Monday, November 28, 2011

Best Chatni of the world...

I got to have THE best papa of the whole wide world... 

He, perhaps, loves me more than any father can love his daughter... He spoils and pampers me like anything... He protects me and is very possessive for me... 

He scolds me when needed... But when he sees a single tear in my eyes, his hands reach to wipe them off...  And he offers me comfort.... And does everything possible, to stop my tears.

He is closer to me than my mummy... or anyone else. He is my role model, my inspiration... my world for me! I just want to do something good... for him!

His love gives me strength and hope... His actions for me, make me go 'awww'... And I can proudly call myself as my 'Papa's Princess'...

Like today, his action touched me soooooooo much!


Me: Papa, I wanna eat peanuts.

Papa: Par beta, woh toh maine tumhare liye laa kar rakhi hain. I know how much you love them.

Me: Par mujhe bazar waali chatni pasand hai na!

Papa: Kal la doonga.

Me: Par kal toh mera fast hai!

Papa: Acha theek hai. I promise that I would give you bazar-waali chatni today. Happy?

Me: Yup :D


 After some time, my mother called me in kitchen...

Mummy: Mahak... jaldi kitchen mein aao.

Me: Abhi nahi mummy. Meri movie chal rahi hai.

Mummy: Tum aao jaldi! Ek cheez dikhani hai.

Me: *curious* Kya hai?

Mummy: Jaldi aao... khud dekh lo!

Me: Ok.


When I went in the kitchen, the scene that awaited for me... made me go just teary...

My papa was in the kitchen, making chatni for me... He used belan to make the chatni... His hands were red... And my tears just fell...

I really was touched... He did everything for me. He fulfils all my wishes... He pampers me more than possible. He loves me more than possible.

Me: *teary-eyed* *voice-choked-with-emotions* Papa?

Papa: *still making that chatni* Dekha, maine promise kiya tha na... tumhe aaj wahi bazar waali chatni doonga. Taste it.

Me: *After tasting the BEST chatni of the whole world* Papa, I just love you.

I hugged him...

Mummy: Yeh chatni toh main bhi khaoongi.

Me: Nah... This one is made for me... and ise main kisi ko haath bhi nahi lagane doongi.

Papa: Kaisi bani hai?

Me: *honestly* This is THE best chatni of the world.


I felt sooooooooooo happy... So... Loved.

And what else do we want from our lives, except someone to love us and spoil us unconditionally?

Afterwards, when I looked at his hands, they were blood red.. He has something... that has to do with not applying too much pressure on his hands. But he did, just for me.


How can he love me so much? How come I got SO lucky to get him as my father?

What did I do to deserve such a father? How can someone love someone SO much...??

I don't know that answers to any of these questions... But only one thing is clear...

He is MY world... The most important person to me in my life, today and forever...

Love you papa, more than words can convey... <3 <3 <3

- Your princess,


  1. Mahi, was this really open for review? Because for the first time, you are sharing such a close incident of your life.

    You really are lucky. God bless you both.

    And you got such a loving father, because you are very loving towards him and everyone. And he loves you...coz you love him too much. I know you are closest to your father and just love him.

  2. U made me thnk bout my father who works day n nite for me ,for my education , my ease in daylife ... To be honest ... Im inclined towards my mother cuz she shares the love n pain with me through words ... But today i think that showin ur love dosent need words ...

    U made the inclined ballanced .. Thnx ..

    P.s u r nt awesome .. The girl in the incident above is awesome .. Khush na ?:-D

  3. oh gul....
    i jus love to read your writing..
    they are so emotinal...
    i can feel them...

  4. @Kanchan- Thank you so much hun. :D I love your reviews :) I am glad that you can feel them... Makes me feel so good. And emotional toh main hun hi :D

    Thank you for making classes in college interesting ;)

  5. @Anchal- Yup, this was open for view :D I know.. this is VERY close to my heart, but you know... sometimes it feels good to share :)

    Thank you :) And here you go again with my praises, knowing how uncomfortable I am with accepting praises :P

  6. @Shan- Hmm... I am so glad that I could contribute in any way possible :)

    LOL... yeah yeah sure... I have no idea how the girl in the above incident is awesome! :P