Sunday, June 05, 2011

Unexpected [Novel] *Still Going On*

Hola guys!

i know u must be thinking that am i mad?? i mean i have no time to update my other ffs and i am starting a new one! But it is a result of a challenge and one thing is for sure - Mahak never backs from any challenge.

I love challenges and love to try my best at them! And one thing i love about myself is that i never back up from any type of challenge. When someone says that its a challenge, then i HAVE to try my best at it!

My friend reads all of my fan fictions, one-shots, stories and some stuffs which i don't publish. So she was the one who is responsible for this one. She told me that i can't write romantic stuffs. i told her that i blush deeply when i try to write romantic stuffs. Then she was like if i wan't to really become a writer in all aspects, then i need to write romantic stuffs. she said that i can't let anything come in the way of writing. When i argued [like little kids do for a doll] she challenged me to write a super romantic ff! and now there is no backing!

So this idea struck me almost immediately. This was pre-decided and i am nervous to start this. This is the most romantic and super passionate ff ever written by me! So i welcome u to my ff where u can never guess about the next part.LOL

Thanks Daksha for making such a  beautiful vm and having patience enough to hear all the instructions. I can't get a better vm that this! i just love this one! u must have understood what's the concept....and if not, then comeon! why am i writing this story for? LOL agar sab vm se hi pata chal jaayega then why am i writing it down in words? LOL and this is the most romantic ff i ever wrote! Embarrassed

And ya, i am a bit lazy in updating u can remind me every time u need an update..Big smile..i won't mind at all! LOL And ya, read this ff at your own risk! This may contain too romantic stuffs which are not advisable for children below 8 years! LOL

Ohk, let me stop my rambling and tell u something. Smile  Well, this is a long ff and no ways it is less than 20 parts! Confused In this ff, the things u will expect and NOT going to happen. This is a totally unexpected tale. Embarrassed When u will expect something, i will make sure that i don't do that! Evil Smile

Read this ff if u want, But one thing, Please do comment on this. Actually me nervous in writing romantic stuffs but i want to try that bit too. So help me.

Now bas! bhashan khatam! Sleepy And now i am waiting for ur agreement!

[Click on the 'chapter' for the link to open]

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

To be continued....


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