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Chapter 11

Hey guys, I thought that I had enough of Nupur's pov for today. I wanted to write this special *blushes* update more with Mayank's pov. Well, it's because, um, you would see that in the update. I have tried to inculcate some feelings in them. *smiles shyly* After all, even if its arrange marriage, they must be stupid, not to have feelings for each other! *shakes her head*

And yeah, I, um, am particularly very shy today. Blame it on the novel I am currently reading. *plans to return back to reading sooner* So, yeah, I couldn't write more. *hides somewhere* I know that you probably wanna kill me for such a late update, *ducks from the stones thrown at her* but then, if you kill me, then who's going to write the next part? *evil smile*

And, um, I have a little bit of announcement to make. *clears her throat* I know that I am speaking way too much. I mean, you know that I never blabber so much, right? So, consider yourselves unlucky. *shakes head*

Well, I would have been forever lazy, if it hadn't been for my friends, especially Pooja [Reminding me every time on FB without saying even a 'hi'] and Daksha [Prepared the cards so fast that I don't have an excuse left] *stares hard at them*. And yeah, Jenny too [I can't believe this girl! She is supposed to be 'Inactive' for God sake! Scolding me like this! *hmmphh*]. Also, I am missing my old friends [not by age, mind you *miss them*].

And then, I have noticed that the amount of readers associated with this FF has decreased down the hill *wipes her tears on her sleeves and gets scolded for having no manners by her mother* So, I would like, um, if you tell me where I am lacking. Is this story being boring and stretched? If yes, *broken heart* then I can assure you that I can end it after their marriage.

And also, I guess I would completely show their budding feelings for each other. *On a serious note* They are going to be married now. If you don't like me to show a detailed version of the Indian customs and their importance in one's wedding, I am not going to write them, atleast not publish them. After all, I am writing this story for you!

So, I would sincerely like if you guys tell me my faults. It sucks to write such a long update and get so less reviews. So, I guess, I would be completing off this story. Thank you for this amazing journey. It means a lot to me.

And yeah, as I had told earlier, I would be completing off all my FFs and SSs and then, maybe, take a huge break from writing, it's not that I am going to be missed *wipes her tears*. I am not going to waste more of your time; so, let's proceed on to the update.

*Reads the above paragraphs and shakes her head on seeing the easy conversation turned so damn serious*

Now?.on to the update?.

Mayank's pov-

I was busy roaming in my room. Where the hell is Samrat when I need him? Yeah, he would be sneaking somewhere with his beloved Gunjan. On thinking about Gunjan, a huge smile came on my face. Gosh! She surely is something!

My sister-in-law has some unique qualities. And the best part is she is exactly the opposite of my wife. My inner voice immediately reminded me of my 'committed' status on FB which hadn't changed to 'married'. Umm, okay, soon-to-be-wife. Gunjan is so different. I mean, I thought that Nupur must have passed on a part of her immense shyness to her sister even. But, I guess I was wrong.

Where my Nupur is shy, Gunjan is bold and frank. I recalled chatting with my sister-in-law on facebook. I could hear my inner voice in a sing-song tone, saying 'Whoa! Mayank Sharma, the business tycoon, has gone nuts! Apparently he has lost his wits when it comes to a certain beautiful girl with chocolate-brown eyes and long black hair.'

I suddenly wished that I could stop my inner voice. I mean, isn't it illegal to create such beautiful dreams? Gosh, I really can't wait for our marriage to take place. Her name is enough to bring a smile on my face. It's a whirlwind of emotions for me. I truly have never felt this way before. I know that I don't love her yet. Love is too strong a word. But I surely have begun to have some feelings for her.

Recently, we have been talking a lot on the phone. Initially, she was so shy that she couldn't talk for more than 10 minutes with me. But then, I could feel her eagerness to talk with me. And that made me so happy. I have shared so much with her that I can easily say that she really is a friend to me.

She is very understanding and I can't thank God enough for her. We know each other's favourite things and hobbies. I never knew that apart from designing, Nupur loves to write. It's a pity that when I asked for a piece of her writing, she said, 'Abhi nahi. Itna acha nahi likhti hoon'. Hmm, maybe Gunjan can help me get a hold of her diary.

Coming back to Gunjan, I never knew that my sister-in-law would be bold enough on FB. She is such a tough nut to crack. She asked me so many questions that it seemed that I was out for an interview. The funny part is all those questions after our engagement. But the best part was that she gave me a short piece of Nupur's writing too.

Probably Nupur had written it her secret diary, which Gunjan got hold of. And it was so dense and beautiful that I couldn't help but admire her. I never knew that anyone could love sunsets. I particularly love sunrise and resented sunsets because they gave me a picture of sorrow. But apparently, she views the world with her own eyes.
'Dear Diary, aaj kya kahoon tumse? Kitni saari baatein kehni hai tumse...hmm...chalo aaj baat karte hain suraj ki...

Kehte hain ki ugta hua suraj bahut sundar hota hai. Usmein ek chanchalta hoti hai. Kabhi naraz...toh kabhi hasta hai woh. Lekin na jaane kyun...mere dil ko ugte huye suraj se zyada doobta hua suraj acha lagta hai. Main hamesha sochti hoon ki aakhir kahan jaata hai suraj? Paani mein kyun mil jaata hai?

Sabki nazron se chup kar, aakhir kisse milne jaata hai? Kya woh bhi kisi se pyaar karta hai? Kya kisi ko uska bhi intezaar hai? Aakhir kaun hai woh? Kya sirf chand ke aane par hi woh apne pyaar se mil paata hai? Bahut logon ko doobta hua suraj bilkul nahi pasand hota hai...unhe lagta hai ki woh 'the end' ko batata hai...par...aisa nahi hai.

Mujhe lagta hai ki doobta hua suraj 'hope' ko bata hai...agar aaj dooba hai, toh kal phir laut kar aayega. Agar zindagi mein dukh hai...toh such phir aayega. I wish I knew ki suraj kahan jaata hai?

P.S: I love sunsets. :) '
After reading this piece, even I fell in love with sunsets. And when I complimented her about her views, she just shied away. And the next day, Gunjan scolded me for telling her Di about it. Apparently, Nupur got her diary back.

Nupur is the most complicated person I have ever met. I mean, sometimes she is shy...sometimes she is bold...she is mature when it comes to handling deals...and is simultaneously a kid when it comes to chocolates. And there is a certain depth in her.

One thing about her which I immensely love is her chocolate brown eyes. Before her, I had never felt so much depth in someone's eyes. Her eyes are like wet pools of chocolate which seems to make me drown. I never have seen such captivating eyes. And her eyes speak a lot.

Well, Nupur is some piece! She is surely mysterious. I can never understand about her depth. Whoa. Surely I am not well today. What the hell is wrong with me? I am going on and on about her. Maybe I should really pay attention to my office. This girl just seems to take my breath away.

But before I could check out my files, I heard my phone ringing. I was shocked and stunned. Surely I am day-dreaming. Is she really calling me? Wow, that was a first! Maybe Samrat was right, all she needed was courage. And if that's what she wants, that's what she would get.

As I looked at the name 'Nupur' flashing on my cell, I was sure that I was sporting a huge smile on my face. I am so extremely happy that atleast she got the courage to call me. Finally, she is opening up to me.

Not wanting to make her wait, I gently picked up the phone and said, "Hello."

From the other end, I could almost see the blush on her face. She is just too cute for her own good. I knew how much courage she would have utilized, to call me.

She said, "Hello. Woh...aap kuch kar...I mean...umm...agar kuch important ho toh...main baad mein bhi call kar sakti hoon...agar koi pareshani ho toh. Main aapko...disturb...toh nahi kar rahi hoon na?"

God! This girl would be the death of me. If she keeps on stuttering, I wonder how much time it would take her to express herself.

I quickly replied, "Nupur, tum mujhe disturb nahi kar rahi ho. Aaj aapne is nacheez ko kaise yaad kiya?"

Her voice almost came in a whisper. She said, "Woh...aaj aapne phone nahi kiya...toh mujhe laga ki shayad aapki tabyet theek na ho. Isiliye."

I knew I was late. I always called her one hour before. So I knew that she expects my call at that time. But what I didn't know was the fact that she actually waited for my call.

I said, "Hmm...woh actually aaj thode kaam mein phans gaya tha. Aur, kya kar rahi thi?"

She immediately replied, "Aapke phone ka intezaar...nahi...I mean...maine yeh poochne ke liye call kiya ki...umm...haan...woh Dia boutique mein kabtak aayegi?"

I smiled broadly at this. I let my dimples dig in. I knew that I must be looking like a lunatic. But who cares? She actually waited for my call! And her stuttering just proved that.

I said, "Haan...I know. Dia boutique mein thodi der tak aa jaayegi..."

Nupur's pov-

God! That was nerve tingling! I never knew that I would get impatient enough to call him myself, if he didn't called on time. Was I seriously addicted to talking to him on phone? Whatever! I just am happy whenever he talks with me.

I looked at the card, which Gunjan had prepared for today's function.

It was so beautiful that I just fell in love with it. Although it was selected by me, the printing work was done by my friend Daksha. The way she wrote the matter, looked so charming. I always wanted a green card for the mehendi function.

Before I could further get lost in my thoughts, a cough broke my trance. I saw Dia standing at the doorstep. I ushered her in. We went through different attired and she tried on as many things as she could. After sometime, she selected two lehengas for her. And then we started talking of here and there.

I gained my courage and showed a white coloured semi-transparent shirt to Dia. I had especially designed that for Mayank. I don't know about his taste in clothes, but I felt that this shirt would look great on him.

She surveyed it and said, "Bhabhi...yeh shirt toh bahut hi smart hai. Especially iske buttons...itne beautiful white pearl ki tarah hai. It would look awesome on anyone."

I asked, "Dia...yeh shirt unhe kaisi lagegi?"

Before she could reply, I heard a familiar voice saying, "Hmm?mujhe yeh shirt achi lagegi."

I was shocked to see Mayank in my boutique. He was wearing a light green shirt with blue washed jeans. Wow! We are matching. But, what is he doing here? I suddenly felt shy and giddy. I was sure that the air had suddenly become magical. Something for sure, was different.

Slowly, I went up to him and said, "Aap yahan?"

I felt so shy that I lowered my gaze. He touched my chin and lifted up my face. I gazed into his eyes and he drowned into my eyes. He smiled and my breath was caught in the middle. He was breathtakingly handsome. And I am proud that he is all mine. A cough escaped from Dia's mouth, indicating that she was still present there.

Mayank slowly broke the glance and said, "Woh...maine socha ki jab Dia ko pick up karna hi hai, toh kyun na main khud hi karun? Is bahane tum se bhi mil loonga and tumhari boutique bhi dekh loonga. Maine sahi kiya na?"

He smiled and I felt heat rising up her face. I felt so giddy, like a school girl who just had her first crush. What is wrong with me?

I said, "Ummm...chaliye main aapko apni boutique dikhati hoon."

We went inside and I showed him all of my works. He seemed really impressed. Good! But I absolutely hated when my assistants were throwing themselves at him. Can't they see that he is my fianc?  I hate flirts! But he paid no attention to them. I love this fact.

Mayank 's pov-

We decided to roam about just for a bit. Nupur is really very talented. Her designs are wonderful. All the works are beautiful and Dia's lehengas are just amazing. I know that my sister would look great in those. I looked at each and every design of hers. To be honest, I loved when Nupur got jealous of those girls throwing themselves at me. But she should know that I am never going to pay attention to them.

After sometime, we decided to go to the beach, which was very close to her boutique. It was also famous as 'sunset-point'. I just knew that this was the best place for us. We went there and gazed into the calm horizon, with the sun leaving the heat and just setting in. The sky was completely orangish-pink in colour.

I decided to break the silence and asked her, "Nupur, kya sach mein tumhe sunset itna pasand hai? Main tumhare khyaalon ko padha tha. Kya unmein koi sachai hai ya phir sirf likhne ke liye likh diya?"

Nupur shyly said, "Ji, mujhe sach mein sunsets bahut pasand hain. Likhne ke liye nahi...balki sach much pasand hai mujhe. Doobte huye suraj ko dekhne ka maza hi kuch aur hai. Aasman mein har taraf khoobsurat rang bikhar jaata hai...maano suraj ne use apne rang diya ho. Lekin aapko toh sunset nahi pasand hai na?"

To this, I couldn't help but reply, "Nahi, ab mujhe bhi sunset bahut pasand hai."

She smiled shyly, getting the meaning behind my words. We decided to store this precious moment in our memories forever. We didn't need to speak. For, something else was happening. Maybe we were actually exchanging words without even speaking. Watching sunset with someone you are betrothed to, is something really magical.

We watched the sunset for sometime, before Nupur had to go inside. She had to assign some work to her assistants. And being left alone, Dia finally decided to grace me with her presence. We started talking, waiting for Nupur to come out.

Dia asked, "Bhai, aapko bhabhi ke saath yeh shaam kaisi lagi? See, meri vajah se aap bhabhi se bhi mil paaye hain."

I couldn't help but smile. Today, we had shared something beyond words. It's something that only the two of us can ever understand.

I replied, "Bahut achi..."

Nupur's pov-

I had given all the instructions to my assistants. I was about to reach them when I could hear some muffled voices. I could distinguish them. I was about to meet them when I heard Dia talking.

Dia said, "Bhai, bhabhi ko jaate jaate ek cheek kiss nahi doge?"

Thank God I was hiding and listening. I could almost count my breaths for the anticipation of his answer.

Mayank said, "Dia. Main aisa koi kaam nahi karoonga jisse tumhari bhabhi uncomfortable feel karein. And I really don't think ki shaadi se pehle itni closeness unhe achi lagegi. And dossri baat, 'public display of affection' mujhe bilkul bhi pasand nahi hai."

Oh my god! Like I thought, Mayank is just too sweet. And I love the fact that he respects my moral values. He is just too good to be true. I decided to join them. When I went there, I saw Dia smiling proudly at her brother and Mayank rubbing the spot on his neck. I noticed that he always rubbed the back of his neck, whenever he felt nervous or awkward.

We politely talked for a few moments before papa called me and asked me to reach home. And then we departed for home. For the first time, I was having too big a smile on my face while departing my boutique.

Well, it surely feels a great day. Currently, I was sitting on a chair, clad in green suit for putting up the mehendi. Ohh?I so love this smell. But when both of your hands and legs are being covered in mehendi, the feeling exactly isn't that soothing.

But, mehendi is not only the adoration of the bride rather it epitomizes her transformation from a virgin girl to a temptress for her husband. The most popular designs of bridal mehendi are conchshell, flowers, Kalash, peacock, Gods, Goddess, doli and baraat patterns. The intricate motifs of the bridal henna also hide the husband's name.

While looking at my hand, my best friend, Pooja teased me. She asked, "Hmm...aaj toh madam ke bade naaz hain. Laga le laga le. Ache se mehendi laga le. Aakhir is baar ki mehendi toh jiju ke naam ki hai. Ham bhi toh dekhe, ki jiju tujhse kitna pyaar karte hain."

And she and my friends started giggling. I couldn't fight off a blush at his name. He had been incredibly sweet with me. Like other girls, even I am attracted to him. And I hated when my assistants were trying to flirt with him. I mean, he is my fiance! But, it would be wrong to say that he did anything wrong. He didn't even return their affections. He was whole-solely focused on what I was saying.

While in this modern era, where two people before engagement get close, he had always maintained a distance from me physically. He always knew his limits and never did anything which could possibly bring shame. He never even consciously held my hand for God sake!

Even today, when at the boutique, Dia asked him to hold my hand or atleast kiss me a goodbye on my cheeks, he politely declined her. He had said that he would never do anything like that before marriage. I love the fact that he respects me.

Sometimes I wonder how I got this lucky. Truly, papa and mummy knows my choice. I never even told them which type of boy I wanted. They just knew. But even though I like Mayank, I am just afraid of leaving my house behind. I am also nervous that how would I cope up with the new responsibilities. Moving to a new house isn't exactly the easiest job. With responsibilities, comes fear. And I am afraid. What if?. I screwed up?

But before I could dwell on insecurities, Surbhi broke my trance. Apparently she asked me a question and was expecting an answer. Not being able to hear the question, I asked, "Hmm...kya kaha tumne?"

Fari said, "Madam, kiske khyaalon mein khoyi hain aap? Jiju ke khyaalon se bahar aaiye, aur hamse baatein kijiye."

I blushed. Aditi giggled and asked, "Koi nahi...ham pooch lete hain. Tujhe toh customs ke bare mein sab pata hota hai na. Toh bata...aakhir jiju ka naam tere haathon mein chupaya kyun jaata hai? And phir usi ko wedding night par dhoondhne ki rasm kyun hai?"

Before I could respond, ma came there. She said, "Tum sab ise tease karna band karo. Main batati hoon. Traditionally, ek ladki ke haathon mein uske pati ka naam chupa diya jaata hai. Wedding night par, groom ko apna naam dhoondhna hi padta hai. Agar groom apne naam ko apni dulhan ke haathon mein nahi dhoondh pata hai, toh iska matlab hai ki ladki dominant rahegi. Aur kabhi kabhi toh the wedding is not allowed to consummate until the groom has found the names. This is also seen it gives chance to let the groom touch the bride's hands in order to find his name, thus initiating a physical relationship. Khush?"

After hearing this definition, I started to turn pink. I never thought of the physical aspect of this custom. I always thought that it is done because the groom wants to impress the girl. I also knew about the dominance part but not the excuse-to-touch part. At this, everyone started to tease me. My traitor friends!

Daksha teased me by saying, "Nupur, dekh lena...kahin jijaji dhoodhte hi na reh jaayein. Thodi madad toh kar hi dena unki."

Mahima was the next one to say, "Thori madad karna. Poori jaankari mat de dena."

But my life saver Varsha said, "Bas karo tum log. Kitna chedogi Nupur ko?"

But did they listen? Nope! These are what friends are for! So, while my friends were teasing me about Mayank, I am not sure what am I supposed to feel. How to react? Kisi aur ke naam ki mehendi lag rahi hai aaj. Har baar ki tarah nahi. Is baar is mehendi ka rang unke pyaar ko batayega.

As I smelt the mehendi in my hands, I suddenly felt a sense of peace. I have always loved the smell of mehendi. Since a child, I always loved having mehendi in my hands. But today, it was different. Aaj maine apne shauk se nahi, balki kisi aur ke liye mehendi lagai hai. Ek ajnabi...joh zindagi ban jaayega meri.

This time, this mehendi symbolized the amount of love my husband would do. I silently wished that Mayank loved me too much, because I for sure, was developing some new feelings for him.

And after watching the sunset with him, I fell in love with sunsets all over again. Unke saath dekhne mein...kuch toh alag baat thi. Kuch toh naya tha... Aaj pehli baar dil ne ek bar bhi sunset ko dekhte huye suraj ke baare mein nahi socha...socha toh unke baare mein...hamari nayi zindagi ke baare mein. Mujhe kya ho raha hai?

Mayank's pov-

It's really great. I can't even move my hands at all. Why? I mean Nupur ka samajh mein aata hai?par mujhe mehendi kyun? Kitna ajeeb hai. aajtak kabhi mehendi lagai nahi, aur aaj kisi aur ke naam ki mehendi.

But to be honest, is mehendi ki smell bahut sweet si hai. And aaj ki Nupur ke saath meeting ke baad toh...sab kuch aur bhi acha lag raha hai. She made me feel what I had never felt before.

After watching the sunset with her, I can proudly say that I love sunsets. Aaj pehli baar dil sunset ko dekhkar dukhi nahi hua...I felt peace. Apni nayi zindagi ke baare mein socha...uske bare mein socha. Mujhe kuch toh ho raha hai. And yeh jo bhi hai...bahut acha sa hai. Kuch toh ho raha hai?

That's all for today!

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The Sunset And New Feelings :


  1. awesome POVs. Amazing is the power of love...makes you act strangely. WOW

  2. @Harsh Sir- Thank you. This is my only novel which I, myself, love. And the only one, with which i associate myself. In short, the only one with which, i am confident. Well, what can I say? If i keep myself at the writer's place, I can say that love is the most amazing thing that can ever happen. It makes you act strangely...but in a beautiful way.

    And when i keep myself at Nupur's place, this may be just some feelings...not particularly love. Coz love is deeper than this. LOL

    Okay, I got carried away! No more deep thoughts! *rolls her eyes*

    Thank you...