Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just Friends...??

Just friends….

Well, if you had asked him, two minutes ago if he loved Alyssa, Aston would have laughed on your face. But right now, he wasn't sure. Were the things actually changing? How could she steal away his breath? How could she make him skip a heart beat?

Was it just the change of her clothes, or was Aston seeing her in a different way? Was he actually falling for his best tomboy friend? Was it possible that he had failed to notice her beauty under those shaggy boyish clothes and had failed to see her soft yet profound feminine curves? Or was this girl, standing in front of him, was not the Alyssa he knew?

Whatever the case was, he knew that he was feeling something different. And when he saw Alyssa talking to Alex, he felt two foreign emotions sweep throughout his body. Was he actually feeling 'that' possessive of Alyssa that he currently wanted to cut off Alex's hands? And was he actually jealous of his male buddy, Alex, talking to his Alyssa? At the thought of 'his', he went completely rigid. Surely, Alyssa was not his. Atleast, not in the literal sense. They were…just friends, weren't they?


This was the story, I wrote WAY back Here! The poster is made by me  :P

I am going to post ONLY two chapters. The reason is : Maybe I would be publishing it. Or maybe I don't want to write it.

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- Mahak :)


  1. Read both the chapters
    Hope you continue the story
    I really loved it

    1. Thanks a ton!! I am thinking of doing so myself. I left it in the middle only because of a moron who blamed me for copying stuff from internet and you know i dont do that ever!