Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Demo Class : Intro

Demo class…
Part 1 out of 4

Okay, I don’t know what the use of demo class is. I mean, why the heck do we need to listen to someone trying to prove themselves, while we sit? Well, but what can we do? We are poor children who have to bear the torture of the teacher even if we don’t want. *shakes head* sigh*

Well, I almost made my mind to sneak away from the class in ninja-style, but then, I couldn’t, for two reasons. First, I didn’t wore the sleek black dress *looks longingly for it* *sighs* and second, I didn’t want to spoil my blue kurti. I so love this dress. *looks at the x-dress again*

To be honest, I have no idea why I am writing this thing up, but then maybe I am doing this for myself. Okay, so here it began.

I was sitting with my partner Shambhavi, who is actually a good listener. I just hate when she doesn’t listens to my comments. Like today. Ek toh itni boring class, upar se partner not listening, sucks! Yeah, I know. Poor me! *disappointed sighs*

Okay, our head-teacher Kumkum ma’am told us that there would be three candidates. *nooooo* *poor me* *sympathy for herself* *pats herself to console herself* Well, ek secret bataon? Whenever I hear her name Kumkum…I recall Ekta Kapoor’s show named ‘Kumkum’. And the casting tune of it comes into my mind…’banta hai ek duje se paar…kumkum se kumkum se’.

Hehehe…I know. Weird. And you know what? She is a fat. But smart. And yet, very scary. Besides in ‘Kumkum’, her husband used to very smart. Hussain…*sigh* And I toh don’t even know her husband, not that I care.

Acha, let’s get back to the topic. I saw the excitement in my class. Are you kidding me? What’s there to be excited about? Besides, I commented on everything. And times like these, when there are restrictions, my inner voice and humor comes out to explore. *yeah yeah* *rolls eyes* *tries to see if there is a hold in the ground in which I can hide myself*

Especially, when people tell me NOT to talk, then toh…I HAVE to talk…and that too non-stop. Hehe. I know. I am weird. But then, it’s not my fault that my inner voice becomes too strong for me to handle. *disappointedly sighs for herself*

Don’t mind, I am a very serious kind of student, but I hate restrictions. Bachpan se, I got everything I ever wanted, so I am quite pampered. I don’t like boundaries. I make them. But yeah, I don’t do anything which I know that my parents would not like. They are my world, so I don’t prefer to make them upset. *looks above and sees a disastrous turn from comedy to seriousness* *mentally slaps herself* *prepares to re-launch on the land of comedy*

Anyways, aaj maine Shambhavi ko ‘mean’ by Taylor Swift suna sunakar pareshaan kar diya. I only recalled three-four lines and I irritated her like anything. Well, that’s was the whole point of it. After all, I just LOVE irritating her. She is too cute.

So here entered our first candidate.


  1. God Mahi! I knew you had a weird sense of humour...but you toh are too much! Ninja-style? R u serious? U had me rolling our laughing. And that Kumkum part was cool too :D

    Gosh...you and your antics are so cute!

  2. @Anchal - Thank you thank you *lifts her collars*

    Yeah...seriously...i wonder what happens to my thoughts when i am alone! Kumkum part is real. Glad to make you laugh.

    Thank you...you are sweet :)

  3. Hahahah !

    I will tell this to Kumkum Ma'm :P

    Jab koi mana kare tab shaitani karne ka maza hi alag hai na? :D

  4. @Harsh Sir- NOOOOOOOOO.....you are NOT telling this to ma'am! plz plz plz. Rehem kijiye mujhpar! *begs*

    Yup...koi mana kare tabhi toh maza hai shaitani karne ka :P

  5. @Mahak- lol...no I am serious..i will tell * devilish grin* :P

  6. @Harsh Sir- Agar aap apne aap ko boodha hote huye dekhna chahte hain...and you want to live...toh aisa koi kaam mat kariyega *takes out her AK-47*

  7. Achha Achha sorry !*runs for his life* Nahi kahunga kuch....

    But I have an idea...why dont you sing this song in Fresher's party? KumKum se Kumkum se :P

  8. @Harsh Sir- Good for you *keeps her gun back* *evil smirks*

    LOL...this is funny...

    P.S. - I decided which poem I am gonna narrate on Fresher's...by the way, paper se dekhkar bol sakte hain na?

  9. Hey bhaggu ladki kya kya karti rehti hai class me!! U shud study not comment on how Kumkum Ma'am luks (Though I to recalled that Ekta Kapoor soap wen u 1st told me ur teacher's name n evn my second thot was Hussain. I know hez quite smart. :P
    Anyway, Shambhavi, how can u b irritated by such a cute cute who sings so well? *staring in disbelief*

  10. @Shreyoshi Di - I know...I am cool :D

    I do everything in my class...except studying :P

    SEE??? And you were saying that i should not say anything! *hmmphhh*

    AWW :) Thank you di...aap saara time gaana gavati rehti hain mere ko :D Sirf aaphi ko achi lagti hai meri voice... :)

  11. kum kum mam se mujhe apne spring dale ki KU KU mam yaad aa gai !! :D

  12. @Shan- Honestly? You study in SDS? I too did! Infac, cuckoo mam was kinda wierd. :P And SDS Rocks!

  13. yeah yeah !! SDS rocks !! EVERYBODY HERE NOW GIVE A SPRING DALE CLAP !! *clap clap clap !! clap clap clap !! tic tac toe !! clap clap !! * :D miss those days !!

  14. @Shan- Honestly... I miss those days too!