Friday, July 08, 2011 [Chapter 2]

N: Mayank bike jaldi chalao na , please hum party ke liye late ho jaayenge.
M: par party toh 9'o clock ki hain na, its only 7 now relax
N: by god Mayank sirf do ghante abhi to mujhe facial bhi karna hai, baal banana hai aur dress bhi select karna hai
M: yeh tumhaari party nahi hai
N: oh god
M: waise tumhe aur facial?
Before Mayank could continue Nupur started thinking that he found her very good looking without the facial and with this she felt a blush creeping up her cheeks.
M: '.bahut zarurat hai, I don't want to come with a bhootni
N: kya tumne mujhe bhootni kaha( the blush went away from her face replacing red hot anger)
M: haan agar bhootni ko bhootni nahi bulaunga toh kya use ek pyaari angel bulao kya?
N: abhi toh mein tumhe chodungi nahi
M: chodna bhi mat warna bike se gir jaogi
N: by god Mayank ab mein tumhe dekhti hoon bike se utarne ke baad
M: hayee dekh to tum mujhe abhi bhi rahi  ho
N: tumhaari to aaj dhullaai pakki Mr sadu Sharma
M: kaunse powder se?
N: kya?
M: who tumne kaha ki tum meri dhulai karogi to kaunse powder se like rin, tide, Ariel, vanish. Personally I prefer tide, other wise nahi chalega u see, I care about my life.
N: Mayank mera dimag mat khao
M: ram ram ram ram ram chi chi kitni gandi baat bolti ho, mein toh pure vegetarian hoon aur tumhe lagta hai mein tumhaara dimaag khaunga chichi
N: jao mein tumse baat nahi karti hoon , tum mujhe itna chidha rahe ho

Nupur Pov
I left him and tilted a bit sitting cross handed. I was losing my patience because usually at such time whenever I would be cross with him he would always manaofy me, but not this time. The more groans and moans I made showing my discomfort, the more he ignored me. He gave no reaction at all but was just blindly staring at the signal in front of us. I was losing my patience and temper trying to control but my hands squirmed about.

Mayank Pov
Oh my gosh! I just love that pouted expression of her. She looked so irritated which just urged me too irritate her more and more. Usually at these timings I would usually take up the blame and make it up for her. Well not this time. it was just fun looking at those expressions of her. I dared not to look at her coz if I was caught I would have to listen to one more lectures. I very well pretended looking at the signal actually looking at her.

As soon as the signal turned green Mayank with great acceleration moved his bike forward with such a jerk that Nupur just fell on him. She was very close to him and holding him very tightly. Both of them felt a tingling sensation but it was a nice feeling. The bike was balanced on a tyre and both were very close to each other, Nupur closing her eyes and Mayank looking at her. They both left each other and the bike came on two tyres finally when they both heard a small boy screaming, "Hey look! these people are doing stunts for dhoom 3."

Hearing this both of them exchanged a smile and mayank on seeing the signal turn green, drove it very fast. This time the boy screamed" hey look he is the dhoom guy". This time they both could not control their laughter and burst out laughing on the bike.

At 8.50
Mayank was sitting at Nupur's house on the comfortable sofa relaxing him, just waiting for Nupur to come out quick. He was sitting opposite to adhiraj who was intently reading a cars and bikes magazine though he seemed into it he kept on giving dark glares to Mayank. Mayank and adhiraj never got along nor did they fight nor did they speak. Nor they would insult each other but were connected through Nupur.

M: jaldi karo Nupur 9 baj gaye
N: aayi Mayank bas ek min
Nupur then came out wearing a white dress. it was a thin strapped white dress which was complementing her very much with her chocolaty brown hair flowing which just made her look like an angel.
M: chale
N: chalo
Again they sat on the bike and he started driving it.
N: Mayank tum is white shirt mein bahut hot lag rahe ho
M: flirt kar rahi ho kya
N: nahi to tum jaise ke saath mein kyu flirt karoon
M: I know baby mein kahaan aasman pe aur tum kahaan zameen pe
N: Mera who matlab nahi tha(sarcastically)
M: Matlab??
N: mein Bandar ke saath flirt nahi karti
M: kis angle se mein tumhe Bandar diktha hoon
N: dekho Bandar ke do aankh
M: haan
N : do haath
M: haan
N: do pair
M: haan
N: do kaan
M: haan
N: ek naak
M: haan
N: ek muh
M: haan
N: ek dimaag
M: haan
N: Ek dil
Now Mayank was tired of listening to all her questions and started answering everything yes
M: haan
N: tum bhi...
M: haan
N: tumne finally accept kiya um Bandar ho
M: haan . Mera matlab nahi
Despite of all the fights, they reach their destination, unaware of the new change this night would bring in their lives.

To be continued...

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