Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I won't fall in love with you... Chapter 1

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Manayata's pov-

As I entered 'my' new room, I saw it was bigger than I expected. But then, everything is so classy. I don't know how I would cope-up with everything. I am not prepared for this... I never will be.

Uday is one person... I hate the most in this world. I don't like him at all. I HATE him. He has spoiled my life... distanced me from my reality. Since I met him, I just lost everything. And to think that I am married to him... what a joke! 

I gazed at the centre bed, decorated with roses and jasmines. I love jasmines. I was just looking around and observing everything, when I saw Unnati and Jainandini entering the room.

Unnati smiled and said, "Bhabhi, kaisa laga aapko bhaiya ka... I mean, apna naya kamra?"

Unnati is one person, I can't hold grudges to. She always seemed to smile and talk to me politely. She is my friend... my only friend after Chiki and Soni. She supported me when no one else would. It's not her fault, that her brother is so damn irritating.

I smiled and said, "Bahut acha hai. Kam se kam us khadoos Uday se zyada acha. Warna pata nahi main yahan kaise rehti... haan nahi toh."

She laughed, while Jainandini gave me an irritated glance. I wish she disappears. I can't believe that God can be so cruel to make her my sister!

Unnati said, "Bhabhi, aap thodi der rukiye. Main dada se nek lekar, unhe aapke paas bhejti hun."

She went away, before I could stop her. Who wants to see Uday? I would love if he doesn't even come. Huh. Stupid, irritating... husband! Shit.

Jainandini broke my line of thoughts and said, "Tumne Uday ko hamse hamesha ke liye cheen liya. Uske baad bhi tumhe chain nahi hai kya?"

Who asked her to open her big mouth? I had decided that no matter what, I won't fight with her today. But I think she can't keep her mouth shut.

I replied, "Bandariya, apna muh toh tu band hi rakh. Badi aai mujhe samjhaane waali ki kya sahi hai aur kya galat. Aur rahi baat Uday ki, mujhe kabhi se nahi chahiye tha woh. Tu hi rakhle use...aur -"

Before I could continue with my little rant, someone said, "Tsk. Tsk. Mrs. Udayveer Manyata... humein aapse yeh ummeed nahi thi. Bhala koi apni hi suhaag-raat ke din apne pati ke bare mein aise shabd bolta hai kya?"

I looked back to see him entering the room. He was all decked up in a white sherwani with red embroidery. Even though I don't want to admit, he is extremely handsome. If I didn't already hate him so much, I surely would have admired him.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Jainandini exit the room, and Udayveer locking the door. What the hell? He won't touch me... would he?


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