Friday, June 17, 2011

Eyes And Vision [Original SS] *Still Going On*

Hey friends...

Yeah i surely are surprised to see me posting another SS. And might be worried about my schedule and so. But don't you worry, today I was on a writing spree.

So this SS is basically all written up, except the end part. I just have post it's parts everyday. Yeah, you heard it right! I am going to update this E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y!

Actually this idea struck me down today itself. And i couldn't even eat until i wrote this down. And of course, i just had to post it here.

And yeah, once AGAIN...i have tried a different style! It is completely written in a way different style. The dialogues are thrown together...and the words used are spoken in typical Lucknow Nawabi Andaz.

It is not that long...It is very small. And I am NOT exaggerating.

I hope you would love it as much I love writing it...

[Click on the 'chapter' for the link to open]

Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Chapter 8
Chapter 9

Chapter 10

To be continued....

- Mahak :)

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