Friday, August 12, 2011

Scoops for future update 2

Scoops For Some Future Update

Mayank was shocked and stunned. Surely he was day-dreaming. Was she really calling him? Wow, that was a first! Maybe Samrat was right, all she needed was courage.
As he looked at the name 'Nupur' flashing on his cell, he was sure that he was sporting a huge smile on his face. He was extremely happy that atleast she got the courage to call him.
He gently picked up the phone and said, "Hello."
Nupur was shocked to see Mayank in her boutique. What was he doing here? She suddenly felt shy and giddy. She was sure that the air had suddenly become magical. Something for sure, was different.
Slowly, she went up to him and said, "Aap yahan?"
She felt so shy that she lowered her gaze. He touched her chin and lifted up her face. She gazed into his eyes and he drowned into her eyes. He smiled and her breath was caught in the middle. He was breathtakingly handsome. And she was proud that he was all hers.
He slowly broke the glance and said, "Woh…maine socha ki jab Dia ko pick up karna hi hai, toh kyun na main khud hi karun? Is bahane tum se bhi mil loonga and tumhari boutique bhi dekh loonga. Maine sahi kiya na?"
He smiled and she felt heat rising up her face. She felt so giddy, like a school girl who just had her first crush.
As she smelt the mehendi in her hands, she felt peace. She had always loved the smell of mehendi. Since a child, she always loved having mehendi in her hands. But today, it was different.
This time, this mehendi symbolized the amount of love her husband would do. She silently wished that Mayank loved her too much, because she for sure, was developing some feelings for him.

Obviously, this is a small teaser. I hoped that you enjoyed this one, cause i surely did. Till i write up the part, keep waiting :)

I am sorry that even after so much wait, i just had time to post a promo. But i would post the part soon.

As you all are expecting, the next part will be longer and it would cover up Mehendi, Sangeet and Mayur's unexpected meeting. There is lots of mayur in the next part. Ooohh....i am myself loving the idea. 

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Scoops For The Future Update:

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