Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Zoah And Mahak [Poem]

Hey Zoah! aisa pehli baar ho raha hai that i am posting a poem with my real feelings on net! But anything for u hun.....hope u like it.......
"Jaan" is the name by which i call her fondly.

To talk about Zoah, from where do i start?
She is a friend who lives in my heart.

Who says that net friends don't last long?
She is more closer to me than any song.
Whenever she is sad, i feel depressed,
When i talk with her, i feel pampered.
When she is upset, my smile becomes a frown,
She is a princess who doesn't requires a crown.
Whenever I am sad, she gives me happiness,
With her, even the "bye" doesn't gives sadness.
Because I know she is always near to me,
This place is impossible for everyone to seek.
"Dil, dosti etc" gave us true familiarity,
She is a girl with a broad mentality.
She broke my shell which was built across me,
The shell which was made for everyone to see.
She brought out the real Mahak from inside,
She is a girl whom no one can despise.
My name "Mahak" means fragrance of feelings,
She encouraged me and was there as a healing.
Zoah I love you to the core of my heart,
You can find my hand even in the dark.
A simple chatting made us best of friends,
This was the best of all destiny's trends.
She makes me smile in the toughest of times,
She is Zohra, the sweetest friend of mine.
I can even write a thousand lines on her,
Only if anyone can tell me the words for honor.

hey Hun! hope u like this one.....kal jaldi mein likha tha.....but ya, this poem can never tell u my feelings as a whole.....

Love u loads,


  1. @ Mahak- very sweet poem :)

    And it is so friends can also be very close to our heart...and sometimes even more closer than actual friends.

  2. @Harsh Sir- Thank you. I wrote this for my best net friend on her bday.

    Yeah, earlier when I used to live in my own shell, my only good friends were either the net ones...or the ones who knew me since childhood.

    And I know i can share anything with her.