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For Deepika [One-shot]

Hey guys! how r u? Missed me? Well i did missed you loads. I am back as u can see.Well, this one-shot is the most romantic one written by me ever. This is the lamest excuse i ever used for romance...but here i go....hope u will like it Deepika. [deepikavasudeva]

Nupur was busy dusting her house. It was her routine to dust her house while her husband was away. She couldn't do it in front of Mayank, or she knew that he would give her on of his 'please-keep-a-servant' look. Keep it Nupur, or else he would be paranoid. She was hell tired of this. She could handle her own house atleast. It was her house and she wanted to decorate and clean it on her own.

Although how much she was irritated by this, she knew it didn't mean that Mayank had no trust on her, but it meant that he didn't want her to bother. When you know this, why can't you listen to him? And she loved her husband more and more with each passing day. He was the perfect husband one could wish for. Though not completely perfect oh you go again, yet still perfect in imperfection. How sweet. I guess you are falling more and more in love with him.

She was dusting when her leg slipped from her stool and she was going to fall down. Not again! But she had no fear, why would it be, she knew she won't hit the ground. And as expected, before she could fall, two strong hands caught her in the embrace. Congratulations! Your savior is home. And that too just on time as usual. She hadn't closed her eyes, so she could see the brows of tension and worry on his forehead. It's all because of you duffer. She smiled at him with an expression saying 'i-am-fine'.

He made her stand on her legs and picked her up again in his arms. Welcome home, my extra caring husband. She hugged him back with the same amount of love and passion. His hands slipped down at her back, caressing her body curves. He is making you fall in knees. She could feel the same tingling sensation. But she was used to it now. When Mayank broke the embrace, and gave her that look, she knew what was coming up. You deserve it.

He gave her one of those deadly looks and scolded her. Not again please!

Mayank scornfully said, "Why can't you really keep a servant?"

Nupur just smiled in response and said calmly, "I don't need one." Of course you do dumbo.

Mayank was hell worried today. What if he wasn't there when his beautiful wife was falling? She could have hurt herself. But you always seem to save her. But then too, what if he wasn't there? The mere thought of his fragile wife falling from the stool gave him shivers.

Mayank said, "What if I am not there to hold you when you fall?"

Nupur calmly said, "You and I both know that you always will be there."

He smiled at her and pulled her in for a kiss. He kissed her forehead, her nose, her upper lip area and teased her. Oh come-on! Kiss me now! He loved teasing her all the time. She wasn't used to this. He teased her as much as he can by not kissing her lips and tempting her by his actions. She desperately wanted his kiss now. See, the way he is getting back at you. He is such a monkey. He kissed his way throughout her cheeks and her face.

But she wanted more. She wanted him to kiss her once. Damn him! He could feel what she wanted but decided against it. She deserves it. She showed her fury by holding his hand and trying to push him back. If he can't give me what I want, then forget that I will let him tease me. But he was too strong for her. He held her hands and pressed his chest against her fragile body. You ought to know my power still wifey.

There was hardly any space between them and Nupur's cheeks were growing redder due to the sudden intimacy. They had never been so close. Oh I wish he was. Mayank had always maintained a distance from Nupur in fear of hurting her. The monkey didn't know that it hurt me more! She was very weak as said by the doctors. Someday I am going to erase the world of the word called 'doctors'- those horrible devils, depriving my life of this intimacy. The doctors had strictly told Mayank, not to make love with Nupur as she was a way too weak to be able to bear that. But now things had changed.

She was ill since the day they got married. And Mayank came to know that his loving wife was becoming weaker and weaker. This was the result of the wrong diet she had taken to make her more thinly. What was the need of it? She looks like a match stick already. But he made sure that she atleast looked like a human, by making sure that she ate on time and did no work. And the result was, that now atleast she had attained a zero size figure. Some commendable increase.

Mayank pulled her closer, if possible, and made his way to her lips. Usually, he only pecked her lips and she didn't have the time to reply. But this time, it was a way different. A way too different. He claimed her lips and laid his lips on her. He began to take as much as possible by that. She too responded by touching his lips with hers and giving everything she could.

His hands fell on her back and he started caressing her curves. She slid her fingers in his hairs and started pulling him towards herself. There was no space to breathe even. They were both engrossed in kissing each other so much, that they didn't noticed what their hands were doing. Nupur had already taken off Mayank's tie and had thrown it. Mayank had pushed her top down a little.

They both broke the kiss for breathing in air. He kissed her along her nape and made her feel more breathless. He saw her lips that were swollen and had lost their coat of lipstick. This had made him want more and more. She moved her hand on his cheeks and caressed them. He responded by kissing her palm and whispering "I love you, Nupur."

She replied by kissing his lips and saying "I love you, Mayank. And I want you." This was enough for Mayank to know what they both wanted. He didn't want to hurt her ever, and this was enough for him that she too responded him. Now go ahead you fool! He took her in his arms and went to his room.

The bed sheet was white and crimson in color and he laid her on that. Stop ogling at her you fool. Go ahead now. He kissed her nape and pushed her sleeves a little down.
She looked a little uncomfortable. He immediately withdrew himself and sat on the edge of the bed. Nupur sighed and got up.

She tugged at his arms and said, "What happened?"

He smiled and said, "Nupur I can feel that you are not comfortable. We don't really have to do this to prove our love. You can have more time. We love each other and we know that."

Nupur smiled at her overly caring husband. I am so lucky to have him. She said, "Nope Mayank, I want to do this. I want to do this for Deepika."

A soft smile spread on Mayank's cheeks. He remembered how they had argued that they would name their first child as Deepika. They always wanted their first child to be a girl. But due to Nupur's illness and some other factors, they thought that they would never be able to have Deepika in their life. But things had to be different today.

Mayank got the hint. Finally! He pulled her towards himself and they both fell on the bed. He caressed her cheeks until they grew warmer. He always loved when her cheeks got the light shade of pink. Always. He kissed her cheeks politely as if asking for permission. She smirked. Does he still need hints? Dumbo!

She pulled off his shirt and they were involved in an act which in terms of biology is defined as the act by which two organisms come closer to produce offspring. That day they had united. They always were one but that night they were connected by their souls. They were and yup, one year later they had a daughter called Deepika.

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