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Unbreakable Bonds [Novel] *Still Going On*


Gunjan’s pov-

Amongst everything, i kind of lost all connections with my sister. I was so busy in my life, that i forgot how her life was going on...i forgot that she was my younger sister and she needed my support....i forgot everything. I became selfish.

Today, when i came to know how much i have missed on in her life, i have only tears left in this dark night. I lost my battle. I couldn't become a good sister. But now i will try. Try and become someone whom she loves. I want to be her best friend. Forever.

I want to mend our bond which is unbreakable but is wounded. I want my sister back. I would now make sure that she is fine.

With this, i wrapped up a chocolate or dairy milk to be very precise, and kept it in her cupboard.

Tomorrow was a new beginning. Now i would make sure that i take time out for my sister. I would play UNO with her tomorrow and also talk with her.

Tomorrow our unbreakable bond would work together.

Part 1

Nupur’s pov-

Well, to say that I wasn’t surprised would be an understatement. Things still amaze you, don’t they? The next day I opened my cupboard to find out a chocolate in it. I knew the reason behind this. How could she? I mean the last thing I wanted was her to pity me. Everyone would pity on you. You are such a looser.

Wasn’t it enough that my life was spoiled, that she wanted me to feel sorry for myself? Why was she doing this? But then, why does she always do this? Well, do I deserve this? But then, do I deserve anything that happens in my life? Yup, you do. You hurt him. She never had the time for me. Damn me! I shouldn’t have had opened up to her.

Yesterday, it was such an emotional breakdown for me that I forgot whom I was sharing things with. You never think twice before speaking. Urgh. I know she is my elder sister, but we have never shared things with each other. Too late for the realization. Things were different in the past, but now everything has changed. So did her. Didn’t you?

She is bitter, rude, arrogant and what not! I can’t imagine how much someone can change by mere poisoning of brains. Check yourself for it. I lost my sister sometime back. Although she is alive, but I don’t know who is she. Neither do I know who I am! Oh yeah, you know why you changed.

I already have other problems in my life to think about this new one. Why did I break down yesterday? Well, it was because… But before my conscience could finish it up for me, I shouted at it for being so blunt. I didn’t want to remember anything about yesterday. But it is said that memories never die.

Oh hell! I threw the chocolate on the bed. I realized that if I was same as I was earlier, then I would have melted that chocolate and eat it like a kid, coloring my face too. And he would have licked it off. I refused to hear my conscience and went ahead.

I picked up my bag, and started heading for my college. But Gunjan came in between. I don’t call her “di” as we have only one year age difference and we used to be friends. Before… Hell I remember everything. Why do you keep on repeating them? Because you are running away from truth.

Right now, I had no courage to fight with my conscience. I just made a face at Gunjan and moved aside. I saw pain in her eyes. Hell! She need not pity me. I am happy as I am. Really? Are you sure? But Gunjan seemed to be bossy. She stopped me from going away.

She asked me, “Where do you think you are going?” I wanted to reply something repulsive, but suddenly I realized that she was my friend too. She knew everything now. It’s entirely your fault. I replied, “To my college.”

I could see a surge of emotions in her eyes. Hadn’t been those distances, I would have had hugged her and cried till I could cry no longer. You can still do that. She was my friend. My best friend. That was a long time back.

She kept her hands on my shoulder and said, “You don’t need to do this. You deserve better. You can still opt for another college.” Yeah! I could! But I didn’t want that. Is it because of him? Nope. I was angry at her concern. Where the hell was she when I actually needed her? Busy with her life.

I rudely told her, “Listen, you don’t need to teach me anything. I can still handle myself. You weren’t there when I needed you, so there is no need of you for pitying me. Don’t you dare interfere in my life.” I could see tears sparkling in her eyes. I hated myself for this.

Gunjan smiled at me sweetly and asked, “Aren’t you going to share things with me like we used to do earlier? Aren’t we friends? And come soon so that we can play UNO like before.” This was the limit.

I blasted at her. I said, “Listen, the last thing I want is your sympathy. And please don’t dare to call yourself my friend. You weren’t there when I actually needed you. Now when you know everything, stop being nice to me. Everything has changed. Be the same old rude sister to me. I don’t need you. I don’t need anyone in this entire universe.

I went out after banging my door. I had seen tears in her eyes. I hated myself for that. I brought those tears. You realized? But things had changed. A lot. I wasn’t a snapper, but time made me one. Blame time now. I wish my conscience had an on-off button to shut it off completely.

I headed towards the college, knowing well enough that teaching in the same college which changed my life, wouldn’t be that easy.

Part 2-

Nupur’s pov-

I walked towards the door, knowing that he was waiting for me. I knew that my steps were leading me towards my doom. I knew his intentions. I knew him a way too well. Were you two that close? I could almost feel my conscience smirking.

I entered the trustee office, only to find him staring at me intently. He scanned my body like I was dirt. You are, don’t you know that? I was wearing a full sleeves maroon suit. He was wearing a long brown coat with white shirt inside and bluish jeans. White was definitely his color. But why are you thinking that? Stop thinking about him now.

I knew that this time, my conscience was right. I took out my files, and gave it to him. He looked at me and I could read his eyes. He asked, “What are these papers?” I tried to reply to him, but I couldn’t. His phone started ringing and I knew that I have to wait.

I could hear him speaking though. He smiled and said on the phone, “‘Hey beautiful.’ ‘Really?’ ‘Tell me about it.’ ‘What are you saying?’ ‘Yup, you can meet me today at the café.’ ‘Of course I have time for you.’ ‘Love you too.’ ‘Bye.’” I felt like eavesdropping.

What the hell was I doing here? Was Gunjan right? Should I leave this college? Well, she is right, and maybe that’s why I have given him my resigning letter. You shouldn’t have had done so. But what other option do I have? I can’t suffer so much. But you deserve the pain. Nope, I don’t.

Well, in no ways can anyone affect me. No ways. That’s why you gave him the letter, didn’t you? Oh, will you shut up? I Can’t. What’s your problem with me? You tried killing me, so now I am trying to kill you by my comments. I just shut up.

He looked up at me and smiled. I knew he did this purposely. You know him that well? I could see him almost smirking at my condition. Well, I deserved this. He asked again, “So, as I was saying, what are these papers for Miss Bhushan.”

I knew what he wanted to say. I knew that he wanted to see me in pain. Like the pain you gave him right? I smiled despite of the fact that it hurt me terribly. I said, “Sir.” But before I could say another word, he said, “Call me Mayank.

I said, “Ok, Sir, I mean Mayank, these are my resigning papers. I don’t want to teach in this college.” I could see shock on his face. He said, “Any particular reason Miss Bhushan?” I knew he wanted the answer. I knew what he expected, but I said nothing. Anyways, you always are so dumb.

He waited until I said a thing, but then he said, “Oh, so you already accept your defeat. That’s great. But I am having fun right now, I can’t let you go. Unless…you know that, don’t you?” I knew what I had to say. I could confess anything if he just let me go. Then confess what he wants.

I shuddered but I said, “Yes sir.” He immediately cut me in and said, “It’s Mayank.” And I said, “Yes, sir, I mean Mayank, I confess that I lost. I lost my relations. I lost my happiness. I lost my sister. And I even confess that I lost my love. But the sad thing is that, the person to whom I lost everything is the one whom I gave myself. But there is one thing I didn’t lose.”

I looked up at him to see his furrows browed. Hit the hammer. I said with a smile, “I didn’t lose my self esteem, my dignity and some of my bonds. They are still unbreakable. I still haven’t forgotten how to smile and how to love. And I still haven’t forgotten my first love.”

I smiled to myself. He too smiled for a bit, but then I could see his strict face again. Why was he doing that to himself? You made him like that. Now it really pained. Mayank just looked at me and walked past at me. I moved back with each of his preceding steps. But as usual, the wall factor came in between. I wonder why there are walls!

Mayank pinned me the wall. I could hear him breathing on my cheeks. He whispered in my ears, “Miss Bhushan.” But this time before he could say anything, I said, “Its Nupur.” He smiled a bit and said, “Do you really think that it’s over? It’s just the starting.” I knew that very well.

Part 3-

Nupur’s pov-

Well I knew that. For sure I did. I could feel my heart beats increasing when he whispered those words on my cheeks. Hell, I could feel his breaths making me go weak in my knees.

Just don’t do this. You shouldn’t be in this condition. This is sin! This time my conscience was right. I shouldn’t have had been here at the first place. He was damn close to me. This is wrong. I tried to reason out with myself. I shouldn’t enjoy this. No!

I pushed him aside with all my might, but it looked as if he was mentally prepared for it. He didn’t let me go of his clutches. This is wrong. Can I do anything? Do you want to do anything? Yeah. Oh! Stop telling lies.

He literally pulled me more closely and whispered on my cheeks. Mayank said, “If you are thinking that you can avoid me, then that’s wrong. What you did was wrong, so I won’t let you go away either. You have to repent for everything.”

He still thinks that it was my mistake. It was! No! It wasn’t. I thought that he would understand and not blame me. You were selfish, admit this. But did you explain him? Why couldn’t he trust me? Urgh! You and your big ego. Can you shut up for a while? Nope. I can’t.

I tried to maintain a distance between us and said, “I don’t want to give any justifications of any of my acts. I did what I thought was right. Now stop harassing me Mr. Mayank Sharma. And please, it doesn’t suits you to go so close to an employee. This isn’t you.”

I knew I was rude, but I had to maintain a distance. And he deserved it. Did he? Maybe he didn’t, but I had to do this. He looked hurt yet amused. He said, “And all this is coming from the mouth of a girl who-” now I had it enough. I couldn’t tolerate to hear more so I cut him in between and said, “Shut up! Just shut up for God sake. I don’t want to hear a word coming from your mouth. Keep your opinion to yourself, Mr. Sharma. I am just tired of hearing it everyday from your mouth. Only I know that I did nothing. For God sake! I DID NOTHING. Now can you leave me alone and just sign the damned resignation papers?”

He was taken aback for a while. I knew what he was thinking. How could I speak? A girl who never even dared say a rude word to anyone, say anything to him. But then, things had changed. He changed me. He was the culprit. Weren’t you the one?

I needed some time alone but can he see me contented? He pulled me towards himself and forcefully kissed me on my forehead. When I tried to say a word, he said, “It’s a part of my revenge. I won’t sign the resignation papers. You can’t go off so easily. You are the culprit. Nothing can change that. Now I will make sure that you go through the same pain which I went through. And for your kind information, if you are thinking that why am I kissing you, then let me tell you that by this, I can see horror on your face. I love to see your eyes full of tears. Something more is left.

He pulled me closer and I bumped into his chest. He was gazing at my lips. That was it! I couldn’t tolerate any more. This time I am with you. He is going mad. Well, wasn’t he always? He was, but that was a different case.
With every inch, I could feel his breath on my upper lip. It pained especially when I knew that he hated me. How I wish that I could explain him everything. I wish he could know the truth. It wasn’t me!

I felt utter pain when he came closer to me. I just closed my eyes to stop myself from seeing the nightmare. I never knew that one day would come when all this would happen. You caused this. This time, for once, I didn’t wish to hear my conscience.

I felt his lips brushing on mine. But before her could press his lips against mine, I felt a jerk. Someone pulled me away from him. When I looked up to that person, I was shocked to see Gunjan there. Now, you broke her heart too? Yeah, right.

She just hugged me and caressed my back. After so many years, I felt the same warmth in her embrace. And I realized that even if we hate someone, whom we actually love, we only find comfort in his arms at the time of emotional crisis. Yeah, true.

She just hugged me for a few moments and then turned to Mayank. She faced him and I could see thousands of tears, lingering in her eyes. You caused her pain too. You spoiled her life too. I know that she must be really hurt.

She turned to Mayank and said, “I never knew that you can stoop so low, Mr. Sharma. You should have atleast thought once, before trying to molest her like this. You are her goddamn Jiju!

As soon as I heard those words, I came back to reality. All the events of the past started haunting me. All that happened years back, just gave me shivers. All the things came rushing back to me head. All the events started circulating in my head and it started spinning. And before I could know anything, I just fainted.

Part 4-

Mayank's pov-

Well I knew that one day would come, when Gunjan would come to know about the truth. But I didn't ever know that this day would come. How could Nupur hide such a big truth from me? Says the person who tortured her so much!

But was it my mistake? No, but it wasn't her fault either. Her fault? Her sin! She made me cry like anything. She completely broke me down. She made me do things, which I would have never done in my life. She made me a monster.

It's irony that, me, the person who could never see a single tear in her eyes, want to give her a lifetime of tears. Are you serious? Yes! Then why are you waiting for her in the ward? Why are you praying to God for her welfare? It's because-umm…I want to be the one giving her pain.

I tried to reason out with myself. But I couldn't deny the fact that it was equally paining me. No matter how much I pretended that I hate her, I can't deny the fact that there is still a part of my heart which secretly loves her. I can't believe why. Because you can never be the person you are pretending to be.

Yeah, true. But she made me do this. I can't say that I do enjoy seeing her hurt, but when I get closer to her, even if it's for tormenting her, I feel good. Try saying, blessed. Yeah, I feel that. Anyways, why the hell is the doctor taking so long? She is so tiny, they could have inspected her easily.

"Why did you have to do this Mayank?" Gunjan asked me. I stared at her incredulously. What have I done? Oh, yeah, tormented her sister. I maintained a calm face and said, "You don't know anything Gunjan. If you knew everything, you would have been on my side. Nupur was the one to betray me."

She smirked. Did she really smirk? Gunjan had never smirked once in her entire life! Was there something she knew and I didn't? She smiled and said, "No, not me. It's you who don't know the truth Mayank. I wish you had asked her yourself. She never betrayed you. Even after you did so many horrible things with her, she still loves you." I couldn't believe her.

I said, "She never loved me. She just played with my emotions! Even if she loved me, she never had the right to do the things she did, without my knowledge. I hate her Gunjan, I just hate her." She smirked again. What the hell was happening? She said, "Oh! You hate her, do you? Then why are you waiting for her like anything? Anyways, maybe before jumping to conclusions, you should have asked her everything. She was broken when she told me the truth. And I thought that you were right, and that's why I agreed to pretend that I am your fiance."

Ohk, I wasn't shocked. It was our plan to teach her a lesson. I just pretended to be her soon-to-be-brother-in-law. I did that to make her understand everything and break her pride. Gunjan smiled at me and said, "Mayank, you are my best friend and my first love, but you have to understand that she is my sister. Between the two of you, I would choose my sister. I have been so ignorant towards her feelings. I never showed her that I loved her. I pretended to be the witch who had snatched the most important person in her life. But you know that I love her. As much as I still love you, I am trying to move on from you. I guess it was wrong on my part to love you."

Ohk, that was shocking! She loved me? How could she? Seeing me perplexed and shocked face, she continued, "Yes, Mr. Mayank Sharma. I am in love with you. Even though you never noticed me in that way and secretly were attracted to my sister, I loved you. I never confessed because I could see you secretly loving my sister. I know that she was egoistic and proud, but I could see her loving you too. She was trying not to fall for you, but she eventually did. And you, what the hell is wrong with you? You even married her for God sake! Just because of a little misunderstanding, you chose to leave her! Why?"

I knew all those answers. I was afraid to give them out. I could trust no one. She smiled at my face and asked me a simple question, "Just tell me one truth, do you still love her?" How could I lie to her? Damn-it, I love her! I knew that I couldn't lie to my best friend. I loved Gunjan too much to lie to her. But obviously, my love for Gunjan was brotherly. The only girl whom I loved was Nupur.

I nodded and said, "Yes Gunjan, I still love her. I never stopped." At this moment, her face broke into a smile while her eyes were full of tears. I knew why. Her heart was broken, yet she carried a bold outlook for my sake. I opened my arms for her. She hugged me and sobbed on my chest.

She smiled and said, "I am very happy that you love my sister. I should be happy, but I don't know why, but it still pains. I am sorry Mayank. I shouldn't have had fallen for you. Trust me; truth is far crueler than you think. I want to tell you the truth, but I think that you deserve to know it on your own. Please take care of her Mayank. I love my baby doll."

I smiled at her, but before I could say anything, a nurse came out of her ward. Nurse said, "Mr. Mayank Sharma, you should really take care of your wife. Especially in this condition, she needs proper rest. There is not thing to worry for. She just fainted due to some emotional turmoil or physical exhaustion. But they both are fine now."

Both? What does that mean? I gathered my courage and asked, "Umm, what do you mean by 'both'?" She looked shocked. She asked me, "Don't tell me that you don't know that your wife is three months pregnant!"

And she went inside. While I felt that the floor beneath my legs had slipped away. She was pregnant? Nupur was pregnant! With my child! I was going to be a father! I felt my heartbeats going crazy. When I glanced at Gunjan, I could see shock evident in her eyes. Then I came to know about a realization. Can I forgive her now, when she is bearing my child in her womb? Does she deserve it?

To be continued......

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