Friday, July 08, 2011

KWPT [Chapter 1]

Purple is presentPink is past

You might be thinking that what kind of story is this? But let me tell you that this is a story of true love....the story of undying love.....the story of childhood love....the story of my life. Well, it's a greater compliment to be loved than to love. And that's what is with me. Someone loved me more than what I could have ever thought. And this is a story about him and not me. In this story, he is the hero and not me. But yup, it is from my perspective and not him. You know why? Because...

Hey, to know about me and Mayank, you need to read on! You need to know that we were the best of friends forever. No one could ever separate us! We were and we would always remain together. He was the one who always helped me through every thick and thin. You know how we met?

It was such a simple meet! Our teacher had made us partners to sit together. I was very nervous in sitting with him. It was because I didn't know him and I absolutely knew nothing about him. He had got a transfer from somewhere and he had come here to study. This was all what our teacher had told us about him. And how could you sit with a boy, who was busy reading some books, even on his first day of 1st standard.

My friends told me that he must be very boring and prayed that the God save me from him. Maybe he was a non vegetarian who would eat me up or the wolf from the little red riding hood that came to eat me up! Or a kidnapper in a disguise of a small boy. I tell you, childhood days are fun! Such weird imagination!

And would you believe that, I was actually afraid of him. I was a very scared but strong little girl. I used to believe in every myth that people told me. Maybe that's why I lost him. Why the hell did I listened to others? But I was a girl who made her own opinion. So when I sat with him, I was damn nervous and I unknowingly brushed his elbows. I am so messy sometimes! Let me clearly tell you that, I blushed due to embarrassment. Wouldn't it look that I did that to catch his attention? He looked up at me with his chocolate brown eyes and I could only mutter "hi."

I felt relaxed when he smiled and replied, "Hi, I am Mayank. What's your name?" I smiled and felt relaxed. I said, "Hi, I am Nupur. Your partner." Even he smiled and said, "It's glad to be your partner." What did he meant by that statement? Whatever he meant, he surely knew how to make me feel comfortable. He wasn't the wolf or any kidnapper! Yippee!

Time passed away and I being very talkative just had a casual talk with him. Then we hit it off! We used to talk, share moments and share everything with each other. He knew about me and my best friend Gunjan. We used to talk on random topics ranging from studies to games.

There was hardly anytime when we were together and we were quiet. We always were full of topics to chat on. And it was me who used to talk gallons when compared to him. Whenever I used to ask him that why doesn't he talks, he used to tell me, "I love listening to you." And then there was no stopping of my talks.

A simple talk that started from "hi" ended into a strong bond of friendship. We were the best of friends together. I mean we used to do everything together. There was nothing that we both couldn't do! We always got paired up as partners for any activity or even any projects. We were kids and we loved to play together.

He was a perfect boy. I mean best in studies....a good person....a very caring nature...he was possessive for me. He was my first male friend. Its not that I don't like making male friends but it is a problem to talk to boys because I hate flirting! And there was no other boy except Mayank who doesn't used to flirt! He wasn't that book worm, but he couldn't be classified as a flirt also.

He had very dark black eyes, eyes in which anyone (including me) could get lost. Every girl, except me, used to run after him like anything. But he never paid attention to any girl. He was only for me! He had a cute nose.....i actually used to poke at his nose whenever he used to irritate me.

His eyes were the ones which always caught my attention. Whenever he wanted something, he would definitely ask that staring at me, knowing that I wont be able to deny him them! And he knew that I loved his smile. Because he always smiled to assure me that he is there with me, no matter what. His smile always cheered me up!

He actually had a habit I hated. And that is, he used to pull my cheeks and used to say "how cute" or "how sweet" whenever I pouted! And I hated that! I even told him that I hate this thing, but did he ever pay heed? NO!

So once I got angry with him for this, actually fake angry with him. And told him that I hate him and I won't ever talk to him again. You know what he did? He bent down on his knees and asked me for forgiveness. He told me that, "please forgive me. I never knew that you would become angry by that! I am so sorry. If you would be angry at me, then how would I live? I only come school for you. Please Nupur, talk to me. I won't do that again if you don't like that but please forgive me. I am really sorry."

And that day, I felt like killing myself for bringing tears into his eyes. I never knew that he was so sensitive that he would cry just for a stupid reason like this. But that time I didn't know why these tears were. I didn't know why it pained him to see me in pain.

And I never teased him like this again.

There was a little shy side to me also. I mean I used to blush whenever he used to praise me. Please don't think it was love, it was pure friendship. I don't believe in love. I only believe in love after marriage, and to be very specific, love after arrange marriage. I never realized that there is a bond more than friendship. I never did! And maybe that's why I was such a fool not to notice his love for me.

I never noticed his gestures showing love for me. I never noticed his feelings for me which were masked in the form of love. Kaisa woh pyaar tha jo kabhi bhi bol ke bayaan nahi kiya jaa sakta hai?  Kaisa woh pyaar thi joh bina maange sab kuch dena jaanta ho?  Kaisa woh  pyaar thi joh zindagi ko roshan kar deta ho? Kaisa woh pyaar tha jo bina kisi umeed ke sirf pyaar karna jaanta ho? Kaisa woh pyaar tha? Aakhir kaisa?

That's all for today......


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