Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Arrange Marriage [Novel] *Still going on*

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This is a very ordinary and simple story about two human beings namely, Mayank and Nupur, who are tied in the bond of marriage. It's their journey from strangers to soul mates. And this journey is going to be depicted with proper customs and all.

Traditions, which people have forgotten, would be revived with this story. It's the journey of their feelings which seem to differ at each point of time. Would they make it to the destination?

What all they have to adjust? How would they prove each other to be capable? Would they be able to love each other till eternity? Would just a bond of seven vows, bind two strangers together?

To unveil all these answers, keep reading my story "Arrange Marriage."

The Theme

Character Sketch

The Proposal

Crossing Of Our Paths

Our First Meeting

Things Said And Unsaid

The Decision Of A Lifetime

Scoops Of The Future Update

The Dinner Date And The Dance [pt 1/2]

The Dinner Date And The Dance [pt 2/2]

Chocolate Effects

A Ring That Connects Hearts

Writer's Note

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