Friday, July 08, 2011

KWPT [Chapter 2]

Purple is presentPink is past

You know what? I was a fool not to notice what others could. He even used to save me from teacher's wrath. Its not that I used to get beaten up by teachers, or I was a bad girl, I was always the loved one in the class. But the fact was that, there was a teacher who God knows why didn't like me. I still wonder why, maybe because I hated Sanskrit and loved English.

So once it happened that I forgot to bring my book of her subject and I knew that she beats people if anyone forgets their books. I was damn scared, and being my partner and best friend, Mayank asked me the reason to it. I told him that I forgot my book and a lone tear fell from my eyes. He wiped it away and asked me to take his book. When I denied, he gave me his oath to do so, and I had to do so. I hated when the teacher beat him up on his hands and I couldn't see that! I felt like thousand tears engulfing my eyes but I had to compose myself until her period gets over.

After her period, I just went out feeling dejected more than ever. It was my fault that Mayank got punishment and I hate when I become the cause of anyone's pain or anything. And this time, I got my best friend beaten up just because of me! I knew that I wanted sometime alone so I went at the terrace of the school.

After sometime, I saw Mayank coming towards me and he sat besides me. He tried to wipe my tears as usual but this time I didn't let him so. I asked him, "How did you know that I was here?" and to this he smiled and said, "Don't I always know where you are? I know you well enough to know where you would go to hide your tears."

He knew me more than I knew myself. And I knew this! I couldn't help but say, "why did you do that?" and he only smiled. But this time his smiled hurt me more than anything. He replied in his sweetest voice, "You know that I can do anything for u. You know that you mean a lot to me. I can't see tears in your eyes and you that I lov- I mean I like you."

That time I didn't paid any attention to his unspoken word. I didn't even thought in my wildest dream that he loved me. I could never think that! And besides, I was sad enough to notice what he preferred not saying. When he didn't continue that word, I had no brains that time to think about it. I am very emotional, and that time, I was completely emotional. I was broken to think that I got my best friend beaten up for my mistake.

I said, "yup you stupid! I know that you like me but what was the use of getting punishment for a thing you never did?" and he replied, "so what? I can't see you getting the punishment either. I can do anything for your happiness. And no more discussion on this." I smiled but I still had tears in my eyes.

He then wiped off my tears and said, "Nupur, I hate to see tears in your eyes. I love your eyes, they speak a lot. And seeing these tears in your eyes, I just can't tolerate. It hurts me more than anything. Your tears give me immense pain and it also hurts me to think that I am here then also you are crying. So can stop crying atleast for me?"

I let him wipe off my tears and I hugged him. It was the first time I hugged anyone in school....and that too a boy. But this boy, whom I knew as Mayank, meant a lot more to me than anyone else mattered. It was not love but a feeling of contentment....a feeling of security that if he is there, I will be alright. He always took care of me and was very possessive for me. I wish he was here now!

Kaisa woh pyaar tha jise main samajh na saki? Kaisa woh pyaar tha jise maine dosti samjhi? Kaisa woh pyaar tha jise main mehsoos karke bhi pehchaan na saki? Kaisa woh pyaar tha jo mujhe dard se bachaane ke liye khud dard sehta raha? kaisa woh pyaar tha jisne mujhe har mushkil se bachaya? Kaisa woh pyaar tha jisne kabhi khud ko nahi bataya? Kaisa woh pyaar tha jo meri khushi ke liye sab kuch sehta raha? Kaisa woh pyaar tha jo meri ankhon me aason nahi dekh sakta? Kaisa woh pyaar tha jo mujhe sirf pyaar karta raha? Kaisa woh pyaar tha jo itna sacha tha? Kaisa woh pyaar tha jo bina bataye sab jaanta tha? Akhir kaisa woh pyaar tha? Kaisa?

That's all for today!

i know this is a bit short.....but i really can't help it....

but all i can say is that i would definetly provide u with a bigger update next time!

and now u can see how their relationship is i would love to know if u want me to give any kind of suggestions.....


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