Friday, July 08, 2011

E.N.V [Chapter 3]

"Lagta hai ki aapko thand lag rahi hai...aap aisa kyun nahi karti hai ki aap us shade ke neeche baith jaayein? Humein maaf kar dijiyega. Humne aapke baare mein socha hi nahi. Bas itni thand mein aapko bhi apne saath bitha liya."

She smiled gently at me. I felt as if it was a painful smile. There was surely more to the surface.

"Nahi...hum aise hi theek hain...vaise bhi...humein yeh baarish bahut pasand hai. Arth Ji, aapko pata hai kya? Jab hum dekh sakte the, tab hum baarish mein ghanton bheegte the...baarish ki boondon ko pakadne ki koshish karte the. Aap humari chinta mat kijiye...hum theek hain. Haan, agar aapko thand lag rahi hai,toh hum dono saamne waali chat ke neeche jaa sakte hain."

I knew it. She wasn't blind since her birth. She had a heavenly smile on her face when she described the rain. I wish I could share the same view. How could she see everything in a different light? Is she for real?

I knew that even if she says so, she must be feeling cold. And she clearly, won't go if she feels that I am concerned about her. And truly, the rain in the last thing in my mind right now.

"Hmm...humein thand lag rahi hai. Toh, Pankhudi, aap chalengi shade ke neeche?"


We reached there and I lit up the fire place. The shade wasn't just a shade, it was like a room. It was like...someone lived there. I sat on the chair and wondered about the place. I had never seen something like this. It was like a complete house, with an exception of a lock on the door.

"Kitni ajeeb jagah hai...aisa lagta hai ki jaise yahan par koi rehta hai."

"Aapne sahi kaha. Yahan par koi rehta hai."

I was too shocked. How in the world, did she know? And who lived here?

"Aap jaanti hain unhe? Pankhudi, kaun rehta hai yahan par?"

She smiled shyly. It was like she was embarrassed.



"Humara matlab hai ki...yeh humara ghar hai. Hum rehte hain yahan par."

I clearly had no idea what to say. I was shocked. How could she live here? Although, it was a pretty decent place, but can a blind person live all alone? There was no way that someone else lived here too...because it clearly had one bed only. And Pankhudi won't share a bed with someone...unless...

"Pankhudi, aapki shaadi ho gayi hai kya?"

To be continued...

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