....they would also blame us......

ohk....let's leave this.....forget the past......but what abt the future? i mean we have heard that now there are only 1411 tigers left in our world.....atleast take a step now to save them! we can't now sit back.....and then see them in a book or something in our future.....don't u think so? why not take an action today? comeon! atleast now take a step to save them.....if we still don't take an action then it's really not wildlife! it's the need of the hour.....we have seen the advertisement....and i think like me.....some must have shed tears also.....but how many of us took that seriously?

a tiger cub waiting for his mother to come......he is hungry....he is wanting the comfort of his mother....when wud his mother come? he doesn't know even if his mother wud come or not? is she the prey of the hunters? what wud he do without her? wud he survive? he doesn't know.....u know why? becoz of US!!!!!! i mean we chill and buy tiger skin.....we wear fur clothes......made up of their skin....they are so warm.......but don't u think that the coat wud have given more comfort to the animal? wudn't the coat look more nice on the animal itself? THINK ABOUT IT!

we always think that let the other one be our guide......why we take the first step? but don't u think that the others might be thinking like u too? and if all think like this only.......then no solution is possible......everyone wud think like that only....and no action wud be taken.....

and i don't want to be one of the I am taking the first step.......i am not gonna buy any thing made up of animal skin....or anything made up of animals.....(i never did) so are u with me? are u going to stop that practice too? i wanna have ur opinion on this! i do!

R U WITH ME? r u gonna save wildlife?

i am waiting to listen to ur thoughts......i really am desperate regarding that.....and if u are with me......then do show me ur views.....plz........



  1. @ Mahak- it is so difficult to take the first step but i will.Won't buy the clothes made of animal skin and would stop other's from doing so.

    with you :)

  2. @Harsh Sir- Thank you. :)

    That's more than enough. This article was originally posted on my site...and it had over 100 comments, so I am happy that over 100 people are with me. :)

  3. This is such a nice cause Mahak..and more and more people need to be made aware of this :)

  4. @Harsh Sir- Thank you. :)

    Yeah, My I-F readers know all about it...and they are more than 500 or so :)

  5. @Harsh Sir- Yeah *sheepish muh*