Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Yours [One-shot]

Hey....this is my one of the oldest one-shots. :)

Mayank's pov-

Today is my birthday. I am so excited. Infact, damn happy to say the least. I was just moving towards the corridor when I saw my gang advancing towards me. I mean there are three of us in our gang 'Gunjan, Samrat and me. I could see not only Samrat and Gunjan coming my way but also the entire class except one. Where is Nupur? Has she forgotten my birthday? Possibly no. Because she is too sweet to do so. She is my classmate and my friend also. She is the most amazing person I have ever met in my entire life.

She is almost perfect. I used the term 'almost' because she has a little anger problem. Its not that she can get angry on me, but she can be very angry is she needs to be. Just say anything about her family, and then see the volcano side of her. But she has an amazing charm which attracts everyone around her towards her. She is a perfect blend of beauty with brains.

Let her come, and then I can very well tell you how she looks. Its not that I can't describe her right now, but I am pretty confused right now to tell you about her long eyelashes which she blinks constantly whenever she is sad, or her smile which cheers everyone around her. I even wonder if she is just a friend for me or not. I mean I am not used to think about any other girl like I do about her. Her small gestures can make me smile and her tears hurt me beyond everything. But let it be.

Samrat: hey dude. What's up?

Mayank: nothing yaar. Just I kept waiting for you guys.

Then both hugged me but I felt something missing in there. I knew that I was missing Nupur. Everyone went away after giving me some gifts and wishing me.

Gunjan and Samrat: happy birthday mayu.

Mayank: hey! Its Mayank'.and don't you dare call me Mayu again.

Samrat: ya Gunjan, hum log ise thodi na mayu keh sakte hain. Ise mayu toh sirf aur sirf Nupur keh sakti hai. Special privileges for special someone.

I hit him on his shoulder. Ya it was true that only Nupur called me mayu. I don't know when and how did I allowed her to call me so? I hate when someone tries to manipulate my name, but I let her call me anything. If anyone else tries that, I am sure that they won't go back on two legs. I have strong muscles to make sure of that.

Samrat: Mayank, yaar tere muscles bahut hi zyada strong hai. Don't hit me ever again. It hurts man!
Gunjan: Mayank, I think I would be going or else Samrat would again start his you-love-Nupur track and I am not keen to hear it.

Mayank: bye gunji

Yup, it was true. Samrat used to tell me that the way I behave with Nupur is totally different. I mean she is a topper in our class, yet I talk with her. I mean wasn't I the one who hated toppers? But I can never hate Nupur and I don't know why. I just like her company. Something about her attracts me too much. But she is just my friend, a simple friend.

Samrat: ya Mayank, I guess you love Nupur.

Mayank: and how exactly you know that?

Samrat: You must look at yourself when you talk to Nupur. I mean you always keep looking at her. You wait for her. And you can do anything if she says without giving it a second thought.

Wasn't that true? I could possibly do anything Nupur said. I never used to read books, but since Nupur likes them, I read them. I hate roses, but since Nupur likes them, I seem to love them too. This is something different. Whatever that she loves is loved by me too. But is it love? Really?

Samrat: and dude I think she too loves you.

This thing caught my attention.

Mayank: how?

Samrat: she never talks to any boy except you. Ya I know that she talks very little, but she talks only and only with you. And she does things for you. She never shared her notes with anyone, but she does it for you.

Mayank: big deal! This is friendship dude!

But how I wished whatever he said was true! I really hope she likes me as much as I do. I mean if its likeness, then I am sure that I like her like anything. And if its love, which I am not sure of, then I love her like anything.

Samrat: don't give me this shit. You know its love.

Mayank: how to know its love?

Samrat: ab aaye na line par. Tu ek kaam kar. Apni aakhen band kar.

I gave him a dark look. This thing works in serials man! This was completely filmy! I didn't like this fact. I mean how can you even imagine looking at someone with closed eyes? I knew I won't see Nupur.

Samrat: what? It works yaar. It always does. It cleared my confusion regarding Gunjan.

Mayank: ohk. What exactly do I need to think about?

Samrat: just close your eyes and think what would you do if you see Nupur getting married to someone else?

I had just closed my eyes and when I heard this, I panicked. The entire color from my face evaporated and I could feel nothing. I felt so void and so null. And I realized that I couldn't see Nupur with anyone else. I was in love with her. But I couldn't disclose it to Samrat yet. Nupur never considered me more than a friend. So if I get to win her love, then I would confess to her everything.

Just then I saw Nupur coming towards me, and i knew that I had 1000wt smile on my face. She came and handed me an envelope along with a gift that was wrapped.

Nupur: happy birthday Mayank.

Mayank: its mayu for you Nupur.

Nupur: oops. Ya sorry, actually mujhe laga that you don't like when someone plays with your name.

Mayank: actually, I don't like it. But I like it when it comes from your mouth.

Nupur: How sweet! I forgot. Happy birthday mayu. See ya later. Bye.

And thus she went away. Did I tell you that she looked beautiful in white salwar kameez? Did I tell you that she looked stunning when she pushed her hair lock back? Never mind. It's not for anyone else to notice except me.

I took out the card from the envelope. It was a very beautiful card on which it was written "happy birthday mayu". And ya, it was hand made. I was too flustered at the thought that she made it for me. I opened the inside part and it was written '

Dear Mayank,

May you have the world's best birthday. With growing time, I wish that you always be my best friend forever. There may be times when I am not with you physically, but whenever you need any help, I am there for you. You are the only person with whom I can share my feelings without being afraid. With you, I am myself. Thanks for being such a great friend. And yup, one more thing, I would be there with you always.


I was so happy after reading the 'yours' part. Did she write it deliberately? But why would she? I mean didn't she wrote 'friend'? What's happening with me? Can I ever decipher her feelings for me? Only by seeing a simple 'yours' which she might have written unconsciously, I am so happy. I am thinking that this is the best gift I ever got. What is there in such a small word like 'yours'? Why is it inciting such excitement in me?

I am very happy. Infact, I think that I have got the whole world down to my feet. I opened her gift to get the shock of my life.

It was a beautiful wrist watch which had a circular dial and the engravings on it were beautiful. I loved its metallic finish which was grey and gold mixed. I loved it instantly and I wore it.

But Somehow I loved the wrapper more on there was a card on which it was written, "With best compliments, Yours Nupur."

And this "yours" told me how much I wish it is true. Yup, finally I have realized that I do love her. I love her and I love her and I love her.

Mayank: I am yours Nupur.

Hope you like this one-shot :) 

- Mahak


  1. cute :)

    Love is strange !

  2. @Harsh Sir- Thank you.

    Yeah, love is indeed strange. When we don't want it, it shows its presence. And when we think that it's love, its only friendship. It's confusing like anything.

    I dunno why people fall in love!

  3. @Harsh Sir- Wahi toh...

    Sachi, if i wasn't a writer, and hadn't written so many intense love based one-shots, i would have surely asked what love is!

    Although, when my readers ask me this, i too do wonder how can i write so deeply and intricately abt love, when i dunno what it actually is.