Friday, July 08, 2011

E.N.V [Chapter 1]

"Dikhai nahi deta hai kya?"
I shouted at the stranger who pushed me.

And when the stranger turned around to face me, I felt a gasp of air leave my mouth. This stranger was a girl. And not some other girl...she was beautiful. Her skin was flawlessly white with her long black hair flowing against the wind. And then she spoke, with her pink rose-petal like lips.

"Ji...hamein maaf kar dijiyega. Hum dekh nahi sakte hain."

And it was then, when I finally noticed her eyes. They were striking grey with the aura of sudden warmth in them. They looked...captivating. I don't know why, I couldn't help but stare back. But then I remembered my manners. I had to reply to her.

"Koi baat nahi...galti aapki nahi hai. Humein hi beech raaste mein nahi baithna chahiye tha."

She smiled and I could see those pearly white teeth. She surveyed the place with her soft hands and sat down on the rock besides me. She turned her attention to me. Although I knew that she couldn't see me looking at her, I still felt guilty.

"Aur agar aapko koi aitraaz na ho toh kya aap humse apne dukh ki vajah baatna pasand karenge? Aur ghabraiye mat...ham aapko kuch galat nahi kahenge. Kyunki ek ajnabi ko aapka kuch bhi bigaad kar kuch nahi haasil hoga."

The way she said it, made me want to believe her. Her voice was like a soft melody. She sounded as if she genuinely...cared.

I couldn't help but ask, "Aapko aisa kyun lagta hai ki humein koi takleef hai?"

"Hmm...dekhte hain. Humein kaise pata? Vaise, koi khush insaan itni baarish mein ghar se nahi niklega. Aur akele patthar par baithkar...bheegega toh bilkul bhi nahi. So, hum sahi keh rahe hain na? Aapko koi takleef hai na?"

She couldn't see but still she could actually...see. Although she didn't have eyes, she had the vision. I could feel myself warming up with her. I felt as if I could share almost anything with her. And there was nothing wrong in it. Because as she said, what would a stranger get by my harm?

"Aap sahi keh rahi hai. Takleef toh hai humein. Par hamari is takleef ka koi ilaaj nahi hai. Koi chah kar bhi humare liye kuch nahi kar sakta hai."

To be continued...

Hey Friends...I know... The first chapter was really short. It can't even be classified as a chapter, but still...I am updating everyday. This entire story in written in HIS POV. And it deals with a little darker side. The events going on may trouble you. Trust me, It was not that easy for me to write them, still... So be aware. And trust me, in the end, all's going to be fine.

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- Mahak 

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