Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Blind [Poem]

actually i was not in a favour of posting my poem here also......but surbhi asked me to do so..........she told me that many people aren't able to get access to my site.........hence i should publish my work here i am doing so....

this is he first time ever when i am adding any poem of mine on net......i mean i have written many poems.....whether hindi or english....but i never publish them.....i somehow feel giving away one part of my life by that.....but this time i am gonna write a poem on the spot....within 5 let's see if i can do that.....

Published here:

i was walking alone with no one beside,
God knows how it feel with no one in sight.
somehow i felt the darkness of the night,
and i only longed to have some light.

but i knew whether it is day or night,
i wouldn't be able to see the light.
my eyes that i possessed were long lost,
to have a new one i had to pay a big cost.

i knew i couldn't afford an operation,
this is my life's new situation.
where all my loved ones left me behind,
and moved on in their life cause i was blind.

i know that life never ends here,
maybe it started here, but it would end there.
i know that life sometimes gives pain,
but somehow one day u would gain.

though i am blind, i can see this world,
and smile silently when the winds blow my curls,
i can, though not, see it with my eyes,
but i have something more worthwhile.

i can see the world by my heart,
carrying me in a cart,
i can imagine all the things around,
i can feel them taking rounds.

if God takes away something from u,
he makes sure that he gives something special to u.
Never get depressed or low,
but before God just bow.

i am blind and thus i can't watch,
but people with the eyes too can't catch.
the real intentions of people around,
which makes me feel somewhat proud.

i see through my heart, what they actually say,
is their greed by some other way.
i know that i can never see the things in the way they are,
but i still can imagine them to my heart.

life always isn't happy or gay,
but there is some or the other way.
even if i am alone, i am with someone beside,
it is God who is with me inside.

so what if i am blind,
does it mean that people can't be kind.
i love the way i am, even if i am blind,
just i urge for the sunshine in my life.

this is it!

i know that this one is pretty boring......but i always write emotional stuffs only.......when my sister read it, she said that why do i always write poems in which someone is either dying or is hurt or is blind? well i know only one thing that what i see is the thing i depict.....when i was writing this poem, all i could see was a blind girl.....and i cud just feel her i depicted it here.....and i just wanted to convey a message that-

"life never ends...maybe if u don't get something, or u have lost something, don't just loose hope.....i mean God is always there with u.....he wont let u suffer....if u have faith in him, i know that u wud succeed....all u have to do is not to loose hope.....that's the only way......don't make anything ur weakness........don't let anything get u down! its ur life....and life never ends with something."

so that's it for today, i mean i just wrote it on the spot....i wanted to relax and chill.....and the only way i can be happy is when i write.....i just wrote it up in 7 minutes, 20 seconds.....

so forgive me if i did anything wrong.....

and this is the first time i am sharing my poem with anyone......i am sharing becoz i decided to share it atleast on my blog when my frds were asking me......

this is dedicated to all my friends and all those whom i love........

Mahak urf ur Mahi


  1. Awesome poem...this was the one that touched my heart...i like it ! Thanks :)

  2. @Harsh Sir- Thanks a lot :)

    This was one of my 'social' issues even i like it. :)