Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Day At Big Bazaar [OneShot]

I got up when I felt a wet kiss on my cheeks.....i just opened my eyes allowing the light to make things visible....and I just glanced at the person who kissed me....i just saw a faint figure smiling at me....but then things started getting visible....and as soon as I saw that person....i just jumped up on my bed and hugged you know what did I saw? 

I saw my aunty coming to wake me up and I could only mutter “happy anniversary”

I just went to the have a bath...and I loved it! And then I got up to go to the stupid mall.......u know what? I hate going to malls and doing window shopping......infact even don’t think otherwise...i know that this isn’t like a girl habits....but that’s what I am! I am different....i mean not every girl in the world is stupid enough to like those malls...i guess there are atleast 0.01% girls who don’t like them.....and me being the one...

But I had to go! It was her 30th anniversary and she wanted to do some shopping.....but why had I to go? I guess I knew the answer! Mom wanted me to socialize....i do socialize but only when necessary....but you wont find me in any parties or hotels....unless they r my close relatives and I have to go there...or I am compelled going there....its because I don’t like crowded places....crowd makes me feel suffocated....i love to be one of the crowd.....but not one in a crowd...

So I just wore a black high neck full sleeves sweater which was more or less like a top.... but I guess I loved it....because it doesn’t look like a bit party material....and also not like a complete lies somewhere in the middle...with a pink lip-gloss to add a little pink colour to my lips....and a black shaded jeans.... this jeans was most precious to me.....cause it was my birthday gift.....and I was wearing it second you would think that why? I mean is 3rd march near this month? Why didn’t I wear it earlier? Actually I would only wear when I would go somewhere! I am not used to go! I simply love sitting on my pc and writing or reading books....umm... I guess I missed a word....i love writing and reading story books......yup! Now it’s perfect! where were we? Yup! We were going to the I just sat in the car... and I wished that mom allowed me to bring my i-pod.....coz I love listening to songs.....and when there are relatives in your car who r elder than u....then the manners say not to open the tape....and I have my personal collection of songs in my I-pod....a collection which no one from this generation might like to hear....i mean they are all old songs! Beautiful, poised, lovely, soothing and soft.....actually the only songs i like is old and soft songs...not rowdy type’s songs.....i mean I don’t like fast numbers.....they are good for dancing but not for listening sake....and that’s why my friends say that I am a bit too traditional and not at all modern.....they say that I should have been born in nineteenth century!!! A girl with traditional values! So what if I am? I love my cultures and value them as I value my life....they are in my blood! I might be the most antique person in this world....

But i am what I am! I mean what’s the use of being like this? I mean that’s why I never am my real self when someone is in my front....i only fully relax and am chilled out with my close friends...and only some know for all....i am different....i am not my own self....cause I don’t want people to know that....cause it would make me feel vulnerable....and I despise that!

And I was definitely getting bored......and I knew nothing....i mean all the elders were busy chatting.....and my cousins were sitting at back side of innova.....and I was in front row of I couldn’t possibly talk to them.....then what to do? Now I did what I love the most in a car.....sitting by a window side.....with open windows....and gazing outside...with winds caressing your face.....while me enjoying the rhythm of winds on my face....i feel them touching my face...rubbing them perfectly....with all my long hairs flowing back.....i simply love this!

But as soon as I did this....i couldn’t help but frown when my aunties said to close it down as they were feeling cold....but I did obey! After all they are elder to me......and I won’t disobey my elders except my parents for the pc purpose....after all if you don’t even argue with your parents for a thing like a kid.....then with whom would you argue? I do! That’s the only thing I think I do is bad....yet I do! Coz I know that they wont think it otherwise but would forgive me for fighting for pc....they know that I am so addicted to something.....and besides they hardly ever see me......i mean when I am at my home then I am only in a corner of my room....i don’t wander here and there.....i just love pure silence coz silence speaks louder than words....besides my eyes speak a lot about me.....i mean they always convey what I am trying to say....and this is the thing I don’t like! I mean if I am not saying means that I do not want to tell....but they take the command and speak themselves out....and I think that’s what happened here also!

I think my eyes conveyed my emotions.....and my mom allowed to let my window be open....but I felt embarrassed due to my eyes and spoke an apology for the kind of expression i gave....i gave a “WHAT??? NO....plz don’t do this to me! i am getting bored” kind of expression....and thus again....i felt embarrassed....but then I closed the windows...but now what to do? Think Mahi think! I have thought what I want to do....i would sing a don’t close your ears....coz I am not that bad.....actually to tell you the truth.....i have got first prize for singing and dancing both....then there must be something! So don’t shut your ears....i love to sing a song when I am feeling bored...or when I don’t know an answer to a question...that helps me a lot....and me being bored, I opted for singing....

“aa bhi ja....aaj bhi jaa, ae mall aa bhi jaa” I couldn’t help but make this song weird with this tone.....i had already sung 10 songs....and everyone was demanding more and more... all elders were very happy for me to sing....i was singing my favorite old songs....and they too loved them....i sang many songs.....but when I got tired of singing loud enough for everyone to hear.....i couldn’t help but sing this song....actually I love humming a song alone....or without anyone noticing.....God knows why but I don’t like when people know about my talents....i feel so vulnerable...but when I sang this song.....everyone broke into laughs.

My bhua pulled my cheeks and said “Mahi, beta you r so cute....u are so desperate for the mall. So you like shopping?” and I couldn’t help but reply that, “nahi bhuaji...its just that I hate waiting....and you know that I hate shopping.” And the next thing she asked me was, “Mahi, then what do you love?” and I just kept my mouth shut....

I love dew cream.....and many more natural things.....i usually love things which are associated with our nature.....and my favorite flower is a pink favorite thing is ice cream....and many more things....i mean.... but I wont tell this to my bhuaji......she won’t understand....besides she is elder than me so I wont argue either.....well she only loves girls who love girly things...well I too like some of the girly teddy bears, lip-gloss etc.....but as I said that I am not totally a girly girl, who is always loaded with makeup or is always found with matching accessories with nail paints and lipstick and all...i am a plain, ordinary, simple, girl next door.....
In order to distract my mind....i starting humming a soft song again.... “kuch khaas hai... kuch paas hai....kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai”....and slowly and slowly the time flew by and we reached sahara wasn’t a long route but my disinterest made it seem longer....its the truth that when we do the things we like, we think that the time flies away....while if we do something which we don’t like....then we think that time is moving so slow....while time does not changes its velocity for anyone....and so did it to me! I never liked malls etc.....that is why it seemed longer for me.....while when I do the things I love like singing, writing stories etc.,....then one hour flies away in a second......

We reached the mall.....and it was a glass made mall....with great architecture......well I know that I wasn’t here to notice the architecture...but I always love colours....i always get influenced by colours....and I was here to pick up a trolley and hop some useful things into it.....but I guess that’s mom was moving here and there keeping things in the trolley while I had to take that trolley behind her....she was moving with a fast pace....while I had to move up fast with that trolleys facing so many lanes and people..... And I felt like I was driving a car.....well you would feel that too if you drive a trolley at such a crowded place....

“Mahi, jaldi aao...itni dheere kyun chal ahi ho?” my mother said....and I couldn’t help but make an annoyed face....i rolled my eyes in response...i mean if she was driving this stupid trolley and I was picking up things....then I would see who moves fast....well all I can say is that....i did went behind every point of time....atleast I didn’t had to wait.....the only profit I was getting was that I could keep the Chinese stuff according to Maggie, pasta, macaroni, chowmein etc......did I told you that I know how to cook? Well I do! And I am good at these special foods....while I know how to cook other things as well....but nervousness never leaves me alone! It is like a magnet to me....wherever I go....nervousness, shyness, and most important fear of people follows me like anything....and I just can’t get the real me out....everything was flowing smoothly....i mean I was not getting bored atleast....

But then a point of time came when I had to wait......and did I ever tell you that I simply hate waiting? Hate means hate.....Sanam says that Mahi I don’t think that you can ever hate anyone....u always forgive......but I really do hate something.....first thing I hate is if anyone ever tells anything against my family......then if I have to wait.....God why the hell does these elevators cant allow a trolley to go up? Oh my! How much have I to wait?

Then minutes passed and my mom didn’t returned from above.....and I was getting thing about me for sure is that.....i can’t stay without doing anything for I started moving here and there with the trolley....but then I got brushed up by people....and I could only mutter “sorry” to thing I find strange in me is that even if it’s someone else’s fault.....i would say sorry...i mean whether I got pushed or the other one...i am the one to say sorry....cause I think that even if it isn’t your mistake then to there is no harm in won’t get small by that’s me! Different!

So when I got really bruised up by the mob...i decided to stop wandering....i started humming a song “tere naina, hans diye, bas gaye, dil mein mere, tere naina” then it was followed by another “tujhse naraz nahi zindagi, hairan hoon main, hmm, hairan hoon main” then another “aapki nazaron ne samjha, pyaar ke kabil hume, dil ki ae dhadkan theher ja, mil gayi manzil tujhe” and then many followed it up like anything....but my ma didn’t came....uff! I was really getting paranoid....only if I had brought my i-pod or I was sitting near a window where wind was blowing.

I was feeling lonely and suppressed...and I went to check her up asking my servant cum little brother to see for the things while I check on my mother.....he agreed and I went upstairs to check what was taking her so long....and when I went there I saw that my ma, sis, bhuaji and cousins were busy selecting some accessories.....women I tell you!

Then she selected many a things...the only thing which caught my attention was a cute pink coloured teddy bear with his hands ready to hug....and I was busy staring at can a toy be so cute? I love teddy bears to the core! I even saw a cute teddy bear key ring and I thought that it was pretty reasonable...but I didn’t bought it.....well you might think that I am money minded but I am not...i believe in future saving.... besides when I would earn then I would fulfil all my parents wishes then mine.....not now! When I can’t earn then I have no right to spend so much.....besides I always think before purchasing a thing if it’s worth it!

But then my bhuaji must have had seen me ogling at the teddy bear....she came near me and whispered, “So atleast you too love something.” And I just smiled in response....she further asked, “do you want it? Can I buy it for you?” and I just said “no bhuaji....ab main badi ho gayi hoon....mujhe in sab cheezon ki koi bhi zaroorat nahi hai....yeh toh chote bachon ke liye hoti hain.” And I went from there....i didn’t wanted to let her spend her money on me....i can’t ask her anything without my parent’s wish...that isn’t fair!

My mother knows me somewhat....she knew that however I may pose to be strong, big, stern and big.....i am still a kid at heart.....she knew that though I am very mature in my life....i still am a kid at she asked me if I want to buy that....she knew that until she asks me....i wont buy that thing....but I said, “ma mujhe yeh nahi chahiye.....main ab badi ho gayi hoon....aur vaise bhi mujhe iski kya zaroorat hai? Agar kabhi raat mein hug karne ka mann karega toh I have my Mr. Whin with me.” And I smiled. Well to tell you, Mr. Whin is my teddy....i have many cute teddies with me....i love soft toys more than anything else....and I have an unusual habit of naming I had named all my teddies, my dolls, my flowers.....and even I name if a fish is golden n colour then goldy, red in colour then little red riding if a dog is white with fur then tuffy etc...

Then I carried her things was quiet difficult to carry 2 big pillows, 4 packets of kambals in my hand.....but I did carried them down single handedly...coz I m a strong girl....and then we spent some more time in mall and moved towards the billing counter...and I saw that there was an old woman waiting after I just made an excuse and pretended that I am out of the that she can get in front....i can wait.....but I didn’t wanted the old aunty to wait.....and she moved ahead.....and I stayed behind her...and when my cousins asked that how did i am after her? So I replied that I had forgotten something and I had moved back to fetch it....i didn’t wanted them to know my little secret....i didn’t wanted them to know coz I don’t believe in showing my emotions.....this means that its my sympathy while it was my respect for her....and I don’t want anyone to be aware of this sensitive Mahak....i held on at my place and waited for my turn....and when it came, we just payed the bill and moved towards the gate....all of us had pretty much things...

We were waiting for the car to come....we couldn’t park the car in front of the gate and we even could not take the trolley outside the gate! There is no need to say that they didn’t care about the customer’s convenience...while we were waiting, I saw a cute child crying just behind me....i saw that his mother was unable to pacify him....she was not able to make him stop crying...she was waiting for her husband to come with the car....and I couldn’t see him cry like this.

Maybe it was because I love kids that whenever a child cries, I feel a pain in my heart.... so I just went back and tried to make him clam down.......maybe his mother was thinking me to be mad...and that’s why she was staring at me trying to make the child laugh....but I can’t see a child I just started talking to the baby.

I said, “Are, babu tum ro kyun rahe ho? Abhi papa aayenge na....woh tumhare dher saare khilaune layenge.” I said spreading my arms out and also making the cutest expressions I can..... “aur phir agar tum roge toh phir woh tumhe khilaune nahi denge, aur kya tumhe yeh acha lagega? Tum toh ek brave boy ho na? Brave boys don’t cry!” I continued saying keeping him quiet....and I knew that others are gazing at me...they might be thinking that I am so mad....but at this time I didn’t cared for anyone for once....coz the only thing that was in my mind was to make him quiet....and I continued when I saw that he was quiet, “tum brave boy ho na?” and he just smiled and nodded.... “Tab toh tum nahi roge na?” when he smiles and shook his head then I just smiled...and this was the first time I smiled with my entire heart...and he too....and everyone else was watching the show like they haven’t ever seen somewhat like this.....

Wherever I turned....i could see them gazing out at us.....and I realized what I was doing.....i came back from my world.....i mean I came back from my hidden self back to normal.....and I was literally going to panic.....i mean I am always afraid to the centre of attraction......and this time I really made myself one! Everyone was watching me open mouthed.....i felt like shouting “what?” at them....i mean haven’t they seen me ever? Obviously Mahi....they haven’t! But why r they watching me? Coz you have created a scene!!!!!! Stupid u.....but somehow whenever there are animals like rabbits or teddy bears or ice creams or babies.....i somehow forget all my external appearance and become what I actually am!

I was about to turn around when his mother said “thank you” to me and all I could say was “the pleasure is entirely mine.” And then I was about to leave when a filmy thing happened to me! The child caught my finger....his touch was very soft....i was reluctant to go...but I had I smiled at the child and kissed him on his cheeks....and then went from mother gave me a loving hug and said, “beta kabhi bhi apne dil ka badalne mat dena.” And I smiled....she uses this line whenever she is touched by something.....she often uses this for me...

Like.....once we went to hazarat ganj with my mamaji and all but not my parents...i didn’t bought anything.... while my mamaji persuaded me to buy something.....and I continuously denied....then I saw something and asked him to give me Rs.10 and he was surprised that the girl who wasn’t even buying anything asked him for something....he happily gave me....he asked me if I want more......but it was sufficient for me.....i went and bought that thing......and when I returned home my mother asked me curiously that what did I which I replied a rubber band packet.....and she was like “What?” and then I told her that the vendor could not walk.....but instead of begging for alms he was eating of his I wanted to help....she was touched! But when she saw the bright colours of it that I cudn’t use she asked me that why didn’t I bought black ones? To this all I had to say was, “ma uske paas black waale bhi the.....par sabhi log uske wahi waale le rahe the....kaale waale toh sabhi le lete but yeh colour waale koi nahi leta....and I thought of helping him....isiliye.....toh kya hua agar main yeh use na kar paaon...this is still the best buy of the day for me.” And when I said this.....she hugged me and said the same lines, “mahak tum kabhi bhi kisi ke liye change mat hona.”

And today when she said this.....i was happy....atleast coming to a mall wasn’t so boring afterall! We all went away to out houses playing with each other....this time I was calm....this time I had some satisfaction.....this time I was truly happy....and the kid’s face remained in front of me throughout the journey....i was happy to make someone happy.....and this is me.....Mahak 

                                     “Whatever happens is for our own good.”

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  1. Hey nice one !
    But is this a true story ??
    I feel like so ??
    Anyways it was a good read ! :)

  2. @Fatima- Yeah, its a true story. *shy*
    Thanks for liking this one.
    you r the first one to review it here, as i have deleted my site and all my comments on this one are lost.