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Chapter 12

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Isn't this VM a perfect picture of MN's feelings? Well, guess what? Dakshu made it for me. I just told her the song and asked her to fit in some scenes, and you know what? The next day, I find this! This VM, which made all my imaginations come true! You must take some of your time out and check this one. This one surely deserves all the time in the world. And this VM gives an image to the FF. I am proud to have such a VM made for my FF. Really. This one helps in imagining all the scenes- past, present & future- of this FF, easily. So do check this out. All credit goes to Daksha.

Now...on to the short update. My bak-bak at the end... 

Mayank's pov-
I don't know what's happening. I am lost. I have started hallucinating. For god sake! After a week, it's our marriage. It's THE day. Still, I am restless as hell. What's happening?
Samrat came and kept his fingers on my shoulder blade. He gently massaged them to make them at ease.
Samrat said, "Relax dude. You need to chill. I have heard of 'pre-wedding jitters' but, your marriage is after a week, not today!"
I looked at his face and said, "Haha. And that was supposed to ease me!"
He laughed. How dare he? When I glared at him, he showed a sign of surrender. 
He said, "Dude, ok. I am sorry. I was joking. But what the hell is wrong with you? Where is THE Mayank Sharma? You are, either, lying on bed, living in some sick imaginary world or smiling to yourself. Where's the one with I-am-not-a-person-to-mess-with? The industrialist? I mean, dude seriously, either you are in love, which I am sure you are, or you are having jitters. What's wrong? You know you can share everything with me."
I stared at him as if he has five heads. After all, since when did he have the knowledge? How could I tell him that I was restless and she was the reason for it? I mean seriously, she hasn't called me or had talked to me since 23 hours!
And I was dying here. How can she not call me? Doesn't she care a bit for me? I mean, here I was waiting for her like anything and she can't even talk to me. It's not as if I was waiting for her to call, I too had called her two times already, but she couldn't talk to me. God knows why!
And then I recalled something Sam had said. I replied, "It's just a headache. And by the way, I am not in love with her. I her."
I myself wasn't convinced of what I was saying. I had started hallucinating her sweet smile. Whenever I thought about the twinkle in her eyes, I had to refrain myself from smiling. She was mesmerizingly beautiful. I haven't seen a girl more beautiful than her. And by this I mean, not only by looks, but in her moral values. She is simple and loves simplicity.
Samrat smiled at me and said, "Dude, you are mad. Seriously, you have started really liking her. I can just see the stars in your eyes. And before you argue with me, tell me one thing, where is Dia?"
I monotonously said, "Dia must be either in her room with Benji or talking on phone with Benji. I wonder how much can those two talk!"
Sam chuckled and said, "It seems great to know the amount of interest a brother has for his sister."
I shot him a dark look and he quickly made his exit. What can I do when my little sis is madly in love with a guy, whom I had practically known for all my life? I don't know why brothers have a problem with their sisters marrying their best friends! I simply have no problem, as long as Benji loves her and treats her like a princess.
All said and done, I quickly typed up a message and sent it to my Nupur. I don't how and when, but Nupur was no longer just Nupur, she was MY Nupur.

Nupur's pov-
I don't know what's happening. There are so many things to do. Besides, I didn't even have enough time to talk to Mayank. God! He must feel that I don't even care about him. Oh! What can I do? He had even called two times, but my hands are so full that I literally have no time to talk.
Just then, my mobile indicated me of a message. I opened the screen to see that it was from him. A shy smile automatically came on my lips accompanied by a little color on the cheeks.
'Khoye khoye rehene lage hain hum,
na jaane kyun unke khyalon mein,
simat kar reh gai hai zindagi,
unhi ke ehsaason mein.'
[The above lines are written by me, copyright intended. Infact, all the lines used in this update are written by me. And yes, I know. I suck at Hindi shayaris.]
As I read his message, the first thing that came in my mind was, 'He writes?' Wow! This is just beautiful. My cheeks started to burn and I realized that I was probably blushing. I touched my cheeks to remove my blush to no effect. He is the sweetest person I have ever met in my life.
While I was blushing, I didn't notice Gunjan coming into my room. I only noticed her when my mobile was snatched away from my hands and she had it.
I tried to reach to my phone to no avail. She wouldn't give me. She had a mysterious glint in her eyes. Okay, now I was scared.
I said, "Gunji, de na...tang mat kar mujhe."
She kept it further away from my reach and said, "Kyun? Main pehle jiju ka msg padh loon, tabhi doongi. Aakhir main bhi toh dekhun ki aisa kya likha hai jiju ne, jise padhkar tum laal hui jaa rahi ho."
I tried reaching for it, but she was faster. It was his entire fault! He had to be so sweet and loving that I had to blush! Now Gunjan would read everything and tease me like anything. And like I said, she did tease me.
Gunjan said, "Ooohhh...khoye khoye? Aha...kisi ko pyaar ho gaya hai...woh, kaun sa song tha? Haan! Yaad aaya. 'Hamein jab se...mohobbat ho gai hai.' Ooohhh...Jiju is so romantic. Samrat ko kuch kyun nahi sikhate hain woh?"
I know she hadn't realized this, but she gave me a perfect opportunity to recoil back. I was so red by her teasing.
I said, "Kisi ko Samrat ka romantic mood pasand hai..."
I purposely trailed off. This action irritated me and my sister like anything. We both are curious people, and become excessively curious when someone doesn't tell us something.
I managed to take away my mobile from her grasp. I quickly typed a reply back for him. I was lost at words, but somehow I guess I managed. I can't believe I sent this THAT message! What had come over me? Since when did I become such bold and frank?
I guess something changed with your life-partner. I knew I could be open and frank with him. And let him accept me the way I am. I no longer had to be shy with him. I was going to share my life with him...thoughts and views are too less in that comparison.
People may think that I am too shy to even talk, but when it comes to my life partner, I am a die-hard romantic. Always had been. After all, my entire life was going to be connected with his, so I had to be open.
I was lost in his thoughts. But then, Gunjan had to interfere! She threw a pillow at me, and then our pillow fight begun.

Mayank's pov-
I sent her the message and waited for her reply. It was as if, waiting for the result of my board examinations. Really. I was tensed. For the first time in our life together, I had sent her a flirting type of message. God knows how she is going to react! I just hope that she doesn't shies away.
Stupid Mayank! Who asked you to send you that SMS to her? What would she think? She still isn't that comfortable with me. What would happen if Nupur gets cross? Oh shit. I screwed up, I guess.
I was pacing in my room, when my phone buzzed. 'My Nupur' name flashed on the screen. I did a little prayer and opened up the text to read.
'Kyun kho gaye hain aap khyaalon mein,
Kyun phans gaye hain aap sawalon mein,
Khayalon mein kisi se milne ka kya fayda,
Jab hakeequat mein hi woh aapka hai.'
Really? Now I was stunned. Was she...flirting back? Wow. I have never seen this side of Nupur. Does this mean...? Is she too feeling the same feelings that I feel for her? Is she waiting for my reply? Or was this a reply to my SMS?
God! WTH is happening to me? Why am I behaving like some stupid teenager in love? I am a grown up man and I am acting like a moron. I must message her back. We have talked often on the phone, so let some messages be shared between us. After all, she is franker this way.

Some Messages Shared-

Mayank: Rangon ko zindagi mein bharke toh dekhiye... Sapno ko udaan bharne toh dijiye... Shayad koi apna mil jaayega... Joh aapki zindagi ban jaayega...

[Nupur's pov : Hmm...and he tells me that he doesn't know how to write! Let me answer him indirectly.]
Nupur: Hamari zindagi mein... rang bharne ke liye... aapka shukriya.

[Mayank's pov ... Was she indirectly telling me something? Does this mean that she considers me as her life? Is she Nupur...? Or is Gunjan playing some games with me?]
Mayank: You are Nupur only na?

[Nupur's pov : Hey bhagwaan! Inhe lagta hai ki main koi aur hun! Aur ban Miss Shy!]
Nupur: LOL. Yeah, me only. Don't be worried. I never let anyone touch my mobile.

[Mayank's pov : Thank God! She is Nupur only! But how is she suddenly very open with me? Maybe she has realized that it's time we maintain a comfort level.]
Mayank: Oh. Sorry, I thought ki how come you suddenly started talking.

[Nupur's pov- Hehe...he doesn't know me at all.]
Nupur: Don't worry. I am very talkative, I just don't talk easily. It's time that you know the person you are going to spend your entire life with. And I am already warning you, I am not as quiet as you consider me to be.

[Mayank's pov- I just love this talkative and frank Nupur.]
Mayank: Haha... No issues. I like you as you are. You are you...that's all what matters.

[Nupur's pov- His SMS suddenly struck a chord. I had once written in my diary, about my Mr. Perfect that, 'He must accept me the way I am and love me like that.' And I don't know, how and since when, but Mayank is becoming my Mr. Perfect.]
Nupur: Thank you...for accepting me the way I am. Infact, come to think of it, even I like you..the way you are. *shy* I don't want to change anything in you except the thing that you had promised me to change. So, you left smoking, right? *very serious*

[Mayank's pov- She LIKES me! I had a huge smile on my face.]
Mayank: I never had a habit of smoking. I just smoked occasionally. But since I promised my soon-to-be-wife and current-fiance, I never had any. I never break my promises...especially not to the one, with whom I have to spend my entire life.

[Nupur's pov- I just can't explain this feeling. Some butterflies are doing bhangara in my stomach. I feel so happy. Nothing in the world can make me feel down right now.]
Nupur: You know what? Mere dil ko... aap... bahut ache lagte hain... Umm... Okay, I have got to go. Bye.

[Mayank's pov- I just couldn't stop a soft smile to come on my face. Knowing Nupur, I know how difficult it must have been to confess about her feelings. I know that her last message indirectly said that she liked me more than just like. I know the reason for her going. She was feeling a little awkward along with immense shyness. It's like... I can almost see the blush on her face right now. This day finally proved itself to be just great.]
Mayank: Mere dil ko bhi tum bahut achi lagti ho. Bye and sweet dreams :)

[Nupur's pov- I smiled softly and pulled my covers. He likes me more than like...the way I feel towards him. Maybe it's too early to call it love, but it's far too late to call it a fling. Maybe it's 'like' or maybe the first step I know that I am not going to sleep tonight when the reality is far too sweeter than the dreams...]
Nupur: Sweet Dreams :)

[Mayank's pov- Pulling up the covers, I knew that sleep was the last thing I am going to have tonight. The messages we shared, are going to take up the place in my inbox, for forever. Today I realized that my feelings aren't just one-sided. They are reciprocated. Maybe it's not love, but I would be damned if it's not the first step to love.] my bak-bak...

I sincerely hope that you like this update as much as I do. It was really fun writing this update. I would have updated earlier today, but I had not written the 'SMS' part. I just wrote some crap, which I deleted and added this update. I noticed that my earlier updates were full of traditions and all... So I decided to put this one to provide Comic Relief.

To tell you the truth, I was not happy with myself and thinking some real crap about myself. So I was this late. And I also thought that now, sooo many talented writers are writing on this concept, so why would anyone be interested in reading mine? So, I wasn't updating along with the college burden.

And now, in November, my End-semesters are approaching. But I would be active now. This FF would be frequently updated, thought I can't warranty about the length. Coz I asked many of my friends, who were on 'short updates + frequent updates' side and not one 'long updates + late updates' side. But I would try to go for length too.

Also, MN are going to pick up the pace in their relationship. They are no longer going to be 'too slow' and 'nervous' about any of this. And after their marriage, they would be first, best of friends and then, life-partners.
See, it was really tiring to write all of this, especially when I had to type up my assignments. So, I am hoping to get some nice reviews in exchange of my hard work. *wipes her sweat on forehead* *phheww* Constructive Criticisms and Suggestions are always welcome :) And please don't forget to hit the 'LIKE' tab.
With Love,

P.S. - The amazing reviews you left me behind, made my face break into a smile. Thank you for all those amazing praises, which paid off my work :)

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