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Chapter 9


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Nupur's pov-

I stretched my arms and tried to breathe in the fresh air. I was standing in the balcony listening every chaos in my room. It was true…incredibly true. Today, I was really going to get engaged. I would become someone else's. Well, I wasn't nervous. I was happy that I was going to get engaged with Mayank….a boy whom my parents chose for me. He has everything I desire, and I think I couldn't have found a better life partner than him. I recalled the moments I shared with him. And his talks brought a smile on my face.

I was excited for my new journey but afraid to loose my older one. I was happy to be able to start a new life, but sad to end the old one. I was happy and somewhere sad. But one thing brought contentment in me….that is Mayank was the one who was chosen by my parents for me.

I never believed in love marriages not could believe in. When a child cannot love their parents and go against them, how could he love the person for long? When my friends went against their parents and married, I was a little sad. Not for their parents, but for them. The boy whom they chose, were wrong. Our parents make us what we are today, and if a person can go against all that selfless love, then how can he love the person he met just few years back?

My thoughts were drifting to my engagement. Each time I thought of this word, I saw Mayank standing in front of me. Yup, indeed I was hallucinating, but it actually happens. I could hear those voices coming regarding the arrangements for my engagement. I took out my diary and wrote some lines on what I was feeling.

The lost and forlorn look in my eyes,
The beautiful blue peacock sky.
The footsteps of a new phase in life,
The sun shining really bright.
The events preceding that of mine,
Tonight would be something divine.
The pool of emotions in my heart,
The lonely walk in a park.
The new sunshine was waiting for me,
The new sensation for me to feel.
The new path was waiting for me,
The new roads were meant to be.
I am excited and nervous for sure,
What to feel and what not?

[^^ Yup, i wrote it myself]

I can't believe that the day has arrived. It's an important day in a girl's life. This day is the day which marks the beginning of commitment of a lifetime. I too have dreams regarding the ring that connects heart. What would it be like? Yup to say that I wasn't happy would be wrong. I was really happy. Mayank is really nice.

Mayank's pov-

I just got up to find so much of chaos all over my house. Yea, finally the big day was here! I don't actually know what to feel. I mean all I can think of is, that soon a stranger would be associated with my life and I have to fall in love with her. I could feel responsibilities over my shoulder, and somehow this made me happy. I am feeling as if my life is worth living. Someone trusts me with her life.

Nupur is a girl whom my parents chose for me. I was happy. Yup, really happy. What more could I ask for? She is beautiful inside, talented, good looking, and matured. She really has everything I could have ever wished for. I don't know if I would fall in love with her or not, but I know that I will keep her happy. She is going to be a part of my life. Someone would now onwards look after me and my habits. I would remain faithful to her until my last breath.

It feels strange that after an arrange marriage, you seem to share everything with someone whom you don't even know properly. But that's the beauty of arrange marriage. The stranger proves herself to be more trustworthy than what you can expect. Sometimes unknown people love you more than known-two-sided people. But, I know Nupur a little.

Who says that this engagement only makes a girl nervous? Hell no! It gives the same sensation to boys also. I realized that I loved the feel of it. I knew the time had come when I would be 'committed' from 'single'. Mental note- I need to change the status of my facebook account.

I was standing in my balcony, absorbing the cool winds on my face. Winds always make me feel fresh and loved. They soothe me down and help me understand things. Winds take away confusions from my mind too. I loved the loneliness when Samrat came into sight. The chatterbox! Bye to my loneliness!

Samrat straight away came to me and asked, "bhai, you need to get ready or not?"

I checked my watch. There was still 3 hours left for the engagement. I asked him, "What's the hurry? There are three hours left."

Samrat chuckled and said, "You don't mean that you won't get ready on your own engagement. Bhai, this is not a business meeting where you can just change your clothes in two minutes and head for the meeting. This is YOUR engagement! You need to take time for dressing up. Besides, before engagement, ghod bharai is also there. And Gunjan must also be waiting for us."

Well, Godh bharai is a custom where the in-laws fill the godh of the bride with stuffs. But all the solah singaar is mandatory to be put by the mother-in-law in her daughter-in-law's lap. This happens before the engagement I too have to see that. They keep everything in the bride's lap.

I smiled and teased him by saying, "Tell me Samrat. You are more excited to meet my saali or for my engagement."

But I forgot that I was talking to Samrat and not Gunjan who would blush. Samrat replied in a very casual tone. He said, "Don't worry bro. I am waiting for your engagement only since I have to dance with my sweetheart. I so am desperate to have the feel of her in my arms." And Samrat's eyes looked dreamy.

I was really amazed at how Samrat was so frank. I mean how could he say such things? I am his elder brother na? Whatever! I said, "Sam, how do you always manage to say such things so casually?"

He replied, "Because I know that I love her and I have no problem in confessing that. She is mine and I know that we can never be apart."

I hugged him for the reply. But he dragged me and we went to change. I chose a sherwani and I knew Dia was going to take loads of time. I was soon ready but knew that I will have to wait for my princess Dia. Well, the irony is the groom is ready and the groom's sister is making him wait.

Nupur's pov-

It was so great. I was sitting near the mirror. Everyone was trying their best to make me look the best. They even complimented me for my design. Yup, I myself designed my dress. I had this dream of wearing my own designed dresses for my marriage. Someone was making me wear the bangles and someone was busy tying up my hair.

Loads of make up were being applied on my face. I don't know why, but somehow, this time I didn't objected for the makeup. I wanted to look my best. I wanted to feel like the bride. I wanted to know what actually it feels. I wanted to feel all the deep sensations. Then someone told me that the groom, ie Mayank, has arrived.

Mayank' pov-

I reached at her house. It was different from what I had seen it few days ago. There wasn't Nupur coming down with utmost sincerity to answer all the questions. There wasn't the magic of the first meeting there. There wasn't a bubbly Nupur running for the chocolates. I could feel that almost fresh. Subconsciously, I even checked my sherwani for any chocolate stains.

Instead, the house was decorated with white and blue flowers. It looked magical. The candles were evident. The lightning was mesmerizing and the shower of flowers was beautiful. I loved how each and every corner of the hall was decorated with utmost care and love. Everything was in a red or blue tone, contrasting my sherwani.

I was made to sit of the sofa. It was red in color and had silver metallic finish on it. I looked around to see a glimpse of Nupur, but instead saw Gunjan. I knew what was coming next. Teasing.

Just as I thought, Gunjan said, "Jiju, itni jaldi bhi kya hai. Di aati hi hongi. Comeon! Today is her big day. Kabhi aap hume bhi dekh liye kijiye. After all saali aadhi gharwali hoti hai."

I smiled at her attempt. But Samrat had made me bolder. I said, "Kyun nahi saali sahiba. Ham toh aapko dekh lein, lekin woh kaam toh already Samrat ka hai." I pointed towards Samrat who was watching Gunjan with love-sick look in his eyes.

Gunjan blushed at this. Scores even! Gunjan said, "Jeeju aap bhi na." and I couldn't help but reply, "Haan main bhi."

But then I heard sound coming from one direction. Surely Nupur was coming down. I was amazed to see her like this. She was looking heavenly. Extremely pretty. She was wearing a purple lehenga whose beauty was adorned by the sequence of stone work done on it. The stones were multi colored and they were set in specific pattern. The work covered each inch of the lehenga. She even wore huge pair of bangles and a bindi too. She had make up and heavy jewellary around her neck. Apart from her eye liner and lip gloss, she had lipstick coated on her lips. Her eyes were dabbed with mascara and eye shadow. Her cheeks were rosy due to the effect of ruse. Today she looked no less than a princess. I was no less than astounded to see her like this.

Nupur's pov-

I could feel his gaze on me. Was I looking bad? Was I looking good? I was nervous as hell. When I looked up at him, I saw him in completely different attire. He was wearing a bluish sherwani and was looking dashing. He was not wearing a watch but was wearing a gold bracelet. He really was looking killing. All my friends couldn't take their eyes off him. I wanted to tell my friends that Mayank was mine.

Somehow I hated when my friends were ogling at him. He is mine for God sake! I was made to sit on the small stage. Everyone came and did the godh bharai rasm. My mother-in-law gave me a diamond set as a present. They removed my gold necklace and made me wear that. When I was young, I used to wonder that why does the girl dresses up so much when their in-laws remove everything and make her wear their things. And why was this ceremony held before engagement.

My mother had told me that it's a custom. A girl, before becoming his husband, is made sure that she becomes of their in-laws. I remembered what my mother had told Gunjan in the afternoon.

Gunjan had asked her, "Ma, jab ek ladki tyaar ho jaati hai, toh phir use phir se tyaar kyun karte hain? I mean itni mehnat se woh tyaar hoti hai. And sasuraal waale sab kuch matching ka utarva dete hain and apni marzi ka kuh bhi pehena dete hain. Aisa kyun?"

Ma had smiled and said, "beta yeh to reet hai. Aur yeh isisliye hota hai taaki ladki par uske sasuraal ka rang pehle chadh jaaye. Sagai se pehle yeh hota hai kyunki yeh rasm batati hai ki ek ladki, ek patni banne se pehle ek bahu hoti hai. Uska saara sringar sasural se hi hota hai. Aur isiliye god mein use woh cheezein dete hain joh use pehenni hoti hain. Ab samjhi? Pagli."

I remembered the conversation and I felt great. Today, I understood why a bride doesn't objects. It kind of gives more peace and happiness. In their ornaments, I felt as if I was theirs. I felt homely. They no more felt strangers. I could feel my mother-in-law becoming my mother.

Now after this custom, I was made to head towards the stage where Mayank was sitting. I headed towards him in slow steps, just as in the movies. I moved slowly because somehow this slow pace was bringing us more closely. Then I was made to wear him the ring.

Gunjan brought the ring and smiled at me. Everyone was surrounding us like we were two aliens. But it was our special day. I reached for Mayank's right hand and made him wear the ring.

Mayank's pov-

It was so magical. The ring just went in my ring finger and I felt a connection. The ring signified that how softly had Nupur entered my life. Without any obstructions, she became a part of my life. Now we were engaged, atleast I was.

I gazed at my finger. The ring was a gold one with diamonds studded on it. It was a square portion where nine diamonds stood in a queue. It was very enchanting indeed.

Then it was my turn to make her wear the ring. I took her left hand softly and slipped the ring into her finger.

Nupur's pov-

Now we were officially engaged. I felt shivers when he touched my hand and slipped the ring. I felt the ring was connecting me to something. It was reaching my heart. Now I was a part of his life. And he was a part of my life.

My ring was a platinum one with a heart in middle. The two middle ends of the ring, which held the heart, was hand shaped. And at the centre of the heart, there was a diamond. It could mean so much. For me, it meant that he would always hold my heart with his hands and would never break my trust. H would live in the centre of my heart and would love me unconditionally.

Soon, after this, we were made to sit on the sofas and the programs began. And after loads of stuff, Samrat and Gunjan occupied the floor. Amongst everything, I touched my ring on my finger.

Gunjan' pov-

The room lights were dim. Samrat and I had to start dancing. I was nervous, because during the practice, he never danced. We only talked and he made me blush. But we hadn't even practiced. God knows what is going to happen.

I'll always remember the song they were playin',
The first time we danced and I knew,
As we swayed to the music and held to each other,
I fell in love with you.

[Samrat spread out his hands and sang to this beat. He pulled Gunjan towards himself. He held her by her back and they swayed to the music. Gunjan could feel shivers down her spine. Samrat held her close enough.]

Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?
Would you be my partner every night?
When we're together, it feels so right.
Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?

[Samrat rotated Gunjan and danced with her. He just held Gunjan's hands and got close to her. He touched her cheeks and she blushed. He hit his chest with her hands and picked her up in his arms. He then rotated her round and round and she could feel a blush on her face. He put her down and held her close enough. He put his hands on her waist and they swayed to the music lost in each other. They forgot everything. They just were dissolvd in each other's love. They never wanted the song to end.]

I'll always remember that magic moment,
When I held you close to me.
'Cause we moved together, I knew forever,
You're all I'll ever need

[While Samrat and Gunjan were dancing, Mayank and Nupur stole shy glances towards ach other. There was something in the atmosphere which attracted them towards each other. It was a magical moment which was bringing Mayank and Nupur closer. Maybe it was the effect of the ring that connects hearts. Samrat bent forward and picked Gunjan up in his arms and mad her go round. Mayank, Nupur and Samrat, Gunjan were busy staring at each other. They felt the magic of the evening getting on their control.]

Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?
Would you be my partner every night?
When we're together, it feels so right.
Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?

[Mayank and Nupur looked at the couple wondering if they ever could be that close. While Samrat and Gunjan danced to the rhythm of their love. They felt nice being together. They felt that they complete each other. Mayank and Nupur looked at their rings while Samrat put Gunjan down. Samrat looked in her eyes and knew how much she loves him. He wanted to dance forever but the soon the music died. But the song couldn't end the love they had for each other.]

Nupur's pov-

Soon the evening came to an end. But the magic it brought still stayed in my heart. I knew that it was something that you can only feel when you are getting engaged. It was a new feeling, a new aroma and a new life waited for me. I looked at my ring and twisted it in my finger. I knew that maybe the ring does connect hearts. But would my ring on his finger reach his heart?

Mayank's pov-

We went back to our homes after the engagement and the dinner. I left everything behind but brought something with me. The ring still stayed on my finger. Now only few days were left for our marriage and I was feeling new. I could feel something magical enveloping us. I loved this feeling. Maybe the ring connects hearts. But would my ring on her finger reach her heart?

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