Sunday, August 07, 2011

Letting You Go...

Okay, this one poem is really very close to my heart. This is written for my best friend, Shivani.

She is going away for her further studies. And I can just silently watch her go away. It's the most difficult thing in the world, to see you best friend going apart. I would have been a little happier if I had any means of contact with her. But, in her hostel and college, even mobiles are not allowed. So I am not sure when I would be able to talk to her next.

Letting you go….

I saw the most dreadful dream,
Saw that you were slipping away,
While I was happy for you,
Yet, I couldn’t convey.

I knew that it was best for you,
Yet, I felt the pain,
However unhappy I was,
I had no right to complain.

You were just pursuing your dreams,
While I was doing the same,
But that didn’t explain the pain,
That, with the distance, came.

I knew I had to let you go,
And miss you all the while,
I had to be happy for you,
And even fake a smile.

I was genuinely happy for you,
Just my heart ached a little,
For you were going away from me,
Going away, a little far.

I knew that no more would we meet,
There would be no more talks,
Even though we would be in touch,
We wouldn’t be there to side-walk.

There would be no more hugs,
No more time spent together,
For you were going to study out,
Who knows when we would meet, if ever?

With a little smile on my face,
I wished you the best in life,
I watched you go away,
With tears brimming in my eyes.

-       Mahak

Love you a lot Shivi....I know I am good at hiding my feelings for someone, but it never had been the case with you. I am always gonna be there for you. Just a call away :)

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@I-F Readers: I am not publishing it on I-F. This poem is a part of me. And I don't think that I can ever bring myself to publish it on I-F.



  1. just one word- "beautiful"

  2. It's amazingly beautiful. I dunno how to manage to bring out the exact emotions, Mahi. You are the best writer I have come across. And you are what, 18? Way to go.

  3. hiiiii
    beautiful poem yaar
    loved it
    so heart touching
    plzzz do write more
    love 2 read them


  4. hey mahak awesome poem hon

    seriously loved it

    and happy friendship day

    with lots of love

    Aashi (aashizin)

  5. @Daniella- Thank you. Glad you liked this poem :)

  6. @Swati- Thank you so much Swati. That's a pretty big compliment. And yeah, I am 18. I myself dunno how I bring emotions into it.

    I just know that writing emotions is easier for me than giving descriptions. Emotions come naturally, coz i am a very emotional girl.

    Once again, Thank Swati for such a huger compliment. :)

  7. @Kash-maneet-fan : Thanks yaar...thank a ton. I am glad that you loved this poem. It's a part of me.

    I am really happy that you found it beautiful and heart touching. My best friend had started crying after reading this one.

    I would surely write more. And would definitely tell you. :)

  8. @Aashi- Heyyyaaaa...Thanks Aashi...

    Thanks for loving it hun...really!

    Happy friendship day to you as well :)

    Love you loads...

  9. @ Mahak... Nice poem :)

    Could feel all that you and your friend must be feeling...

    So true that we cant stop them and have to let them go with a fake smile :(

  10. Beautiful's so touching!!

  11. @Harsh sir- Thanks a ton. :)

    Yeah..i know you did. Exact moment par same cheez hui hai na...

    Yeah. Ek toh college ki nervousness....upar se i am gonna miss her like hell. She is nothing less than a sister to me. A close one at that.

    And I couldn't even fake a smile. And that's why, I hate my tears. :)

  12. @Anonymous- Thanks a lot.

    I am glad that you found it touching and beautiful :)

  13. @ Mahak- You're welcome :)

    sometimes we are so weak before our own emotions right :)

    College ki koi nervousness nai hai. Aaram se raho. kya kasht hai?

  14. @Harsh Sir- Right...exactly right.

    Like i hated myself when I started crying on the phone. It was pathetic. And i always hate when i become weak. Coz i am not weak, jst sensitive.

    Aapko FB par bataya toh tha...and aapne pooriproblem solve kar di....I am soooooooooooo relaxed now. Ab atleast i wud be able to sleep.

    God! Again, Thank you sooo much :)

  15. @ Mahak- Atleast you shed your emotional burden much more quickly unlike many other people..

    If you need any help in future also...i will be there :)

  16. @Harsh Sir- Yeah, that I do. I don't like being charity case. And i hate when someone pities me. So, that's the reason I hate tears.

    Pata nahi kyun...sabko lagta hai ki joh log aanson nahi girate hain...woh bahut strong hote hain...and joh log sabke saamne rote hain...those are very emotional.

    I would remember that. You have to find your notes. Nitesh Sir said that you and some di are the toppers. Congos for that. :)

  17. @ Mahak- actually people who suppress to much inside actually become weak. And to tell you, no one actually cares, we think that we are strong or weak. For most of the others..we are a fleeting thought !

    Thanks...but still far from being really a topper :)

  18. @Harsh Sir- Yeah, I often felt that I would weaken up myself, a way too much if i keep everything inside.

    Yup...and don't under-estimate urself now.

  19. @Harsh Pandey - For most of the others..we are a fleeting thought!

    A wonderful thought, I really liked it, true we give so much concern to those that do not mind us as much.

    Do you know of the poem Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shayar Hoon from kabhi kabhie? It reminded me of those wondrous lyrics.

    I would just add that for a few we are a recurring good dream. The few are enough, in fact they are everything.

  20. I loved that haunting first verse. Those nightmares that even when you awake from, you can not shake off, because some fear remains. You perfectly capture that feeling of helplessness, of screaming your heart out and yet failing to make a sound.

    You covered all those nuances caught in that moment, which in itself held a history of your friendship. As you sighed out your thoughts, slowly but surely she slipped away but never from your thoughts.

    Finely written, a delight to read.
    With love, Sabah

  21. @ Sabah...yes , actually no one has time to care about what we are or how we feel,except a very few people and they really matter in life...

    The song is really nice Sabah...listening to it and loving the voice/lyrics :)

  22. @ Sabah - Thanks a lot for the review. I really wait for them. Your comments always are my remedy. They always make me know where I lack and where I have accomplished.

    Thanks a lot. Many a times, I wake up, seeing a nightmare. And at that moment, I need nothing except assurance that those dreams aren’t going to come true.

    Yup, the fear remains. The fear and the pain remains. Thanks yaar. I am always glad to know that I can capture emotions. :) Coz I can connect myself to emotional thing more.

    And this lines of yours, “You perfectly capture that feeling of helplessness, of screaming your heart out and yet failing to make a sound.” You actually captured what many failed to notice. I didn’t want to cry…but I wailed. I was wincing, trying not to make a noice. The heart was breaking, trying not to let others see those glasses. :)

    I am really happy that I could perfectly capture it. :) It makes a me little bit proud :P

    LOL. I guess, no matter how much I can write no words can ever catch the relationship between me and Shivi. She is sad, and tears fall from my eyes. I am sad, and she is the one to tell me silly things to make me fall by excessive laughing. But, I did try. Glad to know that it worked.

    Yeah, she can slip away from my life…but never from my heart. She is the last person, I am ever going to forget.

    Thanks a lot yaar. Glad that it was delightful for you to read.

    With loads of love, Mahak