Friday, November 26, 2010

What is Municipaltiy doing? (Article)

Hii...this is Mahak again....this time, i am not here to share a piece of my work, today i want to question each and every individual about various things of life.

Today, I got to know about the cow in my locality. It was a baby cow who got stuck in the drainage. Since morning, the poor animal was lying in the gutter, but no one came to the rescue. And in the evening, I came to know about it. And mind it; I am not the hero of this story. My father used his brain and with the help of others, the cow was rescued. It was a really difficult task.

The moments where people were trying to pull out that cow, only I knew how much tears I had in my eyes. The only thing that was coming in my mind was that “God please save the poor cow. Bhaiya [Krishna Ji] please save that cow. Use bacha lijiye kyunki har cow aapki zimmedari hai. Save her, for me” and etc.

That time, I only knew one song, “O palanhare, nirgun aur nyare, ki tumhre bin hamro kauno nahi. Hamri uljhan, suljhao bhagwan, ki tumhre bin hamro kauno nahi.” Sounds filmy? Well, it wouldn’t have if you had seen the condition of the poor cow.

Thank God that it was rescued, but my question remains the same. Where were the Municipality people? What were they doing all the time? Sitting in their houses and watching some soap opera?? Or playing a set of cards?? Were they waiting for heroes to emerge? Or were they relaxing because today is the last day of a weekday??

My neighbor said that they would come in the morning. But wouldn’t the cow die after that? I mean, how could they let the cow struggle for her existence and take the matter lightly? How could they let the representative of God, struggle like this?? How could they let that cow suffer?? Wasn’t it their duty to come and save the cow??

Today it was a cow; tomorrow it would be someone else. Would they have the same attitude, if instead of a cow, their child would have been there? I mean, where are the responsibilities? Hadn’t they promised, during the time of vote, that they would be available to the people at every odds of time?? Are animals exceptions to this?? I, for one, refuse to let all this happen.

But yeah, there was one boy in my colony, who was gathering people for the cow’s help. I never knew his existence until I saw him today. I don’t know him, but by his efforts only, today the cow was saved. I salute you, Mr. Saver. And I am proud that you live in my colony.

I salute everyone who helped the cow to get out of that gutter. I am proud to be the daughter of a very brainy civil engineer, who tried his best and used various techniques to pull out that cow. I salute everyone who contributed in the pulling out. And I salute you, Mr. Stranger.

The respect in my heart for you, has only grown, Mr. Helper. While on the other hand, I am now more determined that, on 3rd March, 2011, when I would be eighteen and I would have my own voting right, I would make sure to choose a responsible person this time. Because, each vote makes a difference.

 - Love,


  1. Yeah !! you are right ... Some people after listening this incident would rather say - THIS IS INDIA !! IT IS CORRUPT , THE GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT and blah blah blah ... these people don't know what's INDIA ... these people should learn from that Mr. Helper who instead of babbling about the situation , tried to bring change in it ... I have a similar but different story like yours i would like to share ... There was a street dog in my society ... he was just resting there in someones lawn ... the owner of that lawn came there and hit that dog with a stick to shoo him away ... but that dog was kind of brave as he started barking on the owner ... The owner started hitting that dog harshly and call some of the society peoples for help .. he declared that the dog was mad .. they all chased the dog .. the dog ran for his life .. but after 1/2 an hour play they caught the dog and smashed him , so hard and for so long that the dog started bleeding .Still he struggled but he got nothing else than death... i was on my terrace watching that incident and praying to the god for the dog's escape .. but ... they won . See , prayers don't work until and unless you perform your karma ... that i learned that day .. if i had stopped those people ,then the dog might lived .... We don't kill mad humans , do we? then why animals ? They live too .. They breath too .. The dog was only barking for his self defense , this is not madness ... Still ... then i decided .. i would rather take actions if ever again this type of incident happens ...

    1. Exactly! I hate those people, who won't see the positive side and take the blame. Instead, they will simply shrug and pass it off as someone else's mistake. Exactly, I have seen Mr.Helper twice, and both times he was busy helping people!

      Good choice. And thanks for sharing your story. I really like to hear from my friends and readers. And I am glad that you have taken a step ahead to shape up this world.