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Unexpected [Chapter 2]

Chapter 2
                                          Unexpected meetings


I was happy to come to a place where I can let myself out. I don't have to pretend to be a strong headed girl in front of these little angels. They love me the way I am. I don't have to pretend that I don't care when I actually do.

I always pretend that I am a strong girl who can manage everything and do anything. But the reality is, behind this bold girl, there is still a little fragile soul hiding. I am scared of the minute things but I show off like I can handle the tiger alone. I can't drink wine without spitting it out, and I show that I can have beer.

Well, I have to pretend. I need to survive. I can't let everyone see that I am so sensitive and weak and let everyone take advantage of my emotions. But at this orphanage, I am what I truly am.

"Hi" a child called and I looked up in that direction.

To my pleasant surprise, I saw my angel Susie bringing a hunk with her. Who was that macho? I am surprised. Well, I am bowled over. I never found someone so damn hot in this orphanage. But then, Suzanne should have been here to make him hers.

I am not interested. Hey! Who am I fooling? With his speeding steps, my heart beats are speeding up. Damn him!

He came near me and put his hands for a handshake. I smiled and took his hands into mine. I felt something but I don't know what it was.

He said, "Hey gorgeous, this is Mayank Sharma, MD of Sharma group of industries."

Man! This man was something. He dare call me like that only? Men and their flirting habits! Urgh! But I am not a fool. I decided not to play along.

I replied in most pleasing manner. I said, "Hey, I am Nupur Agarwal, the caretaker of this orphanage."

Mayank said, "So you are an Agarwal and still you are in this gutter when you should have been rich. You know, all Agarwal's are usually very rich."

I hate this man! I hate him like hell. How dare he say that? Let me teach him a lesson.

I said, "yeh dikhta toh acha hai par ismein akal bikul bhi nahi hai. Yeh sirf dekhne mein hi hero hai lekin akal mein zero hai. Aur guroor toh itna hai jaise isne sab kuch khud kamaya ho." But I knew that he won't get anything.


What the hell is she uttering? I hate her. But I will make sure that she is mine. Those who talk rudely to me, I make sure that they have to be with me. No one ever did talk rudely to me so basically, she is the first one. Damn her!

Nupur said, "umm….actually who said that all Agarwal's are rich? Actually I am what I am by my own methods. I am not a girl who has inherited anything from anyone."

I loved her confidence. I have never met such a girl in my life. She is so different and beautiful. She has to be mine.

We were still holding hands. Her touch of her silky creamy skin was giving me temptations. She is so soft. I wonder how soft her lips would be on mine.

I am feeling an urge to take her in my arms and kiss her. Well, it would be my first kiss actually. I never thought that I would like to kiss any girl. But she is so different.

She is confident and strong. I can't hate her. I actually like her a lot. Like? I have met her few minutes ago man! How can I like her? I am getting sick!

I replied, "Nice. It's nice to meet you Miss Nupur Agarwal."

She politely replied, "The pleasure is all mine."


I was about to go when I noticed that our hands were still together. I gestured him to leave my hand.

I thought he would leave it, so I just turned to walk away. It was unexpected when he pulled me closer. It was so unexpected and sudden that I got hit on his broad muscular chest.

I tried to get away but the grip of his hands on my back was strong. I was wondering if he was mad, when he pulled me closer.

I was suspicious of his intentions. I was nervous and shocked. It happened so suddenly that I couldn't understand anything nor could protest.

His hands were on my bare waist. Why the hell had I chosen to wear an off shoulder top with exposing waist today? But I had never thought that someone would meet me like this.

I nervously bit my lip. But it didn't take me seconds to realize that it was my biggest mistake.


I don't know what is happening with me, but I can't control myself anymore. I pulled her towards me and she too turned in a reflex.

Her soft fragrance had made me pull her towards myself. Her body too reacted like a magnet to mine. She smelled like jasmines.

I could feel her creamy skin under my fingers. She was shivering and I could feel that. But the sensation her skin was giving me was beyond explanation.

I saw her bit her lips and I couldn't hold myself back now. I took a bold step. I just captured her lips with mine and sealed them.

I kissed her but she didn't responded back.


What the hell! As soon as I bit my lower lip, I felt his warm lips on mine. And the thing I hate is I am feeling happy. There is something that tells me that his lips were meant to be on mine.

He kissed me softly and then passionately but I didn't responded. It was true that I didn't object, but I didn't want to give up too.

I didn't object or pushed him because I was mesmerized. I felt as if I have come to a place where I always wanted to. I felt that I always wanted this since long.

But I don't know why, I couldn't reply back. His lips are giving me warm sensations and a shiver was running through my spine. I don't know what the heck is going on.

When I was about to pull myself out of the trance, I pushed him back.

I was angry at him and at myself. Why the hell I didn't pushed him earlier?

I said, "Mr. Mayank Sharma, what the hell were you trying to do? Are you in your wits?"

He smirked and but I could feel he was somewhere guilty. He said, "I am sorry but I couldn't control myself. You are so beautiful. But why didn't you stop me earlier?"

This was a million dollar question! How could I tell him that I didn't stop him earlier because I myself was enjoying it? Damn me!

I tried to cook up a lie. I downed my eyes because I knew my eyes speak myself out. I said, "Actually, it was so unexpected that I couldn't say a thing. When I realized what actually was happening, I stopped you. I think its better that we don't meet ever."


I could somehow feel that I was guilty. Which jerk just kisses a girl in the first meeting? Well, it was my mistake but somehow I felt that it was right.

I asked her for an apology and she said that we should never meet again. This meant that she too had felt something.

But I too think that we need to control the desires growing inside us.

I said, "I think you are right. We should never meet again. Bye."

She too muttered a bye and we went in our own opposite directions.


But sometimes what we think never happens. They were meant to meet. Their opposite directions have to collide. And desires can never remain unfilled by force.


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