Monday, April 18, 2011

Those Facebook Quizzes [One-Shot]

Written for my friend's birthday. Happy Birthday Samidha. Love you a lot <3

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Those Facebook Quizzes:

I am tired of hiding my feelings. Everyday I take facebook quizzes on him, but never publish them. I am tired of holding back my emotions to myself. Isn’t this crazy? I know that I like him, really like him, but still I can’t say those words, even to myself. I am terrified that what if it isn’t? What if we aren’t meant to be?

There are so many ifs and don'ts in my life that I am myself not sure what I actually want. I like him or maybe.... No. I only like him. I can’t think of that word even. He is a prince and I am just a common girl.

I even took a facebook quiz asking “if he loves you” and it came to be true. It said that he loves me. It even said that my crush’s name starts with “M” but I can’t trust it, can I? What if it’s wrong?

I even took the quiz “the deepest secret” and typed up his name. It said that his deepest secret was that he secretly loves me. And before I could think anything, I just said “I wish.” But why do I wish him to love me? Do I lo-….No.

I took “what does he wants?” and I again typed up his name. It said that he wants me to take out somewhere. And before I could possibly think anything, I said, “Even I want to go out with you.”

Sometimes I take quiz on me. One said that I was waiting for him to confess. It even asked him to take the first step. God knows what got into me, but I published it. But then, I went back into my profile and deleted the result.

I never publish my quiz results, because he is added in my profile. What if he sees that? What if he gets the hint that he is the one? What if he thinks me to be a maniac? We are not even friends! What would I say to him, that “hi, I am a girl who is crazily in love with you?”

Oh man! I used the “l” term. I can’t love him, can I? I only love his smile. I only love his nature. I only love the way he makes others comfortable in his company. I only love his jokes. I only….oh crap! I am in love with him.

That explains it. Damn! I always try my level best to cross his path and smile with my friends. That explains why I feel so contented when I see him or disappointed when I don’t. Oh! Why me? I didn’t want to fall in love. I was happy the way I was. Why he come in my life?

It was fate when we met. I don’t know how exactly, but our paths crossed. His smile took away my heart. I never was good when it came to talking to boys, but he made me talk. He is so comfortable to talk to. I don’t actually need words for that.

We had to do a play together. Not that usual Romeo Juliet type of plays, but that of a comedy plays. I had to act as his wife. I had to wear a sari. Well, I admit that colors suit me a lot.
We just used to discuss the lines and we used to try acting. We even used to crack jokes. I have a habit of looking at the eye while talking, and he usually stared back. I felt so shy, yet comfortable. There was nothing unusual but something special about him. He was someone who always attracted me.

Only seven days, and my life twisted. I mean, how could I fall in love? I never even wanted to. But now I realize, that love is so amazing…so beautiful. I wanted to hug him often times, but only as a friend. When I wore a sari, he said that I was looking gorgeous, “on fire” to be exact.

When he said that I looked beautiful, I felt perfectly alright. As if his comments adored my neck. I had a blush on my cheeks, and I knew that. He was sitting one seat ahead in bus. I felt so shy.

Even when our hands brushed, I felt butterflies. Sounds filmy? But yeah, it is truth. I felt a nerve going down on my hands and felt like anything. I thought it was just a crush which would pass, but I was wrong. There was something more to it now.

I realized about my feelings, when I dreamt of us married in my dream. I was shocked yet happy. Whole day, I was blabbering to myself only. But I knew that I was in love, I just didn’t want to say that out loud.

Even in the play, we acted perfectly and got the prize. But I wish the play hadn’t ended. We never talked after that, courtesy my shyness in speaking first. But then, I could never even take him out of my mind.

I love him; maybe that’s why I love to see his face everyday. I try to catch a glimpse of his smile before giving the papers. I consider him to be lucky for me. Although, it doesn’t actually changes anything. Even if I see him or not, my paper would go the way I prepared. My brain knows this, but I don’t know how to tell this to my heart.

I just can’t say those unsaid words to him, but I know that deep inside, I want to. I like him, or maybe love him, but I can’t ever express it. I would wait for the day when we would be friends and I can confess my feelings to him. Someone said it right; -Love doesn’t happen on purpose…it just happens.


All the characters in this one-shot are purely fictitious. No resemblance to any character living or dead. And for God's sake, the feelings described above, are NOT based on my personal experience. These are completely based on my imagination and i would like it to remain so.

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