Thursday, June 16, 2011

Never changing issues of newly weds…. *Article*

Never changing issues of newly weds…

The problem that arises here is the never ending adjustments. To start with the above topic, I would like to give some real life feelings and experiences.

When a girl is newly wed, she enters her new house with loads of apprehensions and dreams. At some point, she is nervous regarding the new changes in her life but at the other point, she is happy to have a new house. She prepares herself for all the adjustments she has to make.

A girl seems to have a little difficulty in transforming herself according to the needs of her new household, but she tries her level best. Since childhood, a girl is taught to be like the water, which can transform itself exactly like the vessel it is kept in. And she, being the ever so attentive child, always tries her level best to do everything to please her in-laws.

She becomes the epitome of sacrifices. She has to make certain sacrifices of her own happiness where it concerns her new house’s happiness. She always has to choose her family member’s wishes over her own. And it’s simply not that easy. The pampered child in her always makes her think twice. But ultimately, the sensible woman in her wins.

And by this, I don’t mean to imply that a boy has to make any less adjustment. If a girl has to leave her house, a boy has to get over the fact that a person would be added in his life. While a girl has to make new adjustments and stay in her new room and house, a boy has to round himself at the idea that he would be sharing his room with his wife.

Adjustments are made from both the side. Without the co-operation from both the sides, the marriage doesn’t works. And both the party knows that they have been tied up for a lifetime. And here it draws a line between real and reel life.

As we know, in reel life, a girl slips into the new household as if she has been living there throughout her life. She becomes the epitome of sacrifices. She has to bear the conspiracies of some corrupted in-laws who can’t see her in their household, simply because it would mean sharing money with her. They make plans to remove her from their household. But the girl’s husband loves her entirely too much to loose her.

Series of incidents takes place and ultimately the house becomes an open war ground. Finally the sensitive chords of relationships are broken. And the newly wed couple separates themselves from the house.

But is this reality? Definitely not! Here comes the main difference between reel and real life. Real life is not that easy to deal with. In real life, there are real problems. Although there are no corrupt in-laws and house-breaking people, still there is jealousy. And jealousy is the root of all evils.

But then, no one said that married life is easy to cope up with. Marriage is a new step in one’s life. One has to deal with tender care and love. And family plays a very important role in this. If one’s family is supporting, adjustments are easy and worth making. But if one’s family is non-appreciable, adjustments seem just a duty.

Well, apart from making some adjustments like altering the habit of getting up early in bed, a girl has to ensure that she is ready within the time period. She constantly takes measures and alters all her habits. Her entire world is turned upside-down. Before marriage, she is pampered by her mother and never cooks food, but after marriage, she has to cook food for not only herself but also for her family.

And one cannot ignore the fact that, a girl infact, has to live with strangers. Apart from the initial nervousness and fear, she is the one who has to cope up with all the customs of the family. There are different things standing in her way. At every step of her life, she has to make adjustments. They become a vital part of her life.

But then, the course of life has never did run smooth. And the various obstacles make her strong. According to me, adjustments help the girls in the development of their overall personality. And without these petty adjustments, she can never gain the love of her family members. 

- Mahak

P.S. - sorry for the abrupt ending...bas dil ne itna hi kaha....

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