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As Nupur felt an arm slide down her waist. As she looked up, she saw that Mayank was dancing on the floor. So who the hell was the person who had the audacity to touch her? As she looked up, she saw that a Sahil was trying to be close to her.

Sahil had always been like this. Trying to get close to Nupur, while he knew that Nupur was least interested in him. Nupur got out of his grip.

N : Sahil, how many times do i need to tell you that i am least interested in you? And do not touch me ever again!

S : But Nupur, you can atleast dance with me! Please?

Nupur reluctantly agreed. And he led her towards the dance floor.


On the other hand, seeing Nupur dancing with some fellow, Mayank felt a twinge of jealousy in his blood. He didn't knew why, but he wanted to kill him. No one, except him, had the right to touch Nupur like that.

He made his way towards them. He gently tapped on Sahil's shoulder.

M : Mind if i cut in?

Before Sahil could protest, Nupur took his hands. Sahil had no option but to retreat back.

N : Oh! Thank You Mayu! You saved me today! I so love you.

Silence. And then she realized what she had said to him.

I am sorry that even after so much wait, i just had time to post a promo. But i would post the part soon.

Actually as you all know, this ff was made by four people. Out of which, Shreya doesn't come online that much. Pebo had left I-F and had changed her phone number, so i can't contact her. Nidzy is busy with her own life, but i guess i would contact her. And me, Mahak, actually am writing it now.

There was a delay because we couldn't decide that who would write. I am not taking this ff over, but i am going to write it unless any of my partners tell me that they wanna write it. I miss my friends and i kinda forgot about this ff after Pebo left my life. Pebo was like a sister to me, and she just left. So, it had been kinda painful for me to make a decision about writing this ff, cause i miss her.

This ff reminds me too much about her, and that is why i couldn't bear to write it. But i am writing it now. For her. For my friends. For you guys :)

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