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Unexpected [Chapter 3]

Chapter 3
                                                       Unexpected Roads


Another day means another stupid day full of tension. How will I learn to live in peace? And today is the big day. THE interview day. Gosh! I am so nervous. I need this job at any cost. What if I don't get it? I feel like heck. I really wish to have this job, or else I would have to suffer.

As I made my way towards the entrance of the grand office, I couldn't keep my eyes off the dcor. It was so beautiful. How can someone be so insanely rich so as to decorate his office like this? I looked at the beautiful infrastructure and I was in awe with the beauty.

Seriously, if I get this job, I can show off. This office was just too good to be true. And all the staff members were wearing proper uniforms. Hmm, interesting. I noticed that men had to wear typical black suit and women were wearing a black knee-length skirt with a black top. Wow! I loved the pencil skirt.

As I reached the reception desk, I asked, "Umm, I have an appointment for the interview. I am Miss Agarwal and I want to meet the boss."

Although I loved my name a way too much, still I go with my surname. Letting someone call me by my name, is a way too personal. The girl sitting on the desk had sharp features. She looked nothing warm. She had pointed blue eyes with a flair complexion. She had red lipstick coated on her lips, making them look fuller. Her id-card said 'Melanie'.

She scanned me with her eyes and when she found that I was not 'beautiful' according to her standards, she smiled at me. She said, "Just go straight and turn to the left. Sir is waiting for you in his cabin."

I thanked her and went towards the cabin. The cabin was huge! This man was surely a billionaire! I slid open the glass doors to see that my soon-to-be-sir was standing in the balcony. He was talking to someone on his mobile. I gently knocked on his table to let him know that I was there.

He seemed to relax almost immediately and ended the call. When he faced me, I was shocked! How could I possibly be appointed here? As much as I needed this job, I knew that he won't appoint me.

I couldn't fathom the way his eyes went huge on seeing me. What the hell? Was I seriously going to work with him? A stranger who had kissed me…a stranger whose kiss I had liked….a stranger who had become my boss.


Somehow Ma doesn't seem to amaze me. I mean, how could she do that to me? As I was talking to her on phone, I heard a knock on my table. It indicated that a candidate for my secretary's post had arrived.

As I turned to look at her, shock was written on her face. Even I am surprised. How could Nupur be my secretary? But I knew that I had to act professionally. Although she attracted me, I still had to be in my limits. I had already crossed them once.

I asked her to take a seat. We discussed her qualifications and I was quiet impressed by her. After all the questions, I told her, "I guess, the job is yours. You can join from today. Just ask Melanie if you have any doubts. Your cabin is adjacent to mine, over there. You would be given 10,000 dollars per month. You may leave now."


After what seemed like eternity, all the questions were over. I was glad that he didn't judge me. Thank God that he agreed to even interview me. I was literally over the moon.

To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. I got the job! And man! The salary is HUGE! I never expected to earn this much! I guess it pays to have such a big office. I don't know what got into me, but I suddenly reached out and hug him.

Oh! I was so happy! I felt his hands on my waist and I felt a shiver running down my spine. I could feel goose bumps. But before I could break free from that hug, I heard a distinct voice.

The voice said, "Hmm, so she is the reason why you don't want to marry!"

And I broke free from that hug. I looked up to see a middle age woman, smiling at us. And when I looked up to see Mayank, I saw that the entire colour from his face had evaporated.

I was confused, but all the pieced fell into place when Mayank muttered, "Shit!" accompanied by, "Hi Mom." Somehow my sixth sense told me that I was in for a trouble.


To say that I wasn't shocked would be a lie. She hugged me! Like, freaking hugged me! I guess she was very happy. I don't know when, but I found my arms enveloping her waist. I found myself hugging her back!

Before we both could disengage ourselves from the hug, I heard a distinct voice. The voice said, "Hmm, so she is the reason why you don't want to marry!"

I instantly knew that voice. I muttered a low, "Shit" and then smiled at her. I said, "Hi Mom." Looking at Nupur's face made me realize that even she knew that there was going to be a trouble.

The poor girl doesn't know that we were, infact, stuck in a big mess.


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