Friday, July 08, 2011

E.N.V [Chapter 2]

She raised her eyebrows at me and said, "Aap kehke toh dekhiye...agar humne is aapki pareshani ka hal nahi dhoondha, toh hum apna naam badal denge."

The way she said it, just showed how enthusiastic she is. She is so innocent and brave. How could she be so nice to me...a stranger? Can I really share my problems with her?

"Par humein toh aapka naam pata hi nahi hai. Phir humein kaise pata chalega ki aapne apna naam badla hai ya nahi?"

"Hmm...yeh toh aapne pate ki baat ki. Vaise toh humein lagta hai ki aap baat ko palatne ki koshish kar rahe hain...lekin chaliye phir bhi. Aapko hum apna naam bata hi dete hain. Hum hain Pankhudi. Aur aap?"

What a beautiful name! Just like her name, she surely was all delicate looking. I couldn't help but smile at her. I decided to tease her.

"Humara naam jaankar aap kya karengi?"

"Gundo ko aapke khilaf supari denge!"

I was stunned for a moment, before she burst out laughing.

"Sach mein...aap bhi na. Aapko apni shakal dekhni chahiye. Kya bevkoof banaya humne aapko."

Even I burst out laughing at her. She got me there. But then I recalled some part of her sentence.

"Dekhni chahiye? Par aap toh dekh hi nahi sakti hain. Phir aapko kaise pata ki humne kaisi shakal banai?"

She was quiet for a moment and I thought that I have hurt her. I decided to ask for her forgiveness. She had brought me out of my glum mood today. How could I possibly hurt her like this? I am a jerk.

"Aapne sach kaha. Kabhi kabhi hum yeh bhool hi jaate hai ki hum dekh nahi sakte hain. Par use kya fark padta hai? Humare paas sirf aankhon ki hi toh kami hai...iska matlab yeh thodi na hai ki hum kalpana bhi nahi kar sakte hain!"

Wow! She surely had something in her. I felt some positive vibes in her. I felt as if everything was right. She felt no misery over her loss. She was someone to learn from. To break the silence, I continued where we left.

"Hamara naam jaanna hai na aapko?"

She immediately smiled. Her whole face lit up like hundreds of candles.

"Haan. Jaise aapne humara naam jaana...humein bhi aapka naam janna hai. Toh bataiye na...kya naam hai aapka?"

I could hear the utmost sincerity and a little bit of pleading in her voice. She is too innocent for her own good.

"Humara naam hai...Arth."

She looked taken aback for a moment. And I wondered what had gotten wrong.

"Kya hua? Aapko humara naam nahi pasand aaya?"

"Nahi aisa nahi hai...bas kuch yaadein judi hain is naam ke saath. Bas wahi yaadein yaad aa gayi. Is ek naam ne hamari zindagi mein rang bhare...aur phir unhi ko humhi se cheen liya."

The atmosphere at once went cold. The slowly falling rain drops started to chill me to the bone. I felt a little wave of shivering go through her body. I mentally cursed myself for not thinking about her.

To be continued...

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