Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I won't fall in love with you...

Hi friends...I am new to this forum, but I absolutely LOVE Manveer... 

I mean, Uday is so HOT and the chemistry between Uday and Manyata, is sizzling.

I am writer of many FFs, so I decided to write one on them too. They have to be the BEST couple for this show.


- Mahak / Mahi

He watched, as the tears fell from her eyes. He couldn't wipe her tears off. It was because of him. He never expected that he would have to marry an unwilling bride, but it was his destiny. He couldn't do anything. He decided that he would give her everything... except love.

She felt shattered. She was broken. She was marrying him. She had never expected that she would have to marry him... a person she hated more than anyone else in the world. She decided that no matter what happens... she won't ever fall in love with him.

That's it :)

Hope you like the concept... I know this is different from the show, but I had already imagined them married. *shy*

So, I would continue from here itself. Kindly leave a review to let me know if I should continue it or not.

- Mahak

Next Part : Chapter 1

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