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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"You don't know how much I and Ashley enjoyed. It was really fun." Aston grinned.

The last thing that Alyssa wanted to hear was, to know the details of their date. But could she say no? Nope! Instead, she had to bear the pain and deal with it. What was with men and their habit to narrate the details of their date to their best friends? Whatever it was, it was times like these, when Alyssa wished that she wasn't Aston's best friend.

Alyssa was tired with all the day's activities. She said, "Look, I would really like to sit and chat with you about the details of your date with Ashley, but I seriously have somewhere important to go. So see you later."

As she tried to get up, Aston held her hands and made her sit. Aston asked her curiously, "What's the matter? You have never been like this. You always have time for me, whenever I want. Ally, what's bothering you?"

Yes, she always had time for him, whenever he wanted. But the thing was he didn't exactly return the favor. And yesterday night, she had forced herself to promise that she won't let herself be used by anyone. She would stay away from him and avoid him as much as she could. She wouldn't let her heart be broken again and again.

Well, she knew that she had to cook up a half lie. Alyssa offered a smile and said, "Nothing is bothering me. Don't worry. I am just fine. I just have to go and attend to whatever work Collin has assigned for me."

Being an editor in fashion magazine actually was tiresome. Aston was amazed at the fact that Alyssa, a tomboy, was the head of fashion department and her fashion skills were liked by everyone. Sometimes he wondered if she would ever wear fashionable clothes herself.

Aston raised his eyebrow at her, showing that he clearly didn't believe her excuse. Alyssa frustratingly said, "Fine! I am not frustrated. It's just that Collin has again started to make moves at me. And I am fed up with his antics and corny lines. Stupid man."

Although Collin was Alyssa's boss, he was a playboy. Getting everything and everyone he wanted at a tender age, Collin didn't know the meaning of rejection. And Alyssa was definitely pulling his strings. What Aston failed to know was, how the 'most eligible bachelor' on second position could, run after Alyssa. After all, Alyssa didn't exactly look like a girl.

Aston asked, "But you have always dealt with him in the past. Why is it bothering you so much now?"

Alyssa contemplated whether to tell him or not. She knew that Aston was damn protective about her. If she tells him, maybe he would kill him. But Collin deserved to be killed. She hated Collin with every fiber in her body.

Alyssa, not wanting to lie to Aston, said, "Well, you see, earlier it was mere flirting. But now, um, he has, um-"

Hating the pause and slight hesitation in her voice, he asked, "He has, what? What is the matter? You have to tell me Alyssa."

She knew when to comply with Aston. He hardly ever called her by her full name. He always called her Ally, and she never allowed anyone else to call her by that name. According to her, it was only his right to call her Ally. And whenever he called her 'Alyssa', she knew that it meant business.

Not wanting to waste another moment, she confessed, "Now, he has started to try and make moves at me physically."

At his dangerous gaze, and the way his hands were clenched, she understood that he wanted more details. She knew that she had to elaborate. Even if she didn't like to recall, she just knew. She knew that when Aston wanted to know something, it was better to tell him without a pause. She felts tears coming in her eyes.

With trembling voice, she said, "I wasn't that irritated with his deliberate brushes, b-but-" She chocked back a sob and said, "But, yesterday, he cornered me in the room and even started kissing me forcefully. Only I know how prevented him. All this is just taking a toll on me. I just can't bear his ravishing stares and by-mistake-not-so-gentle brushes anymore. But leave it, you were telling me about your date with Ashley."

Whenever anyone made moves at Alyssa, that person had to deal with Aston. It wasn't that Aston loved Alyssa as a woman or something; it was just that he was worried about Alyssa. He knew her beliefs and he just knew that he had to save her from everything else. He just had to.

She had even saved her virginity for her special someone. She was even apprehensive about kissing people, but then she understood. Well, her first kiss had been with him. Both, not wanting to waste their first kiss with useless people, shared it together. They both knew that they would always be friends, and always in contact, so they shared in under mistletoe in Christmas.

And it agitated him to no bounds, whenever another man tried to touch Alyssa. And it worsened when someone tried to touch her without her permission. And this Collin infuriated him to no ends. Whenever anyone touched Alyssa, somehow it bothered him.

Aston, in agitation, said, "Do hell with Ashley. What the hell! Doesn't that bastard know when to back off? Haven't I made myself clear over and over again that I would kill him if he ever tried to lay his filthy hands on you? I guess he needs a reminder punch. How dare he touch you that way? And how dare he try and kiss someone who is mine?"

It was times like these when she fell more in love with Aston. His possessiveness for her was the only feeling she loved the most. He was considered herself to be his. Although by his, he only implied friendship, but she was content with that. It's better to have something rather than nothing.

At meeting a silence, Aston looked at Alyssa. Traces of tears were still visible in her eyes. The one thing that he hated the most in this world was to see tears in Alyssa's eyes. It pained him. He set his blue eyes on her and slowly her brown eyes met his.

Aston lowered his tone and said, "Hey. Ally, you know that I am there. Right? Stop crying baby. No one is going to touch you ever. I am here to protect you from every crap of a man."
He ushered her in his arms and wiped away her tears. Although people knew him to be a masochist, Alyssa brought the gentle and caring man in him. He always went soft if he saw her tears. Heaven forbid if anyone saw his caring nature.

Alyssa stopped crying and smiled at him. She said, "Hmm, I know that you are there. Don't worry; I just broke down due to stress. I am very tired today. And you don't have to teach Colin a lesson because Alex already did that yesterday."

At the mention of Alex, Aston went completely rigid. Although Alex was Aston's male buddy, Aston hated the nearness of Ally with Alex. Alex had already told Aston that he loved Alyssa. And this was the reason why Aston never liked Alex's nearness with Alyssa. Aston didn't know why.

He had always saved Alyssa from men who were after her because he knew that their intentions weren't right. But he never understood his problem with Alex. He knew that Alex's intentions towards Alyssa were honorable. And that's what made him more possessive for Alyssa. He couldn't bear other men coming close to his best friend.

Without noticing the change in his expressions, she continued, "Actually, come to think of it, Alex did prove to be my guardian angel."

And then she flashed a smile for which Aston wanted to kill Alex. That smile was always reserved for Aston. Never did Alyssa use that dreamy smile for any other male. Never. Not even for her father. He knew that when it came to Alex, he was just unreasonable.

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