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E.N.V [Chapter 6]

"Aapki pareshaani ka hal toh humne de diya. Toh phir rone se kya fayda? Aur vaise bhi, humne suna tha ki mard ko dard nai hota."

She started smiling and made me laugh. We were both laughing together, when suddenly she became serious. I wondered what made her serious. But then, she asked something that I could never have thought.

"Kya hum aapke chehre ko chu sakte hain? Aapke apne ghar lautne se pehle, kya hum apne tareeke se, yaad kar sakte hain aapke is chehre ko?"

I could mutter a single word. I was spell bound and shocked.


The atmosphere had suddenly changed. I could feel my heart beats pick up the pace, as soon as those words left my lips. Why was I feeling so much? Why had the aura suddenly different? Were my feelings changing? Was I falling for her?

Her hands picked up on their own accord. They lightly touched my cheeks. They started outlining my face in a sensitive way. It felt as if, I was flying. I closed my eyelids and let myself just...feel.

I felt myself take in a sharp intake of breath. It was because of the way she touched me. And by touching, I meant not physically, but spiritually. It was as if she was seeing through my soul.

She gently minimized the distance between our bodies and I felt heaven. I was intoxicated by her feminine fragrance and lingering perfume. I felt like a tiger in a cage. This woman was making me feel…and I couldn't react.

She was producing some dark desires in me just by touching by damned face. And I felt like I was on fire. What the hell is the matter with me? Am I seriously lusting her? I must be mad to desire her.

She isn't like those girls. Her feather like fingers were just touching my face, damn it! Why the hell was feeling those dark feelings? Am I mad? She won't ever like me…let alone love me.

And how in the name of heaven, can I say that I love her? I maybe a lunatic! How can someone love someone just in the first meeting itself? I guess, I am having a crush on her. Would she mind it?

Should I tell her to distance herself from me, before I do something that I regret? But, she was just touching my face by her fingers! I so want to draw her closer, keep my hands on her waist and slower my mouth on hers.

Before I could have another share of my wild fantasies, she abruptly pulled away. Had she guessed my intentions? I mean, I have heard that girls have sixth sense where boys are concerned.

I wanted to ask her the reason for her abrupt movement, when I saw tears lingering in her eyes. What happened? Did I do something wrong? And to be honest, I am shocked. How can a blind person have tears? God! I am so lost when it comes to this girl.

Without thinking for a second, I cupped her face. I slowly brushed my fingers on her lingering tears. I saw her gently smile.

"Thank you."

I was puzzled by her sudden token of gratitude.

"Kis liye? Aur aap ro kyun rahi hain? Humne kuch galat kiya kya?"

"Nahi, aapne kuch galat nahi kiya hai. Shukriya, kyunki aapne humare mann mein jitna bhi darr tha, use khatam kar diya. Aapne humare insaniyat se uthe huye vishwaas ko phir se jaga diya. Aap sach much ek bahut ache dost hain. You truly care for me. Aap nahi jaante ki aapne humein kitna special feel karaya hai."

I was definitely lost. What is she talking about?

"Aap kya keh rahi hain? Kya hua?"

"Aap yeh kabhi nahi samajh paayenge ki aapne humpar kitna bada ehsaan kiya hai. Hum aapke itne kareeb aaye, phir bhi aapne humein nahi chua. Yeh jaante huye bhi ki hum ek andhe insaan hain, aapne humari majboori ka fayda nahi uthaya."

What the - ?

"Aap kehna kya chahti hain?"

"Hum yahi kehna chahte hain ki aaj aapne humara fayda na utha kar sabit kar diya ki aap ek bahut hi sache insaan hain. Varna aise bhi logon se hum mil chuke hain, jinhone humara fayda uthane ki koshish ki."

"Are you trying to say that - ?"

I couldn't think for a second. No! That couldn't be the case. But then, she dropped the bomb shell.

"Yes, I was sexually assaulted."

To be continued...

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