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Chapter 6

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Gunjan's pov-

My soon-to-be-jiju and my beloved Samrat had gone away to their homes. And we had a dinner full of dishes which were di's favorite. And when I revolted, Ma said that Nupur di is now a guest in our house for a few days so she would cook what she likes. Whatever! And today is a new morning and a nice one too, because today is my date with Samrat and di's dinner with jiju.

But where is di? She isn't here! And after meeting my jiju, I sincerely feel that he is the best person for my dear sister. I have heard a lot about him from Samrat. And I was walking towards my room when I saw Nupur di lying on her stomach reading a novel.

I went in and asked, "What's the pick?"

I saw her instantly turning and I could see her blushing. Oh! So she is still thinking about jiju. I saw her rosy cheeks and also her twinkling eyes. I guess, she likes him or else respects him. Cause di only smiles with those people whom she likes. She is such an innocent girl, I wonder what would happen to her. People always love her and know that is she does something, that is bound to be nice. She never thinks of herself but others. Although she shows that she doesn't care, she does, and who except me can answer this? She might seem to be a strong girl outside, but from inside, she is no less than a wax. She even melts if someone drops four crocodile tears in front of her. She is nave!

She slowly replied, "woh...ah...Gunjan, I was reading a novel."

I couldn't help but smile at her answer and I replied, "wow! I never knew that you were reading a novel." I saw her smile and she was trying to say that she was. Oh! She can't understand even the sarcasm in one's thing.

And I thought that it is better to continue myself, "Of course di, I know that! I was just asking that what were you reading and why are you blushing?" I added that last bit and I knew that I smirked. Well, I guess sometimes teasing is fun.
I saw her getting a little pale and she brushed her hands frantically on her cheeks. Oh! She is so cute. She said, "Blush? Nahi Gunjan, its nothing like that. I am not blushing."

I couldn't help but chuckle. I said, "Oh bother! You were blushing. Anyways, what are you reading?"

She tried to hide the novel but I was a way too fast for her. I saw what she was reading and I smiled. I said, "Don't tell me that you are actually reading this book? You said that you don't like romantic novels. And today you are reading the boring romantic novel? 'I too had a love story' is romantic but boring. And why are you reading this? Taking tips?"

She had tears in her eyes and she replied, "Hey, first of all it's not boring! I have read this book right now and I love it like anything. I can read this book again and again. And this is anything but boring. I just love the way it presents us a new definition of love and I love the way Ravin has portrayed his own feelings for the girl he loved. You must read it Gunjan, its very touching. And you know that I love emotional stuffs."

I knew this! She is such a sentimental person. She even cries when she reads a stupid book with a tragic ending. Why did I buy this book at the first place? Oh ya, I remember. I bought this book as a present to her because she said that its cover and the use of past tense in its title intrigued her to buy this. So I had bought this book for her.
I smiled and said, "ohk baba! I won't say anything against any emotional stuff. Anyways, why are you reading this today? You said that you don't like romantic things, or after meeting someone, you have started liking romantic stuffs?" I teased her and I knew that she would blush. I know her very well.

She smiled and said, "Gunjan! I am going to kill you. Why are you teasing me? I was getting bored with no office so I thought to read this book. And besides I had nothing to do in the night and I was not feeling sleepy too. So I opted for this!"

No one can know how much I love teasing my sweet si sister. I again teased her by saying, "kal hi toh jiju se mili ho aur abhi se neend gayab?" and then I opted for singing and I sung "kuch toh hua hai, kuch ho gaya hai." 

And then I had to run for my life. She was throwing pillows at me and I kept dodging them. And then I came to my own room. I picked up my phone, only to call someone whom I loved the most after my sister.
Samrat's pov-

I heard the phone ringing and I picked up my phone only to be greeted by my Gunjan. She filled me with Nupur's news and I was happy for my brother. I know that Nupur still doesn't like him more than a person in general, but I still would hope that she falls for my cousin Mayank. I knew Nupur very closely. And maybe that's the reason I had a crush on her earlier. She is very sweet and my now to become Bhabhi.

I could see Mayank too lost in her dreams. He had hardly said a word since we returned and had full plans for the dinner. I can't believe that my brother is thinking what to wear! I mean he looks dazzling in anything he wears. Doesn't he? Whether it is black, white, brown, green or even girlish colors like pink, purple, orange etc....he could carry out any outfit. His clothes never complimented him, instead he complimented his clothes. He looked hot and all girls went gaga over him whenever he passed their way. But he is silly not to notice any girl. But it's lucky for me because after him, only I am the one for whom girls can die.

I felt a sudden urge to meet him. So I went into his room without knocking, only to find him frowning. Something is strange.

I asked him, "Mayank, why are you so tensed?"

He turned around and I saw that he had a file in his hands and he was tensed regarding it.

I looked up at the file and said, "Now don't tell me that you are worried about your project rather than a dinner date with my soon-to-be-bhabhi and your soon-to-be-wife.
Don't be such a spoil sport man!"
I could see a twinkle in his eyes on the mention of Nupur's name. It was obvious that he liked her much more than I thought. I couldn't sense likeness from Nupur's side, but yes, my brother was definitely falling in love. I am in love so I know its symptoms.

He said, "Shut up Samrat. It's nothing like that."

I knew how to tease him and get things out of him. So I said, "Oh! That means you waiting to meet her?"

I could see him getting startled. He said, "No!"

I said, "That means you were not waiting to meet her? Ohk, then I would tell Nupsi that you are not that willing to meet her." I made my move towards the phone knowing that he would stop me.

And he did what I had anticipated. He snatched the phone from my hand and said, "Who said that I am not excited to meet her? I am very well excited to meet her. I am so waiting for the evening to come!"

He spoke it all in one breath. Mayank is so cute. And I immediately started laughing and said, "ooooohooo" and this made him a little bit blush. Man! Was it really him blushing?

Things are taking place faster than what I had expected them to be!
Mayank's pov-

Samrat went away after his teasing session. And I again started reading the documents. I was so busy trying to read the file. While I very well knew that I was waiting to meet her, infact, dying to meet her. What the hell should I wear? And when would this time pass? I am really very nervous to meet her. I want to portray a good but true image of her future husband.

Do I really like her? Well, yes. I should like her because she is going to be my wife and it's a duty of a husband to only and only love his wife. I know she must be having many dreams regarding her husband, let's see if I fit in there or not. And today I also want to find out whether she is the one made for me or not. It's so confusing; arrange marriage doesn't help at all! You seem to make your life's biggest decision without your own will.

So back to what should I wear session. Yup! I got an idea. I am going to wear a shirt and jeans and no suit. Vaise bhi I look hot I whatever dress I wear.
Nupur's pov-

Gosh! I am too scared and nervous. This is the first time I am going to a dinner with someone with whom I have to spend the rest of my life. But Mayank is so cute, smart, intelligent, polite, and generous that I fail to stop myself from waiting for him. He is a gentleman who respects every girl. Are we supposed to be together?

Well, first let me think, he is cute especially his smile. I think I like his smile. It's so natural and dazzling that it brings a smile on my face whenever I imagine him smiling. He seems to fit in my image of my husband. Besides I trust my mama's choice completely! She knows me better than I know myself, so when she has chosen someone for me, its bound to be according to me only. She knows my choice, my likes, my dislikes and everything else, so her choice would be indirectly mine.

Hmmm….so what should I wear? A saree; a suit or a long caprees and a kurti? I don't think I am going to wear a saree cause I have to wear that when I am married to him. Its not that it's a custom to wear a saree after marriage, but actually I think that a saree enhances the beauty of a suhagan. And I am going to wear sarees after marriage. I don't think that I am going to wear a suit even, cause I think suits are beautiful but this situation doesn't compliments a suit. So I am going to wear a kurti and leggings. This would do perfectly. Afterall, if I can't even present myself in a poised manner, then why the heck am I a fashion designer?
Mayank's pov-

We were waiting for the girls to arrive at the restaurant. I was waiting for Nupur and Samrat for Gunjan respectively. I don't know why but I am nervous. This is the first time I am going to have a dinner with a girl….and she is not just another girl. She is a girl who is going to enter my life and would remain with me forever. I don't understand that why couldn't we go and bring the girls? Why we had to wait there? Perhaps another master plan of Sam. He wanted us to go to the restaurant where he could see for the decorations for his girlfriend Gunjan. Actually this hotel is booked only and only for the four of us. After all, if I can't even book a restaurant for the first dinner with my soon-to-be-wife, then why the heck do I own the India's richest company "The Sharma Industries"?

But I just noticed that when I call Nupur as my soon-to-be-wife then something happens. Some heartbeats which increase….some different sensation…some reach for breathe….some thoughts unknown….some thing that changes the atmosphere. Well, I guess things are running out of my control! I really can't help liking her. Ma's choice has always been my choice.

Samrat's pov-

Its not that I and Gunjan, haven't went to any date so far. But actually the problem is this double date. I won't be able to even talk those romantic words in front of Mayank and Nupsi. Mayank would get embarrassed when he hears those lovey-dovey words and Nupur would be shy to hear the conversation. Whenever she sees a couple talking to each other, she goes away from there, giving them some privacy. She is totally a shy but smart girl. My love is not coming at all. I am so waiting for my chocopie to come! I can call Gunjan as chocopie…sweets…darling…jaan etc for all I like! What does it matter even if I call her by different names? At the end of the day, she is only and only mine!

Mayank's pov-

I heard some footsteps coming our way and I knew whose these footsteps were! I just moved my head in that direction, only to witness the world's most beautiful scene I have ever seen. Nupur was wearing a black kurtee with black leggings and simple embroidery. No wonder she is a fashion designer, she knew perfectly what to wear. Her black long and shiny hairs were open and were flying across her face as she entered. Her black earrings were playing with her long black hairs and it seemed as if they loved the touch of her hairs. Her face was downcast as she had dropped her purse and she had bent down to pick it up. When she looked up, all her hairs flew backwards and she looked no less than an angel. Her beauty was enhanced by minimum makeup and her eyeliner gave her eyes a beautiful effect. Her black beautiful eyes were coated with a little bit of mascara of skin shade and her rosy lips were coated with a slight tint of pink color. Her white cheeks were having a little coat of a slight pink color on them. In total, she looked no less than an angel. She was moving towards us, and with each of her steps, my heart beats were somewhat increasing. Is it nervousness because I never had a dinner with any girl before? Or is it the fact that her dress matches mine completely?
Nupur's pov-

I just saw him sitting over there. He was constantly looking at me as if I was something. I am so happy! I always wanted my dream man to be bowled over by me! H looked dashing to say the least. He was wearing a black shirt with black jeans. His arms were clearly visible from the half sleeves shirt he was wearing. He had nice muscles. He had a strong built personality and his cheeks had cute dimples pasted on them. Gosh! One day I would die by his smile. How can anyone look so cute while smiling? I can never understand! His black jeans hugged his body completely and he looked no less than an enchanter. The white buttons on his shirt were somewhat twisted giving it a beautiful appearance. I saw his silver watch which had a mark of "fossil" on it. Too expensive! His upper two buttons of the shirt were open giving a slight view of his broad chest. He looked no less than a fairytale come true. I must say that black is definitely his color. I so like the feeling that now he is going to be my life. Life because according to me, a girl's husband is the most important person in her life.
Samrat's pov-

I must say that Gunjan was looking damn beautiful in her pink dress. The pink suit was slightly designed with a little bit of stone work. Typically Nupur's work and choice! Her curves were enhanced by the dress and it complimented her fair skin. She looked beautiful. Her eyes were coated with thick eyeliner and were covered with a dark pink shade of eye shadow. It complimented her skin perfectly. She looked gorgeous and I had no words to describe her. I was completely lost in her.
Gunjan's pov-

To say that Samrat was looking hot, would be not be nice as he always looks like one. But today, Mayank jiju looked more handsome than him. But my Samrat is mine, and he ought to look damn gorgeous and hot. He is too hot to handle. He was wearing a blue shirt with a little bit of rubber print on it. Couldn't he wear something sophisticated? I am going to fight with him. How can he take our first official double date so lightly? Its ohk that we have been on dates for hundreds of times but still it was our first date with di and jiju. The print on his shirt said that "I am perfect" and indeed he is! He looked damn breathtaking when he waved towards me with a smile on his face. Oh! I love him so much. I can't believe that after di's marriage, we would be together forever and get bonded in a bond called marriage. I really can't wait for that day!
Nupur's pov-

We moved towards the boys and greeted them. Mayank looked even more charming from close. I was slightly amazed that how much manners Mayank had. He pulled out a chair for me and made me sit. He then sat and I saw the entire decorations. The floor was flooded with white balloons and white candles were all over the room. Everything had a white touch starting from the tables to the chairs. I was really impressed by the decorations they got organized for both of us. I was looking at the hotel in awe when Samrat spoke up.

"Hey Nupur, what are you looking at?" Samrat asked with a little bit of tease I his words.

I replied, "woh actually, I was looking at the beautiful decorations that are done. Who organized all this?"

Samrat replied without any hesitation, "actually, its Mayank's idea. He did all this for you. Usi ne itni mehnat ki hai…aur karta bhi kya….bechaare ki pehli date hai apni hone waali biwi ke saath."
I was happy to say the least. I asked Mayank, "kya aapne mere liye yeh sab kiya hai?"

He somewhat was hesitating but Mayank said, "who…actually haan….yunhi thoda sa organize kiya…socha shayad tumhe acha lage. Toh tumhe kaisa laga?"

My smile was enough for him to know his answer. I smiled broadly at him. But I think sometimes words must be used to convey the emotions.

I said, "thoda sa? This is beautiful. I so love all the decorations. Thanks a lot for doing them. They are mind blowing." He smiled broadly and I love his smile.

Samrat said "ohooo" and to reply to him I asked, "vaise Samrat, tumne Gunjan ke liya kuch nahi kiya?"

This made Gunjan shoot a deadly glance at him and his entire smile vanished. His face turned pale and I started laughing only to be accompanied by Mayank. And then I heard Samrat ask, "Nupur, kyun na hum sab ek game khelein?"

I, Mayank and Gunjan immediately asked, "kaun sa game?"

Samrat smirked at our curiousness and said, "sach ka game. Confess the feelings in form of songs. Hume joh bhi question poocha jaayega, hume uska answer ek song ke roop mein dena hoga. Most probably they are feelings."

We all agreed and spinned the bottle. It faced Samrat.
Mayank asked Samrat, "Samrat tum Gunjan ke bare mein kya feel kiya jab Gunjan enter ki toh? What were the exact condition of your heart?"

Samrat smiled while Gunjan attentively listened. Samrat sang, "kitna pyaara tujhe rab ne bayaya, kitna pyaara tujhe rab ne banaya, ki dil kare dekhta rahoon."

We all clapped for him. He really sang extremely well and Gunjan only blushed. So sweet! They are such a cute couple!

Samrat spinned the bottle and this time it came towards Mayank. Samrat asked, "Nupur ko pehli baar jab tum mile, tab tumhe kaun sa song yaad ayaa?"

I attentively waited to hear what he had to say. Samrat bhi na! We all waited for his answer when Mayank brought a guitar and sang….

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