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Chapter 7


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Nupur's pov-

Samrat spinned the bottle and this time it came towards Mayank. Samrat asked, "Nupur ko pehli baar jab tum mile, tab tumhe kaun sa song yaad ayaa?"

I attentively waited to hear what he had to say. Samrat bhi na! We all waited for his answer when Mayank brought a guitar and sang'.

"hmm'.khote rahe'khyaalon mein yun hi'uljhe rahe, sawaalon mein yun hi. Kitni baatein hain jo, kehna paaye unko, hum toh na the is tarah'ohooo'.aakhon hi aakhon mein yun. Khoye rahe. Bas tumko dekhen, dekhte hi rahe'ruk jaaye lamhe sabhi jaate huye'kya tumse keh dein'aur kya na kahein'.tum hi samajh lo kaash ke'bas yeh tamanna hai'dil jo apna hai'.usko mil jaao tum'.ab na khyaalon mein'na sawaalon mein'.bahon mein aao tum'o hoo hooo hoo'.aakhon hi aakhon mein yun'"

As soon as he finished his song'I was totally mesmerized by his voice. My trance just broke and I blushed at the line "bahon mein aao tum." I can't believe that he actually felt this. Was it true? I felt thousands of goose bumps in my stomach and I don't know why, but I felt like hugging him alright. It's wrong! I need to have a control on my feelings.
Everyone was amazed at his singing style. He played the guitar so beautifully and he sang more beautifully than the singer. I loved this song since its release and I loved it more when he sang it for me. It feels so special to have someone like you despite of all the odds in you. Its feels nice to know that you are being taken care of. I knew that I really want to spend my entire life with this guy.

Gunjan teased him and said, "hmm jiju'lagta hai di ke pyaar ka rand aap ke upar chadhne laga hai."

We both couldn't face each other for a while. It was a new and a different feeling.

Samrat said, "Nupur, tum sharmati hi rahogi ya phir game bhi aage khelogi?"

I got irritated by this. He caught me. And Mayank looked at me. I said, "Hmm'let's play."

We spinned the bottle again and it came to face me. Now I was scared of the questions. I knew by the smirk of Samrat, that the question was going to be damn impossible. I hate him. He always teases me, but at the same time, I love Samrat as my sister's love and as a friend.

Samrat smirked and asked me, "Are you ready Nupur?"

Was there any choice? Was there any escape root? NO. Then why the hell was this question meant for? I was already nervous to speak anything in front of my soon-to-be-husband i.e. Mayank, and he is bent on teasing me. I would never let him meet Gunjan by window root. I would see to it, that until my marriage, he won't be able to meet my sister without my parent's permission. Now see bachu.

I said, "Shoot your question."

I saw Mayank alert. I bent towards Gunjan and was waiting for Samrat's question.

Samrat took all the time making me more thoughtful. He said, "tum Mayank se kya expect karti ho? I mean tumne apne jevansaathi se shaadi ke baad kya expect karti ho?"

Oh man! I am stuck. Mayank too eagerly looked at me, making me more and more nervous. Samrat would pay for this. Nupur, when you were eager to listen Mayank's answer, then you must also reply to him. Now sing!

  I sang, "jab koi baat bigad jaaye'jab koi mushkil pad jaaye'tum dena saath mera'.oh humnava'na koi hai'na koi tha'.zindagi mein'..tumhare siva'..tum dena saath mera'..oh humnava."

Everyone clapped for me. But I was waiting for Mayank to say something.

Mayank's pov-

She sung a song for me. I don't know what to tell her. She has the most melodious voice I ever heard. I thought she expected something more like money etc, but all she asked for was togetherness. I always wanted a bond between me and my life partner that clearly told the depth of togetherness. And she wanted was trust and belief. I knew that I can trust her completely! I loved when she sang for me.

I said nothing, because I wanted a chance to tell her everything in private.

We again spinned the bottle and it came to Gunjan.

It was Nupur who asked her a question, "hmm'Gunjan tu ek baat bata'tu life partners ke bare mein kya sochti thi? Until Samrat came into your life, tu apne dil ko kis tarah tasalli deti thi?"

Gunjan didn't take in second to replying. She sang, "somewhere out there'I know there is someone'.who is waiting just for me mahiya'he is gonna set me free mahiya."

We all clapped for her and Samrat kissed her on her cheeks. I could see the blush on her and Nupur's face. What the hell is Samrat doing? Can't he control? He is making me and Nupur feel out of place.

Suddenly I saw Samrat and Gunjan walk away. Maybe they wanted some privacy for their own. We were hardly saying anything.

Suddenly I saw the lights getting dim and the serene atmosphere changing into a romantic one. Samrat!!!!!!

Wasn't it already enough that we weren't able to talk to each other that Samrat did this? Now what? The song was playing and it was a soft song. I wanted to dance on this song.

I slowly and nervously asked her, "Will you dance with me?"

She turned slightly back and I thought I made a mistake. Oh shit Mayank! What have you done? Now what? I thought it was a no, but she turned around. The music started to play.

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart [When Mayank gazed in Nupur's eyes, i could read everything written in them.]

Without saying a word you can light up the dark [He knew her answer now, he didn't need to ask her if she wanted to dance with him or not. He just took her hand and led towards the spotlight.]

Try as I may I can never explain [He kept her hand in his hand and he kept his other hand on her shoulders. He knew that he would never be able to explain his feelings at the moment. The tingling sensation made him nearly astonish. He never felt this before.]

What I hear when you don't say a thing [he felt that she spoke more with her eyes than her tongue. Nupur had her eyes down cast, and Mayank was gazing at her with full attention.]

The smile on your face let's me know that you need me [He asked her if she was comfortable with their closeness. When she smiled, he was alas at ease. That meant that she was comfortable with him.]

There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me [He saw the promise in her eyes which meant that she would never leave him ever. She would be there with him as his soul mate.]

The touch of your hand says you'll catch me wherever I fall [He saw her shivering due to their touch. He let his hand fall to her waist from her shoulder. This made her shiver more.]

You say it best, when you say nothing at all [He knew what it meant and he was happy to have the power to read her through her eyes. She said it best when she said nothing at all.]

All day long I can hear people talking out loud [He had heard people talking in his office with shrilling voices. But today he understood the importance of quitness. He felt peace and serenity.]

But when you hold me near (oh, hold me near) [He brought her closer with the rhythm of the music. Their hands clashed and she crashed at his chest. She felt a tingling sensation in her stomach and a slow but innocent blush crept up her cheeks.]

You drown out the crowd (drown out crowd) [She could see no one but the two of them. The spotlight with faint white light was falling on them. She felt that she was in a different world.]

Try as they may, they can never defy [They could not deny the fact that they truly loved the moment they were living and were very happy.]

What's been said between your heart and mine [They spoke nothing nor were gazing in each other's eyes, yet they felt totally different and new. They were not able to hear what their heart were conversing.]

The smile on your face let me know that you need me [He saw the faint smile on her face every now and then. She made no excuses or faces when he swayed her to the music. His heart did somersaults and he loved when she smiled.]

There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me [There was an unknown truth in her eyes that said that she would be there by his side throughout his life.]

The touch of your hand says you'll catch me wherever I fall [He moved his hands on her waist with passing rhythms. They both felt a very different feeling which could not be defined but only felt.]

You say it best, when you say nothing at all [They both knew that they can talk to each other without the need of words. They knew that they understood the rhythms of their heart beats. And they both could speak without the need of words.]

After the dance, I was feeling nervous so as how to speak to her. I hardly knew what to say. We both were feeling awkward and nervous. What was the feeling that I felt with her in my arms? I felt as I have been trusted upon by someone. When she let her body free, I thought as if she has let her life all by me. When I danced with her, I listened to her unspoken words and enjoyed the rhythm of her heart beats.

To interrupt my thoughts, Samrat and Gunjan came back.

Gunjan said, "di, hume ab chalna chaiye. Bahut der ho rahi hai."

Somewhere I didn't wanted her to go but I had no other option.

I dropped her to the car. We both said nothing but I knew there was something. We both surely had felt something. When Gunjan and Nupur were both seated in the car, Nupur turned and said, "Bye Mayank."

Oh! Did I told you that a single 'bye' can make your day? Well it can! And it surely did in my case! I was too happy now!

I replied, "Bye Nupur."

And her car drove out of sight.

Nupur's pov-

He has gone to his own house.....but what is that is happening with me? Why can't I forget him? Why is still his touch haunting me like anything? Why can I still feel his hands on my waist? For God's sake, I want to know that why is he seeming so close to me already? And why did I agree in the first place? Why just a single dance did ignite a new fire in me? Why am I feeling so loved? Why everything I have is now falling into places? Why I felt secure in his arms? Why his touch burned my skin? Why? Is it a starting of a new relationship?

Both had some questions in their minds. But there is a perfect time for everything. So they would understand that these developing feelings are the start of a new blossoming infatuation. They aren't in love. It's a feeling of trust we have on our parent's choice. We tend to think that we can never like our partner if we haven't chosen them, but our parents know us better than ourselves. They know that what our choices are! And Nupur Mayank trusted their mothers. They felt attraction towards each other which would soon with passage of time; develop into a bond of love. The bond of marriage bonds two people together but the love that develops after marriage, even bonds two hearts together and forever in an unbreakable bond.

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