Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Demo Class : Part 2

Demo class…
Part 2 out of 4

Previous Part : Demo Class : Intro

First Candidate’s Assessment By Me


What the hell was she wearing? I mean, even I have this much sense. Although, my clothes are chosen by my mother, I still know what goes with what! God! She was wearing a sleeveless black-white kurti on blue jeans along with a stole. Her hair was small and she looked crap. *reprimands herself for commenting on someone’s look but then laughs*

I felt guilty of commenting on her. *her conscious sinks* I literally did. I decided that I would listen to whatever she has to say, with full on concentration. *sits properly* *back straight* *focused look on black…err…white board*

And then…..she started talking. 

Okay, *red by laughing* I officially gave her a name. Miss Banbankar. I mean, it was like she was talking in French. You don’t believe me? *hhmmmppphhh* Well, then pronounce ‘communication’ like…’kaum-u-nication’. And not only this, SO many words were mis-pronounced.

I looked longingly at Shambhavi to share my comments with, but she had a serious look on her face saying ‘keep-your-mouth-shut-Mahak’. *pouts* I kept my mouth shut. But that didn’t stop me from keeping my hands in place. Lol. *wicked*

I opened my mobile and typed up a message. 

‘And here begins our demo class *puts fingers in her ears*’

And I sent it to my friend who is also my senior and my Di. God! Only I can rely on two of them to entertain me during this stupid class. God please-please-please! Help me. And make sure that these two are available. *joins her hands and prays* *making her most innocent expression to pacify God above*

Okay, and here I received one message. See, I told you, God is great. *smiles* 

I opened the first one to see his message saying ‘Good luck for demo class’ and I felt like throwing a fit. Not fair! Even some of my seniors were here to bear the torture! *looks above to complain for not being fair* Why wasn’t he there to bear the torture? *wonders* If he had been there, then he would have understood what good luck meant!

I again typed up a message and sent it to him and Di. Although Di didn’t reply the first time, she loves my running commentary, so I can’t devoid her of that. *tsk tsk* See, I am this sympathetic and loving *rolls eyes*

I wrote: ‘Pehli waali bahut ban-bankar bol rahi hai…u know, like TECHNICAL spelled like it’s in French.’ 

Di commented nothing while his message was something like he is stuck with Dean. Lucky him! I would almost do ANYTHING to get out of this boring class. Even if it meant participating in any program, cause trust me, it’s the hardest thing for me to do.

Yeah, I am homo-sapiens-phobic. Okay, I made this term up. *smiles shyly* This means that I am terribly…irrevocably afraid of people watching me. I know my comments show me otherwise, but I am very shy. I feel like their eyes are doing some black magic on me…and the voice gets stuck in my throat. This reminds me, not to ever participate in anything ever.

*back to the topic* See, not my fault. My thoughts travel idhar-udhar. I am restless when idle. Isiliye I have a huge pile of novels to give me company. *looks longingly at the books* 

I saw him enter the class and thought ‘ab yeh bhi phas gaye’. Good. Why should I bear the torture alone? Everyone should be getting tortured the way I am. *evil smirk* I am as evil as that. 

I typed ‘Itni shakti hamein dena daata…inko sehen hum kar paaye.’ And sent it to both of them. Okay, I am indeed funny with songs. I accept this honor bestowed upon me by others *shows the various certificates and trophies for this matter*

His reply was a single ‘hehe’ and finally my Di replied! She said, ‘Kya hua Princess? Someone is feeling too sleepy in the classes.' I love when she calls me that. *sigh* She calls me a Princess and I call her Di. *smiles*

Finally I had someone to share things with. I typed up, ‘I never knew ‘communication’ can be spoken like this. She is the extreme case of Miss Ban-bankar bolna.’ And sent it to them. She replied, ‘tension mat le. Thodi der mein khatam ho jaayega.’ No fun!

I messaged him about her writing saying, ‘writing dekhi hai?’ He replied saying that she should be a doctor. And then I couldn’t disagree anything less. She couldn’t be a doctor. I replied saying, ‘Nah…she’s so artificial’. And then nothing. I was getting terribly bored with late replies.

He said that he was happy that he came late. And I replied saying, ‘Yeah, you are lucky. Hum toh faltu phans gaye inke ‘communication’ mein’ Well, it’s not my fault that I was incredibly jealous that I couldn’t escape and my partner was a bore! *pouts*

And then suddenly, the winds took another route. Our KumKum ma’am started asking her some questions. *interesting* Okay, I am sure I am sugar-high again. Yeah, when I eat something sweet, excess amount of energy comes in my body and I become over-active. Hyper-active being the keyword. How can I ever think questions to be interesting? 

Before I could lose my mind completely, I typed up ‘Aur yeh bola hamari kumkum ma’am na. Aur yeh gai pehli candidate.’ And sent it to both of them. Although I knew that only he could understand that. Throughout the bak-bak and chapar-chapar of mine, time flew by. Kumkum ma’am ne unki bazzati kar di and she had to go away. *mentally claps at her departure*

I was soooooo happy. But I had forgotten that two more were left to go. *deflated*


  1. lol...excellent ! Enjoying !

    *excitedly waits for the next two parts*

  2. @Harsh Sir- Excellent? Seriously? Sab mere mann ki bhadaas hai...pehli ka toh aapko pata bhi tha...doosri tessri ka toh aapko idea bhi nahi hai :P

    Good to know that you are enjoying...hehe...even I felt good after writing it down :D

  3. @Harsh Sir- Thanks :) Bring what more?

  4. @Harsh Sir- They are short ones. My brain was busy in some thoughts...so didn't notice or commented on the class :)

  5. U wer toking to me n who else? Bichari, u must hav been tortured so much. I understand, mere bhi 3D classes me yehi hota hai. :P

  6. @Shreyoshi Di- Meli pyali pyali di...I am so glad to see you here too :D

    I was talking to you and Harsh Sir. :)

    Yup...i was SO tortured *scared and shivers* *pouts* Haan I know all about your 3D classes...dinasaur as tone :D